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Friday, April 20, 2007
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Hating America, the Va. Tech edition
Guests: David Corn, The Nation & Ellis Henican, WOR

"As we've reported, a number of far left American web sites use just about anything that happens to demean their own country. But here is something that is truly shocking. On a website run by radical writer Alexander Cockburn, a man named Sherwood Ross wrote this: 'If a South Korean student is regarded as a berserk killer for murdering thirty people what is President Bush? ... The American people, including the families of the murdered Virginia Tech innocents, have collective blood-guilt on their hands.' You can find tons of stuff like that on the far left smear sites. And according to actor Sean Penn, 'the United States has absolutely encouraged' suicide bombers. The America-haters are indeed doing what they want to do, damaging this country. When we think of the Imus situation in light of what's happening on the net, Imus is trivial. NBC News actually employs people that use radical propaganda; two New York Times columnists spit the stuff out on a regular basis, as does a Newsweek columnist. The situation is becoming flat-out dangerous to this country, and we'll demonstrate that further on Monday."

News Link: Far left columnist blames VT shooting on Americans

The Factor welcomed two self-proclaimed liberals to get their reaction to the anti-American smears. "There are extreme whackos on either side of the political spectrum," declared FNC contributor Ellis Henican. "I'm not worried, and neither should you be. You're bringing them more publicity than they'd ever get on their own." David Corn added that there is a major difference between anti-Americanism and healthy dissent. "You can hate the administration, you can hate Bush and this war, but it doesn't mean you hate America. You're blowing something out of proportion here." But The Factor complained that radical left web sites influence mainstream journalists in America and around the world. "The danger is that this stuff is being picked up worldwide, and both of you know it. I'm flabbergasted that you don't see the danger to the country from stuff like this."
A racial backlash against Cho?
Guest: Jam Sardar, Asian-American Journalists Association

Almost as soon as Seung-Hui Cho was identified, the Asian American Journalists Association emphasized that the use of racial and other identifiers in the mass media must be accompanied with context and relevance. Jam Sardar explained what his group was trying to accomplish. "All we wanted to do was let people know that the headline wasn't 'Asian Gunman Kills 32 People.' We asked reporters to make sure they played fair. The fact that he was Asian was far less relevant than the 32 people who died." The Factor contended that the press was generally responsible. "From what I can see, no one has exploited the fact that this man was a Korean national. It was mentioned, but it wasn't driven into the ground. The media has been very responsible."

News Link: AAJA release on Va. Tech shooter
Political implications of Va. Tech shooting
Guest: Fox News contributor Dick Morris

Political consultant Dick Morris joined The Factor with his analysis of the primary races. Morris suggested that the Virginia Tech violence could have a negative impact on Rudy Giuliani. "I think it will hurt Giuliani because of his long record of support for gun control. It's going to raise the issue of gun control in the Republican primary." On the Democratic side, Morris claimed Hillary Clinton will benefit because the Supreme Court has upheld a ban on partial birth abortion. "This will help Hillary because it will inflame the left, and it will make very clear to the left why they need a woman president. And she needs help, she has some of the worst polling I've ever seen. People watch her and say she looks phony." Factor argued that no politician can actually come out in support of late term abortion. "The majority of Americans abhor partial birth abortion, they don't want babies having holes drilled in their heads. If Hillary Clinton comes out in favor of partial birth abortion she can't win the presidency."

News Link: Dick Morris op-ed
How to punish a killer
Guest: Defense attorney Nicole DeBorde

33-year old Mary Winkler was convicted in Tennessee of killing her preacher husband, but will likely be sentenced to fewer than three years in prison. Winkler told the jury she had been abused by her husband, even though their 9-year daughter testified that she had never witnessed any violence. Lawyer Nicole DeBord concurred with the lenient sentence. "This is one of those cases that hung on the jury's emotion. They listened very carefully to everything this woman had to say, and they found her sympathetic." Playing devil's advocate, The Factor suggested that Winkler is getting off remarkably easy. "This is a 'he's dead, she said' situation. Of course a lawyer will tell his client to claim that he beat her up, but the child testified that he was a good daddy. Three years doesn't sound like justice to me."

News Link: Wife gets off easy after killing husband
Gun control and the Cho tape
After spending most of the week on the Virginia Tech campus, Geraldo Rivera returned with his observations. Rivera began by saying that NBC made the correct decision when it showed Cho's home made video. "The news value is undeniable, to see what Cho was doing in the hours before the massacre. I fault NBC for running too much of it for too long, I fault them for emblazoning the video with their logos, but I don't fault them for broadcasting it." Rivera also urged Virginia to enact some reasonable restrictions on gun ownership. "I have a problem with the Virginia gun law that doesn't recognize the limitations of the Second Amendment. Virginia law is so liberal that even resident aliens who aren't covered by the Constitution can get a gun. You have to err in favor of not allowing people to buy guns."
Another American TV icon
Guest: Rue McClanahan

Factor welcomed another TV Icon - 73-year old Rue McClanahan, one of the "Golden Girls" whose show was a major hit from 1985 to 1992. McClanahan, who played man-crazy Blanch Devereaux, described the cast as a truly happy family. "It was the happiest set, we had no turmoil. But I don't like it when people come up and call me 'Blanche.' It's one role I did for seven years, but I did 250 other parts." McClanahan, now married for the sixth time, also talked about her checkered marital history. "I thought each one was going to be it, I thought each one would be the last one. I was bound and determined that I needed a man in my life to complete me. And once I became disabused of that misconception, I became a whole person."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails dealt with gun control and the Virginia Tech massacre. Some excerpts:

Ken Zeigler, Akron, OH: "Bill, as an NRA member, I agree that if a court determines someone is a danger, that information should be available on gun checks."

Ed Delph, Chile: "O'Reilly, your points are correct but the ACLU will step in and claim medical privacy."

John Benko, Herndon, VA: "O'Reilly, your report stated that Cho was bullied in school and the teachers failed to stop it. I wonder how many more monsters are being created today?"

Peter Gugerell, Queens, NY: "O'Reilly, you're pounding the 'evil' drum way too hard, thereby imbuing psychopaths with a dash of satanic romanticism."