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Thursday, June 21, 2007
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Journalists and political contributions
"An analysis from NBC News says American journalists donated to Democratic or liberal causes at about nine times the rate they donated to Republican or conservative concerns. I choose not to give money to political candidates or causes because my beat is to watch all these people, not pay their bills. But I see nothing wrong with journalists donating money to people they believe will serve the country well. What is definitely wrong is for the media to beat up those with whom they don't agree politically. Fox News is the best example of that. If you study the coverage of us by the print press, you'll find it mostly negative. That's despite the fact that Fox has great talent on the air and the best ratings in the cable news business. And the print press loved the far-left, hateful Air America network before it went bankrupt. The media is presenting a very liberal view of life to the folks. So is Hollywood and most college professors. The deck is certainly stacked against conservative and traditional Americans. In a free society there's little we can do about that, but you should know that what you read and hear is often filtered through a left wing prism that is neither fair nor balanced. In the media today, let the buyer beware."

News Link: 90% of journalist donate to Dems
Developments in missing Ohio woman case
Guest: Michelle Sigona, America's Most Wanted

There is a massive search underway in Ohio, where 9-month pregnant Jessie Davis vanished last week, and suspicion continues to focus on her boyfriend Bobby Cutts, a Canton police officer married to another woman. Michelle Sigona of America's Most Wanted, who has been investigating the case, described Cutts as the prime suspect. "Authorities had probable cause to go in and search his residence and vehicles two times. They've also swabbed him for DNA, and they're keeping a very close eye on him. But I spoke with his current wife, who told me he's a fantastic father." The Factor added that Cutts was once fired from the police force, but reinstated after a lawsuit. "This guy is just over the line. He has three women, at least that we know of, and he has kids with all of them. It's unbelievable that he's a police officer."

News Link: Bobby Cutts, Jr. answers questions
NBC News to pay Hilton family for interview
The Factor was next joined by FNC's Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall, who scrutinized reports that NBC will pay Paris Hilton $1 million for an interview after she is released from jail. "Paying for news interviews is never a good idea," Goldberg declared, "but paying a twit is most embarrassing. We're a culture that's hooked on the petty, the trivial, and the unimportant. It's senseless to put this moron on television." Hall added that, if true, this incident "cheapens" NBC. The Factor went farther, citing this as one more indication of NBC News' decline. "This blows out of the water any boundary between money and journalism on television. NBC is on the skids anyway, and this is going to really hurt them. Long term damage to NBC News is going to be vast."

News Link: NBC may pay Paris $1 mil for post-jail intv
Journalists and political contributions
Hall and Goldberg returned to focus on the revelation that journalists have donated far more to Democratic candidates than Republican ones. "I am not in favor of journalists giving money at all," Hall pronounced. "Many news organizations prohibit this, including the New York Times. It's a bad idea." Goldberg pointed to the one-sided nature of reporters' political donations. "I'm not against the idea of journalists giving money to political candidates. But when the ratio of giving money to one side over the other is 9 to 1, and when a poll shows journalism professors are 6 to 1 liberal over conservative, those are all the ingredients for liberal bias."
Dick Morris on political news
Political analyst Dick Morris entered the No Spin Zone with his take on various issues, beginning with the Bill and Hillary Clinton's "Sopranos"-style campaign video. "This is meant to increase the bonding of Hillary and Bill in the public's mind," Morris claimed. "By packaging herself with Bill in that ad, she adopts his record and experience, which is a counterpoint to Obama's inexperience." Morris also predicted that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could do well as an independent presidential candidate. "People are sick of the two political parties, and Bloomberg has a solid record of fighting terrorism in New York and fiscal conservatism. He's also good at handling the media, and he's not nuts like Perot was. He could actually win."

News Link: Video: Clinton-Sopranos spoof

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Violence mars Juneteenth celebrations
Guests: Opio Sokoni, KBMS & Fox News analyst Tammy Bruce

Many black Americans celebrate June 19th as "Juneteenth," commemorating the end of slavery in America. This year's festivities were marred by violence in three cities, and one man was even beaten to death in Austin. Fox News analyst Tammy Bruce accused the mainstream media of ignoring the violence. "We've all become cautious addressing issues that affect people who are black. If there was similar violence in other festivals, you would hear it and it would be shocking. This is about the issues of despair in the inner city and how we usually turn away from it." But radio host Opio Sokoni argued the exact opposite. "This is absolutely nuts. There is not dearth of negative images of African Americans. Tammy Bruce is trying to do is polarize black people and a celebration that is important to this country." The Factor concluded that many media outlets are unduly influenced by political correctness. "There were three horrendous incidents attached to this celebration, and you have an incident in Austin where a man is beaten to death by 20 people, it was just horrible. You don't think that warrants national coverage? This is the first time it's on national television."

News Link: Juneteenth celebrations turn violent
Lesbian gangs: A new threat?
Guest: Fox News crime analyst Det. Rod Wheeler

There has been a rash of violent crimes committed by lesbian gangs in American cities, which FNC crime analyst Rod Wheeler described as an epidemic. "There's a national underground of women," Wheeler reported, "who are actually recruiting kids as young as ten years old to be members of their organizations. Some of the kids have reported that they were forced into performing sex acts. Some of these groups carry pink pistols and they cause a lot of hurt to a lot of people." The Factor was astonished by Wheeler's revelations. "I never would have thought of this. We associate homosexuality more with a social movement, not a criminal movement."

News Link: Gay & Lesbian gangs rumble in MD

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the The Factor's exchange with Democratic strategist Robin Swanson. Some excerpts:

Todd Grimm, Springfield, IL: "O'Reilly, you are a poor excuse for a traditionalist. Your behavior toward Robin Swanson was despicable."

Robert Berkowitz, Denville, NJ: "Bravo, Mr. O. Your handling of Ms. Swanson was superb. I'm tired of these pundits pushing an agenda and dodging questions."

Gene King, Warren, MI: "Bill, you were rude to Ms. Swanson because she did not give you the answer you wanted to hear."

Greg Siegel, Oshkosh, WI: "Bill, you are my new idol. I can't tell you how much I want to boot anyone out of my office who can't answer a simple yes or no question."