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Friday, May 18, 2007
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Reaction to proposed immigration bill
Guests: Enrique Morones, Border Angels

"Thousands of letters poured into the Factor overnight commenting on the Senate's amnesty provision. That's what this bill is, amnesty. Anyone who denies the bill is amnesty for illegal aliens is not speaking the truth and must think we're all idiots. That being said, let's look at this from an ideological point of view and then analyze what's best for America. The far right wants all illegal immigrants deported, which will never happen. Conservative Americans, the polls show, want the borders secured. That's their top priority, and I agree. The new bill will do that. Independent Americans simply want to stop the madness and are willing to compromise. The far left, including Senators Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy, are trying to engineer the destruction of the Republican Party by allowing vast numbers of foreign nationals to vote in America. The bottom line here is that if the bill doesn't pass, another 10-million illegal aliens are going to come in here in the next five years anyway. The new immigration bill is unfair to those who have obeyed the rules, and it is definitely amnesty. But if the bill does not pass, things will get even worse in America."

The Factor welcomed immigration advocate Enrique Morones, who described the proposed legislation as too tough on illegal aliens. "There is more negative than positive in this bill," Morones complained. "This is not amnesty - the people coming here are paying a heavy price. We need more workers and the people who are trying to come into the country should be able to come in There are lots of punitive factors in this, and there is a long way to go." The Factor expressed shock at Morones' dissatisfaction. "The estimated number of people who will come here is 20-million. But you, Enrique Morones, want more foreign nationals coming to the United States! And this is amnesty in the sense that all the people who came here broke the law and they are not being held accountable. You should recognize that you won."

News Link: Immigration bill draft amendment (PDF)
The costs of amnesty
Guest: Robert Rector, Heritage Foundation

If 20-million new immigrants are admitted under the proposed bill, how much will that cost Americans? Robert Rector of the conservative Heritage Foundation estimated that the eventual cost will run into the trillions of dollars. "This is not just amnesty," Rector pronounced, "it's an amnesty with a blank check on the American taxpayers. As soon as you get one of these 'Z-visas,' you're in the Social Security system. And once you get them in the system, they will get welfare and they will get Social Security. The net cost of a single illegal alien is going to be about a half-million dollars. This is not amnesty, it's a right to pillage the American taxpayers."

News Link: Cost of illegal immigration
Sex experts offend at Boulder, Co. high school
Guest: Dan Caplis, KHOW

High school students in Boulder, Colorado received some unexpected advice this week. During a mandatory assembly, psychologist Joel Becker said this: "I'm going to encourage you to have sex, and I'm going to encourage you to use drugs appropriately ... it's very natural for young people to experiment with same sex relationships." Colorado radio host Dan Caplis reported that his listeners are incensed. "Once we started playing the tape, I have heard more outrage than I've heard in years. We've heard from a lot of parents at Boulder High who say they're not going to stand for this. I believe a lot of those parents are ready to fight back." The Factor added that Boulder rivals any town in America as a haven for secular-progressives. "It is hard to believe that in America today you can have a town as out-of-control as Boulder. It doesn't seem that the residents care if the high school tells their kids to go out and have sex and use narcotics."

News Link: Boulder sex expert shocks students
Woman attacked in upstate NY church
Guest: Former Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro

This week a former psychiatric patient attacked a woman while she was praying in a Middletown, New York church. The 58-year old woman fought off John Petry with her pen - he was caught and charged with attempted sexual assault. Former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro reported that Petry was a repeat offender who should have been confined. "This guy had eleven prior convictions, and it was only after the seventh that he had to serve some time in prison. What we've got is a system that is more focused on the criminal than the victim. We have a state assembly in Albany that won't allow us to protect people." The Factor condemned state leaders who don't seem to care. "It's not unusual in New York State to see a guy like this out on the street, even after he's been arrested time and time again. Judges let them out, politicians won't pass the laws, and the folks are asking what is wrong. This is a disgrace to the State of New York."

News Link: Video: Woman attacked at church
What will America look like in 10 years?
Geraldo Rivera joined The Factor with his analysis of the proposed immigration reform package. Rivera predicted that today's illegal aliens will become tomorrow's model citizens. "Twenty years from now there will be 80-million Hispanic Americans. I submit to you that the country will be tweaked stylistically, but will remain essentially the same. Kids of immigrants are speaking and learning English, they're assimilating faster than they were a generation ago. America will change the immigrants more than the immigrants will change America."

News Link: America's changing demographics
Bob Barker retires after 35 years on
Guest: Bob Barker

Finally, The Factor welcomed Bob Barker, the 83-year old TV icon who is retiring as host of "The Price is Right." Barker put forth what he considers the key to his remarkable energy and longevity. "I became a vegetarian out of a concern for animals, then became convinced that this is a good thing. And for years I was into karate, which is great exercise." Barker also lamented what he portrayed as a decline in America's taste in popular entertainment. "I don't think our country is in as good shape as it once was, and I think television is a testament to how much lower our taste has become. Some of the shows are disgusting."

News Link: Bob Barker retiring
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Thousands of viewers wrote about the proposed immigration bill. Some excerpts:

John Riley, Brooklyn, NY: "Bill, you've been drinking kool-aid. This bill is terrible. Amnesty in 1986 led to millions more illegal aliens. Wake up."

Dave Kennett, Dayton, OH: "Bill, Shame on you for supporting this bill simply because it's the best we can get. You are abandoning your principles."

Archie Gustin, Henderson, NV: "Bill, are you an S-P? Since when is wanting to deport illegal aliens a bad thing?"

Ben Costigan, Novato, CA: "Bill, your support of the bill removes my support for you."

Philip Daniel, Las Vegas, NV: "I agree that the bill is better than the chaos we have now. But these people better work very hard at being Americans."

Chris Hall, Grand Forks, ND: "Bill, I very much respect how you are handling the immigration situation."