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Friday, April 27, 2007
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Bill reports from Washington, DC tonight.
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Americans, suffering & criminal justice
"You may remember a horrifying video of a thug assaulting a 101-year old woman in Queens, New York. This animal broke her cheekbone and robbed her of 33 dollars. The same day an 85-year old woman was also attacked in Queens. Police say 44-year old Jack Rhodes is wanted for questioning in those assaults, and he has quite a resume. He spent eight years in prison for a robbery conviction, and he's been in trouble since getting out. Yet despite all that, New York City prosecutors did not indict him, so he walked right out. Late today, NYPD cops arrested Jack Rhodes on a drug charge, and this time prosecutors will find a way to keep him in jail because of all the publicity. Here's another one - in Philadelphia, teacher Frank Burd was savagely beaten by two high school students. Judge Kevin Dougherty sentenced the 18-year old assailant to a private residential juvenile facility, while the 15-year old will be supervised for just four years. He gets no jail time either. While we are making good progress on Jessica's Law, where the judges must harshly punish child predators, soft judges continue to make a mockery of our criminal justice system on other matters. Hey, Judge Dougherty, how do you sleep at night?"

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Alec Baldwin's televised mea culpa
Guests: Author Marc Rudov & attorney Wendy Murphy

Appearing on "The View" Alec Baldwin apologized for berating his 11-year old daughter Ireland. He blamed his anger on ex-wife Kim Basinger and insisted that he has a "great relationship" with Ireland. But child advocate Wendy Murphy wasn't buying Baldwin's mea culpa. "He came off as very arrogant," Murphy said. "He should have said, like a real man, that 'I take full responsibility for what I did.' Instead, he spent most of the discussion blaming everyone but himself." But father's rights advocate Marc Rudov sympathized with Baldwin's plight. "A lot of people don't understand what drove him to the breaking point. Mothers control what happen to children, and Alec Baldwin was under the thumb of Kim Basinger." The Factor contended that Baldwin made a fundamental error. "His mistake was that he came off as narcissistic - he made the conversation about him, rather than about the girl."

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Ann Coulter on Rosie O'Donnell
Guest: Ann Coulter

Conservative author Ann Coulter joined The Factor with her take on Rosie O'Donnell's departure from "The View." Coulter questioned why O'Donnell was even hosting a program on national television. "Why was she put before the American people in the first place, this ranting loon bag? And I do not think her leaving had anything to do with the things she was saying, I think it was a matter of money. It's basically impossible if you're a ranting left-wing lunatic to be fired." The Factor countered that Disney may have given O'Donnell a push out the door. "I don't think it was a money thing with O'Donnell. I think Disney was taking a battering in the public relations arena."

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Is Phoenix a
Guest: Phoenix, Ariz. Mayor Phil Gordon

Phoenix has been accused of being a "sanctuary cities" that protects illegal immigrants from federal immigration authorities, but Mayor Phil Gordon disputed that notion. "Every time we arrest an undocumented illegal immigrant," Gordon declared, "we turn them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In the last 15 months we've turned over 200 individuals to ICE. The city of Phoenix is under siege." The Factor encouraged Mayor Gordon to continue the cooperation. "If you're doing all that, then you are not a sanctuary city. All I'm asking every city to do is this - if there's a crime committed and the suspect is an illegal alien, just let Homeland Security know. I don't think that's too much to ask."
Woman sues Best Buy because of peeping tom
Guests: Victim Sarah Vasquez & attorney Gloria Allred

22-year old Sarah Vasquez is suing Best Buy, claiming a store employee placed a small spy camera in her home while he was installing a computer. "He asked to use the bathroom," Vasquez explained. "Then he told me to go ahead and do what I normally do. When I went to take a shower I noticed a camera there. Then he set up a camera in my little sister's room." Vasquez's lawyer Gloria Allred claimed that Best Buy will have to pay for its employee's criminality. "We think it's important that we file a suit against Best Buy. The public has a right to expect that when a member of their 'geek squad' comes they're not setting up a little camera. Corporations need to train the repair people who are sent to people's homes." The Factor described this as a cautionary tale for everyone. "Best Buy should make a settlement and I'm sure they will, but I don't think there's any malevolence on their part. And if you let anyone in your home, ladies and gentlemen, you have to watch those people all day long."

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Geraldo on Alec Baldwin
Geraldo Rivera joined The Factor with his analysis of the Alec Baldwin apology. "I'm glad he's contrite and accepts responsibility," Rivera began, "but he really has to apologize to his daughter and mend that relationship. I hope Alec Baldwin is going through a cathartic experience. He didn't just let his daughter down, he assaulted her." Rivera, who has been married five times, complained that most divorces are needlessly contentious. "Once you have children you are forever and universally bound together. My ex wives are as much family to me as my wife, as my children, as my brothers and sisters. I think if people just behaved in that civilized way you would not have these events."
Another American TV icon
Guest: Actor Ken Osmond

The Factor welcomed another TV icon into the No Spin Zone - Ken Osmond, who played the unforgettable Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver." Osmond explained why his acting career basically ended with that show. "I was typecast. Every time I walked into a casting office, all they could see was 'Eddie,' and that's a death sentence in Hollywood. But 'Eddie' has been so good to me - I've gotten to see people and go places and it's opened doors. I can go anywhere and they treat me like a long lost relative, it's wonderful." Osmond added that he joined the LAPD in 1970 and was even shot three times by a car thief. The Factor praised him for creating a character that is truly iconic. "You were so good in that role - being obsequious to Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver, then when they left whacking Beaver around. For baby boomers, you are one of the most indelible characters of their lives."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you opined on Bill's vehement argument with FNC analyst Jane Hall in a segment on PBS's Bill Moyers. Some excerpts:

Jennifer Grossman, Atlanta, GA: "Badly done, Bill. You lost your cool with Jane Hall. She's a nice gal and didn't deserve the verbal blasting you gave her. And I even agree with you, Bill Moyers was dishonest in how he used your comments in his documentary."

Michele Lemon, Olympia, WA: "Bill, if I were Jane, I would have been in tears. I think she might need some flowers."

Carol Cass, Cedartown, GA: "O'Reilly, thank you for finally putting Jane in her place. With all due respect, she made no sense. I was angry with her as well."

Michael O'Maloney, Ireland: "Bill, you are not a gentleman."