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Thursday, May 3, 2007
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Calling people names
"Did you know that I, your humble correspondent, call somebody a name every 6.8 seconds during my Talking Points presentation each evening? I should be ashamed! That astounding 'analysis' comes from three Indiana University researchers. Somehow their research wound up in the hands of Media Matters, the smear Internet site partly funded by enterprises connected to George Soros. And guess what? Media Matters issued a press release about the terrible Talking Points Memos. What the press release did not say, however, is that the researchers consider pretty much every description to be 'name calling.' Quoting from the study, 'conservative, liberal, left, right, progressive, traditional, or centrist were treated as name calling.' Here's the back story. Last week we told you how far left billionaire George Soros' propaganda machine works its way through the Internet and into the mainstream media. Soros and his gang were furious with that exposition, so we knew blowback was coming. Thus the Indiana-Media Matters nonsense. By the way, did you know that Soros' 'Open Society Institute' donated $5 million to Indiana University? I'm sure that was just a coincidence. Finally, let's add up the 'name calling' tonight. There was 'humble correspondent,' 'smear site,' and four others. That's only six examples in three minutes, far below my average. I must be slipping."

News Link: O'Reilly Study Press Release
Conclusion of the Tenet interview
Guest: Former CIA chief George Tenet

The Factor presented more of the interview with former CIA director George Tenet, this segment focusing on allegations of CIA torture. A few highlights:
O'Reilly: What's torture? The American people don't know what torture is.
Tenet: I'm not going to talk to you about techniques my officers were involved in using.
O'Reilly: But you did tell "60 Minutes" that you never tortured.
Tenet: The Attorney General of the United States told us it was not torture.
O'Reilly: The 'Bush lied' crowd, the far left, says you never get any information using coerced interrogation techniques. Your response?
Tenet: My response is that we learned an enormous amount that saved lives ... it was enormously valuable to us.
Responding to George Tenet
Guest: Michael Scheuer, CIA (Ret.)

The Factor welcomed former CIA officer Michael Scheuer, who reacted to the interview with George Tenet. Unlike his former boss, Scheuer detailed how the CIA obtained information from suspected terrorists. "What you read in the paper", Scheuer said, "about water boarding or sleep deprivation or loud noise probably is accurate. I think you have to be very careful with the information you gather through this means, but it has saved lives." Scheuer also discredited Bill Clinton's assertion that he ordered the CIA to kill Osama Bin Laden. "At no point was I aware of any permission to kill Bin Laden. Richard Clarke, President Clinton, and Sandy Berger, are either lying or misremembering. There was no authorization to kill Bin Laden."
FBI to review LAPD clash with demonstrators
Guests: Commentator Earl Ofari Hutchinson & Fox News analyst Tammy Bruce

Los Angeles cops were accused of brutality during Tuesday's pro-immigration rally, when they wielded batons and fired rubber bullets. But FNC analyst Tammy Bruce lauded the cops for showing restraint. "This was a perfect example of their being able to defuse a situation. The police did a great job - there were multiple warnings and the people who refused to heed those warnings were met with non-lethal force." Writer Earl Ofari Hutchinson countered that some cops went overboard. "The police wildly overreacted. Warnings were given in English and this was a Spanish-speaking crowd. Many injuries could have been avoided if other tactics had been used." The Factor pointed out that injury figures support the cops. "There were fifteen cops injured, seven reporters and three civilians. To me that is not a lot in a very volatile situation. But I'm going to reserve judgment until I know more."

News Link: FBI will probe LAPD riot tactics
Deputy suspended for manhandling woman
Guest: Rod Reder, National Institute of Crime Prevention

In Florida, 37-year old Melissa Langston was pulled over by deputy Kevin Stabins as she was speeding to reach her father, who had suffered a heart attack. When Langston then tried to evade arrest, the deputy threw her on the car and took her to jail. The Factor accused Stabins of gross irresponsibly. "I'm a pro-police guy, but this one almost made me sick. This woman put forth that her father had a heart attack and this guy treats her this way. There is absolutely no excuse at all." Police advocate Rod Reder concurred that Stabins was out of control. "When we put the badge on we are held to a higher standard and we should realize that. This woman was obviously frantic and overwhelmed, and he should have read that." The Factor added that Langston's father has fully recovered, and that she has no intention of filing a lawsuit.

News Link: Video: Cop roughs up woman whose dad had heart attack
This week in review
Guests: Fox News analysts Cal Thomas & Jane Hall

With Bernard Goldberg out on his book tour, FNC's Cal Thomas joined Jane Hall for the weekly analysis of media events. They focused on the breaking story that Don Imus may sue CBS for violating his $40 million contract. "He was apologetic," Hall remarked, "and now he's going to sue. CBS will claim that he crossed over into 'hate speech.' I think this will be one heck of an interesting lawsuit." Thomas argued that Imus may have a legitimate grievance. "If you send an arsonist into a building with a pack of matches and he burns down the building, you're not going to be shocked. CBS hired this guy to be irreverent, controversial, and confrontational. He was all of those things." The Factor predicted that CBS will settle out of court, and added that Imus' vitriol pales in comparison to that of Rosie O'Donnell. "If O'Donnell keeps this up, I am going to put on a list of all the things she has said, and it will curl your hair. We're talking about anti-military, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-men, and it's vicious."
ABC's Brian Ross to interview
Guest: Brian Ross, ABC News

Reporter Brian Ross, who is about to unveil a report about the Washington prostitution ring on ABC's "20/20," explained why the salacious story matters. "This is a woman who provided escort services to very powerful people in Washington. I've been following what lobbyists have been doing in Washington, and I wanted to know all I could about what was going on with this escort service. We have found a lot of prominent people who have dealt with this madam."

News Link: "D.C." Madam extravaganza
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Most of your e-mail dealt with the George Tenet. Some excerpts:

Dave Vann, Falls Church, VA: "Bill, I've had disagreements with you in the past, but that was a fantastic interview with Tenet. Hard-hitting, to the point."

Bill Branch, Chandler, AZ: "O'Reilly, what a puff interview with George Tenet. It appears you gave Tenet a pass just to get the scoop."

Mattie Fowler, Costa Mesa, CA: "Great interview, Bill. You asked the questions I wanted answered. Thanks for taking the gloves off."

Roy Hall, Hemet, CA: "Bill, there is a time to talk and a time to listen, please learn the difference. You interrupted Tenet as he was trying to explain things."
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