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Tuesday, May 1, 2007
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The radical left and the Democratic party
"More immigrant demonstrations took place across the USA on this May Day. It was the usual call for compassion in dealing with illegal aliens living in the USA. In our Judeo-Christian tradition, compassion is a good thing. What is not a good thing is the radical left using illegal immigration as yet another issue to drastically change America. Whenever you hear the words 'comprehensive immigration reform,' you know that is code for blanket amnesty with little border protection. The far left wants open borders, but most Americans believe that's insane, so the words 'comprehensive immigration reform' are there to mask intent. This is the basic dilemma of the Democratic party - the big money is being doled out by radical billionaires like George Soros, and the ideology doled out by newspapers like the New York Times. Both want profound change in America. But most everyday folks don't want a drastic overhaul of the country, so the Democratic candidates are stuck in the middle. If they surrender to the radicals, like John Edwards has done, they can't win a general election. If they forge their own path, as Hillary Clinton has done, they get pounded on the far left Internet sites. So from open borders to the war on terror to the culture war at home, the radical left is making things very difficult for mainstream Democrats. That's why the presidential race of 2008 is going to be very close."

News Link: Immigration rally turnout small
Congress and illegal immigration
Guests: Fox News analysts Michelle Malkin & Kirsten Powers

The Factor welcomed Fox News analysts Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers, who continued on the subject of immigration reform. "We are at a political impasse in Washington," Malkin declared. "And that has caused a state of anarchy to deepen across the country. Many localities are basically taking immigration law enforcement into their own hands. On the left, they think it's a safe political position to open the borders." But Powers argued that her fellow Democrats want to limit illegal immigration. "Most Democrats support comprehensive reform. The Democrats do want to secure the border, and the real disagreement is on citizenship." The Factor was incredulous at Powers' assertion. "I'm just amazed that you think Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid want to secure the border. And if the Democratic presidential nominee embraces 'sanctuary cities,' they're going to lose the election."

News Link: Still no immigration reform bill
Escort service busted in D.C.
Guest: Beth Frerking,

51-year old Deborah Palfrey has been accused of running a long-standing prostitution ring in Washington, D.C. Political reporter Beth Frerking explained why the story has attracted so much attention. "She's important because this involves sex and politics, which is an irresistible story. We've already had the resignation of one person, and we don't know what other names will come up. We've seen this kind of thing before and the public is very interested." But The Factor questioned whether this story will endure. "Apparently this woman has 46 pounds of phone records that she says could expose 10,000 clients. But unless they have some really big names, most Americans won't care."

News Link: D.C. Madam leaks
Miss America sex stings in jeopardy
Guest: Attorney Wendy Murphy

Last month the reigning Miss America Lauren Nelson helped police on Long Island catch child predators by pretending to be a 13-year old girl in an online chat room. There were some reports that Nelson would not testify against the alleged culprits, but she now says she will appear in court. Child advocate Wendy Murphy predicted an easy victory for the prosecution. "This is the quintessential slam dunk kind of crime because it is literally on videotape. What is the defense?" The Factor urged Lauren Nelson to follow through on her commitment. "This woman helped the police catch these guys in a sting. She derived all this good publicity and she has an obligation to testify. And she will."

News Link: Update: Now Miss America will testify
Gasoline prices skyrocketing again
Guest: Tyson Slocum, Public Citizen's Energy Program

Gasoline is again approaching $3 a gallon, with some experts warning that prices could go much higher. Oil companies partly blame a lack of refining capacity, but consumer advocate Tyson Slocum questioned that claim. "The oil industry doesn't have a lot of incentive to build new refineries. They say that would create surplus capacity, which would drive prices down. They're making record profits, and for years we've been throwing huge subsidies at the oil companies." The Factor accused big oil of causing economic pain. "If gas goes to four dollars a gallon, it's more money going from the working people into the pockets of the oil corporations. I'm through with the oil companies, they're not going to cooperate."

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Alec Baldwin / Rosie O'Donnell / George Tenet
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman joined The Factor with her weekly analysis of body language, beginning with Alec Baldwin's apology for calling his daughter a "pig." "I saw a bunch of red flags," Reiman said. "He wipes his nose, which is a potential for deception. He rubs his legs and protects himself, which is a protective gesture for a man. And he was trying to build closeness with Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters, trying to make sure they were on his side." Reiman also scrutinized O'Donnell's announcement that she is leaving "The View." "I see a lot of nervous gestures - as she's talking he hands are all over the place. Rosie was very uncomfortable, and Barbara Walters was even more uncomfortable." Finally, Tonya Reiman watched video of former CIA head George Tenet defending himself on "60 Minutes." "The constant moving back and forth, the blinking, you can see the anger in his eyes and around his mouth. At one point he does a little smirk, as if he's happy about getting this off his chest."
The Great American Culture Quiz
Guests: Steve Doocy & Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum and Steve Doocy squared off once again in the Great American Culture Quiz. The Factor asked them five questions; MacCallum and Doocy continued their torrid pace, with Doocy pulling out a 4 - 3 victory.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails covered a variety of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Kelly Daniels, Missoula, MT: "Bill, if a conservative public figure ever talked to his child the way Alec Baldwin did, the mainstream media would have vilified him and tried to ruin his career."

Jeffrey Johnson, Fort Worth, TX: "You know, Mr. O, I'm a conservative but I thought the interview with Ann (Coulter) was worthless. Not because of you, because of her. She is almost as self-absorbed as Alec Baldwin and even more defensive."

Kathy Garcia, Moorestown, NJ: "Bill, thanks so much for the segment on Ken Osmond. While I've seen other actors from 'Beaver,' I have always wondered what became of Eddie."

Jim Greene, San Francisco, CA: "I am 55-years-old and Eddie Haskell is my favorite TV character of all time. Seeing him on the Factor brought back incredible memories."