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Friday, June 1, 2007
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What should we make of Andrew Speaker?
"Naval Academy graduate and attorney Andrew Speaker knew he had a contagious form of tuberculosis, but put his own needs above those of other people and refused to quarantine himself in Italy. Instead, Speaker and his new wife flew from Rome to Prague to Montreal, then drove across the border into the USA. That put hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people at risk. What this story comes down to is philosophy of life. Traditional values people put others on a par with themselves; secular-progressives put themselves above all others. As a nation, the USA has been successful embracing the traditional point of view. Today that's being challenged, and this TB case is a great example. Did Speaker put his own welfare above everything and everybody else? You bet he did. What would you have done? Stay in Italy to avoid infecting strangers, or hightail it out of there? Interesting question, isn't it?"

News Link: TB patient "sorry" for endangering others
Is America becoming a
Guests: Author Dr. Keith Ablow & psychologist Dr. Andrea Macari

For more insight what this incident says about American society, The Factor welcomed two experts in human psychology. First, Andrea Macari argued that it is human nature to be selfish. "Any behavior, even those that seem selfless, actually are motivated by personal gratification. If you look from an evolutionary perspective, the selfish genes are the ones that get passed on. It's what enables us to survive." But Keith Ablow worried that Americans are more self-centered than previous generations. "We're trying to make our 'selves' feel good. Anything that feels good for the moment is the thing that we're grasping. This guy wanted to put himself first. Psychiatry can't be about just saying everyone's selfish." The Factor reiterated that Andrew Speaker had a choice, and made the wrong decision. "There's no way on Earth I would have gotten on that plane. If I had a communicable disease and I was told to stay in a place like Italy, I would ask where to go so I do not hurt my wife and other people."
Coerced interrogation and the terror war
Guest: Terrorism expert Andrew Apostolou

Many on the left claim that tough interrogation tactics are useless in obtaining information, while former CIA director George Tenet and many others say just the opposite, that coerced interrogation saves lives. The Factor raised that question with terror expert Andrew Apostolu, who argued against placing restrictions on America's anti-terrorism forces. "We didn't choose the terrorists as an enemy, they chose us. And the old establishment approach of 'let's talk' is not going to work. I'm skeptical about some of these interrogation techniques, but I'm not going to limit the ability of the people who are defending you and me while we sleep by tying their hands." The Factor complained that some on the far left actually put the rights of terrorists above American lives. "You have powerful forces in America who are basically saying they don't care if it saves lives - we would rather have more Americans die, have more terror attacks on our home soil, than dunk these people in water."

News Link: Bush administration crafting new interrogation tactics
Dr. James Dobson on Boulder HS controversy
Guest: Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family

As reported previously, four "experts" advised Boulder High School students to experiment with drugs and sex. Traditionalist James Dobson expressed his outrage at the episode. "I'm shocked. At this stage of my life very little really makes me angry, but this is outrageous and I can't believe what took place. I believe this is where the 'safe-sex' industry wants to take America's kids. And if they get away with it here, it will be in other places." The Factor criticized Colorado officials and citizens for their apparent nonchalance. "I'm not getting why there isn't outrage throughout the entire state. This is so bad and so over-the-top and it's sending a message to the whole country. This has become the culture war battle, front and center."

News Link: Boulder students demand apology from O'Reilly
A look back at the week that was
Guest: Fox News analyst Michelle Malkin

In the first installment of a new weekly feature, The Factor invited FNC analyst Michelle Malkin to review past week's major stories. She began by criticizing White House spokesman Tony Snow, who said the country can't deport 12-million people. "The White House needs to stop tossing out straw men. The point is not that we should deport 12-million people immediately, the point is that we should do attrition through enforcement. Let's see them deport the criminal illegal aliens who are in our prisons." On a related topic, Malkin declared that Mexicans booing Miss USA revealed a deep schism. "We have had Mexican audiences boo our soccer players, and this attitude is something that comes from the head down. You've got hostility and resentment on the part of a Mexican government that is enjoying billions of dollars worth of remittances that illegal aliens send back." Finally, Malkin trained her sights on the Boulder school where students were advised to take drugs and have sex. "If I were a parent in that school system, I would take my children out and home school them. I would send a strong message that my tax dollars would not go that sex-and-drugs proselytizing that is going on."
Will Ferrell web video controversy
Comedian Will Ferrell has created a short video that has swept the Internet. It shows him arguing with his "landlady," actually a 2-year old girl who says "I want my money, bitch." The Factor complained that the little girl was exploited. "I didn't find it funny. I don't want a little girl put in that position where she's memorizing those kind of words. This is a baby, and the baby shouldn't be talking about beer and bitches." But Geraldo Rivera urged everyone to lighten up. "This was outrageously funny, clever, and harmless. You cannot find a psychologist on Earth who would say that was damaging to that child. Loosen up a little bit. Save your wrath for important issues."

News Link: Ferrell kid video
Another American TV icon
Guest: Actor Ken Weatherwax

Finally, The Factor welcomed another TV Icon - Ken Weatherwax, who played young Pugsley on "The Addams Family." Weatherwax revealed that he was continually teased and ridiculed by other kids in school. "I didn't deal with it very well - I was kicked out of six or seven schools and ended up in the service at the age of 17. Once they shaved my head and put me in the olive drab greens, I looked like very other cadet and didn't have a problem." Despite those difficulties, Weatherwax looks back at his role with great fondness. "During the show it was great - being around the cast was wonderful. Later I went out and tried for other roles, but I was typecast as 'Pugsley.'"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you opined on the immigration debate. Some excerpts:

Anthony Cassandra, Greenville, SC: "All Congress has to do is fine employers who hire illegals $10,000 and the jobs will dry up."

Andy Lundberg, Livermore, CA: "Can't deport 12-million, okay. Then turn off the magnet that brings them here. No entitlements."

Lynn O'Keefe, Largo, FL: "I want them all deported. And don't tell me it can't be done. Mexico did it."

Other viewers wrote about the controversy involving Boulder High:

Mark Nowlin, Eagan, MN: "I visited the websites of other TV news organizations, and none mentioned the Boulder story."

Cecilia Carlander, Berthoud, CO: "Bill, my granddaughter goes to Boulder High and I am appalled there isn't an outcry on the part of the parents."