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Monday, May 14, 2007
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The Truth About Vermont
Guest: Joe McQuaid, Publisher of the Manchester Union Leader

"Vermont is one of ten states that have rejected Jessica's Law, which imposes harsh prison terms on child predators. The law was beaten down by state representative Bill Lippert, who instead drove a law through that imposes just five years for child rapists. But Bill Lippert is tough on one group - those who would discriminate against transgendered people. Lippert championed a bill that prohibits any bad behavior toward those who change their sex. Talking Points supports that legislation, but it's not nearly as important as Jessica's Law. Lippert turned us down for an interview, but Factor producer Jesse Watters confronted him in the cafeteria of the Vermont state house and asked him about Jessica's Law. Lippert actually said this: 'You people don't even begin to know what the truth is ... we passed a strong bill against sexual predators ... we have the strongest laws in the country against sexual predators.' That is simply a lie. Bill Lippert is lying, and child predator statutes in most other states will prove that. The moral of the story is that many Vermonters have no idea how they lost their state, which used to be traditional. But lost it they have."

The Factor was joined by Joe McQuaid, publisher of the conservative Manchester Union-Leader, New Hampshire's most influential newspaper. He analyzed the stark difference between Vermont and his state, which has enacted a tough version of Jessica's Law. "Our transplants came to New Hampshire," McQuaid said, "to flee higher taxes, most of them from Massachusetts. The people in Vermont came from New York, and they like having this nice little green state without a lot of people, which they can control. Vermont is the most liberal state in the union - when people try to give a speech on the conservative side in Vermont, they get shouted down." The Factor complained that Vermont is a one-party state. "There are no conservative papers or conservative anything in Vermont. It's all secular-progressive, very far left."
Homeland Security?
Guest: Craig Mitnick, Fox News Legal Analyst

Last week three Islamic brothers who were in the country illegally were arrested for allegedly plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey. The Duka brothers had amassed 45 traffic violations, and The Factor questioned why they had not been deported. "This was another example of a police chief allowing anarchy. These guys were allowed to drive with suspended driver's licenses and they were never reported to immigration authorities." FNC analyst Craig Mitnick agreed that police, prosecutors, and judges ignored their duties. "Local law enforcement arrested these three brothers time and again, but failed to prosecute them. Anytime someone is arrested for a traffic offense, a judge has a profile in front of him, so any judge could have said something is not right here. Someone has to be held accountable."
What Would You Do?
Guest: Rod Wheeler, Fox news Crime Analyst

In Detroit, 91-year old World War II veteran Leonard Sims was savagely beaten during a carjacking. As disturbing as the crime itself was the fact that some people watched it happen without doing anything. FNC crime analyst Rod Wheeler described the incident as a commentary on modern society. "Too many people don't want to get involved, and it's getting a whole lot worse. It's about time people in certain communities, especially communities like this one, get involved and put a stop to this kind of thing." The Factor suggested that good Samaritans may be more common outside of large cities. "I think in an urban center you have a different sensibility than you'd have in a small town, where you would probably have a more aggressive approach to righting the wrong. But in the big city, people have become desensitized to crime because they see it in the media every night."
R. Kelly Case
Guest: Steve Greenberg, Criminal Defense Attorney

It's been nearly five years since 40-year old R&B singer R. Kelly was indicted for videotaping himself having sex with a girl who may have been as young as 13. Attorney Steve Greenberg explained why the case has been so protracted. "The tape had to be analyzed by the defense, which said it wasn't authentic. Kelly's lawyer has been busy representing other people, the judge in the case fell off a ladder, and the young lady on the tape is not cooperating." The Factor was outraged by the lack of swift justice. "This is crazy! This is a travesty of justice. And I'm laying this on the judge and the prosecution. Either try the case or drop the case."
Shock Jocks & Ratings
Guests: Michelle Malkin & Kirsten Powers, Fox News Analysts

The Factor welcomed FNC analysts Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers. The duo began with radio hosts Opie and Anthony, who ran a skit involving the rape of Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice. Because the offensive bit ran on paid satellite radio, Malkin downplayed the need for government action. "We need to make important distinctions between satellite radio and terrestrial radio. If you're on satellite radio you are not licensed by the FCC, but that doesn't absolve you of corporate responsibilities." Powers expressed her hope that Opie and Anthony's bosses will take appropriate action. "This has to be handled within the free market, and people have to put pressure on the people who employ these guys. That's what we saw with Don Imus."

Turning to the abysmal ratings at CBS News, Malkin did not disguise her disdain for anchor Katie Couric. "This is an inane person who does not have an aura of authority. You can put her in glasses and snappy suits, but that's not going to make the evening news audience respect her. She's a total fake and there's nothing there." Powers pointed out that Couric inherited a troubled program. "When she came in it was already the lowest rated of the three network shows. But I think this is a Katie Couric problem, not a 'woman' problem." The Factor suggested that many Americans still prefer getting news from a male. "I think you're being too tough on her, Michelle. I wouldn't say she's inane, that's unfair. But this is an authority position, and most middle Americans who watch the news are more comfortable with men."
The Great American Culture Quiz
Guests: Steve Deucy, Fox and Friends, and Martha MacCallum, Fox News Anchor

Martha MacCallum and Steve Doocy renewed their weekly duel in the Great American Culture Quiz. The Factor gave five questions, including these: "In the 1976 presidential debate, Gerald Ford made a major mistake involving what country?" ... "Where is Pike's Peak located?" MacCallum built an early lead, but stumbled on the Pikes Peak question and settled for a tie. 3 for 5 may be a good night for a major league hitter, but both contestants were perhaps reminded of a clich� from another sport - "a tie is like kissing your sister."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your weekend e-mails dealt with a variety of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Chris Jones, Friendswood, TX: "Geraldo was dead on with his assessment of the Paris Hilton case. The judge was just interested in making a name for himself."

Dianna Bennett, Sheridan, WY: "Geraldo is wrong. Ms. Hilton got a break on a D-U-I and then continued to drive. In this state, she'd automatically be in jail for what she did."

Paul Schmid, Pittsburgh, PA: "Bill, 90% of the country have never heard of Opie and Anthony. You give them publicity. So who should we really blame?"

Rebecca Priest, Federal Way, WA: "Bill, I am 17 and thank you for reporting that story. Even I know there are no boundaries anymore."

Bob Joop, Naperville, IL: "Bill, if you had watched more episodes of Lassie, you might have been less of a curmudgeon."
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