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Friday, March 9, 2007
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Battle over illegal immigration heats up
"Thursday night we told you about a raid in Massachusetts that detained hundreds of illegal alien workers. Governor Deval Patrick is making a huge deal about the 'unfairness' of the raid, citing damage to children. But the governor is grandstanding the issue. According to Homeland Security, 'any parent who was determined to be a sole caregiver for a child was released.' Then there was that terrible fire in New York City where eight children were killed, children of parents born in Mali. 17 children were living in a row house along with five adults, and one of the men had two wives. After our report I received a letter from Abraham in Houston, who told me 'it was despicable to hear you question the status of those children,' and wrote of his 'compassion for immigrants.' Okay, Abraham, here's the no spin truth: Your 'compassion' helped kill those children. If the authorities had investigated as they should have, those kids might be alive right now, legal or not. Yeah, it's great to be compassionate sitting at home watching the tube. But for decades our government has allowed people from all over the world to walk in here without supervision. That's why these children are dead! Because their chaotic situation was ignored by New York City authorities. The open border-blanket amnesty crowd have no solutions to complicated problems, and that's why tragedies like the Bronx fire continue to happen."

News Link: Mass Gov. at odds w/ feds over raid

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Stopping illegals in Hazleton, PA
Guest: Mayor Lou Barletta

In the Pennsylvania town of Hazleton, Mayor Lou Barletta enacted laws that punish employers for hiring illegals and landlords for renting to them. Barletta joined The Factor and outlined the powerful opposition he faces. "25 lawyers from the ACLU and other groups have sued the city of Hazleton. We have 14-year old illegal aliens shooting guns on the playgrounds, and the final straw for me was when a 29-year old was shot between the eyes by an illegal alien. We're going to fight back and stand up for the legal taxpayers of our community." The Factor lauded Mayor Barletta for upholding the law. "You've got an array of powerful groups lined up against you in the name of 'compassion.' They'll say you're a mean guy and you're keeping people from having a home and making a living. You know that's the argument."
New evidence in Anna Nicole Smith case
Guests: Alexander Hitchen & Don Gentile, National Enquirer

There is still one unresolved element in the Anna Nicole Smith case - the actual cause of death. Alexander Hitchen and Don Gentile reported that police are investigating the possibility of foul play. "On several occasions," Gentile said, "Anna Nicole had accused her live-in lawyer Howard K. Smith of causing her son's death. And police found a prescription for methadone that was not in her name." Hitchen added that Smith may have put her innermost thoughts and fears onto a laptop computer. "This computer could hold the key to everything. I learned that Anna Nicole was convinced that she would be murdered, and she told someone that if anything happened to her, to get hold of that computer." Both men predicted that there will be a lengthy criminal investigation.

News Link: New twists in Anna Nicole Smith case
Murder and Russia
Guest: Dr. George Friedman,

At least 13 reporters have been killed in Russia since Vladimir Putin took office in 2000, and not one of those murders has been solved. Intelligence expert George Friedman asserted that Putin's Russia is reverting to the bad old days of state terror and anti-Americanism. "There's been a pattern of killings, and it's very clear that someone in Russia is taking care of enemies of the regime. And Putin has made it very clear that he feels the United States is threatening Russian interests, and he's going to return the favor." The Factor added that Russia is selling weapons that often wind up in the hands of "insurgents." "This is very troubling. Putin is arming Iran, he's arming the people who are killing our soldiers right now."

News Link: Russian-related murders raise questions
New campaign-related items
Guest: Political analyst Dick Morris

Dick Morris joined The Factor with another helping of his political insight. First, Morris pointed out that many evangelicals are accepting of Rudy Giuliani, despite his social liberalism and three marriages. "There's a tremendous new forgiveness by the Christian right of Rudy's personal and political foibles. Their terror about Hillary winning and fact that they lost in '06 has created an ecumenical feeling where I think they're going to nominate Giuliani." Morris also commented on Richard Kaplan, who is taking over the CBS Evening News. "This means you're going to have 'Clinton broadcasting network' because he's very close to Bill and Hillary. If you thought Dan Rather was biased during the '04 campaign, wait until you see what Kaplan does during the '08 campaign." The Factor minced no words about Richard Kaplan. "I have to tell everyone that I despise this man. There is no question he has a long history of far-left activism, and now he's put in charge of CBS News. There are people at over him at CBS and I hope they will keep an eye on him."
Geraldo on the news
Geraldo Rivera provided his take on some of the week's notable stories. First up - New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley, who once falsely accused Rivera and this week insulted ABC News anchor Charles Gibson. "Alessandra Stanley has a snobby, condescending attitude," Rivera began, "that is really insufferable. I just don't know how the New York Times can suspend its usual journalistic principles to allow this woman to say things that are not true about people." Rivera also criticized The Factor for questioning the immigration status of the children killed in the New York City fire. "To make the connection between illegal immigration and that horrific fire in the Bronx is an injustice to the victims. The status of their immigration is not relevant. There are little babies dead and this isn't about illegal immigration."

News Link: NYT takes swipe at journalists
Another American TV icon!
Guest: Glen Campbell

The Factor welcomed another "TV icon" into the No Spin Zone - Glen Campbell, who hosted a popular variety show beginning in the tumultuous year of 1969. "We were just trying to make people happy," Campbell recalled, "and take some heat off. Somebody had to give something uplifting." Campbell also revealed that his singing career was nearly derailed by alcohol. "I was drinking too much, I spent eleven days in jail, and believe you me I have not been drunk since. It wasn't worth it."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails covered various recent segments. Some excerpts:

Phil Gee, U.S. Airways: "Mr. O'Reilly made some critical remarks about us departing from Los Angeles with a detained individual's luggage on board the aircraft. We were not notified by (security) that there was a problem until after the flight had departed."

Ted Hutchinson, Washington, DC: "Bill, two sixth graders having sex in a public school classroom! Who cares if they come from a poor or black neighborhood? What's with the racist and elitist spin?"

Rich, Cleveland, OH: "I teach middle school here and caught two seventh graders having sex. It was swept under the rug and no punishment was given."

Michael Bragg, Glen Jean, WV: "Mr. O'Reilly, it is laughable that you say correspondents aren't supposed to be anti-war at NBC News. All FNC correspondents are pro-war."

Ann Kido, Sacramento, CA: "Bill, Jane Hall has a lot of guts to appear on the Factor. You are too hard on her."