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Thursday, July 19, 2007
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JetBlue changes course
"Earlier this week we confronted JetBlue CEO Dave Barger about his airline's sponsoring a conference held by the hate-filled web site 'Daily Kos.' The hate this web site traffics in rivals KKK and Nazi web sites. Well, today the CEO sent us a statement saying 'we've asked to have our name removed from their website to avoid confusion.' The mistake JetBlue made was hooking up with haters. Any corporation or politician who associates with character assassins and/or defamers with will be scrutinized. A number of Democratic politicians are set to speak at the Kos convention, and we'll report on that next week. Unfortunately, some Americans do wallow in hate, so an Internet site can do some business peddling that garbage, and there are a few radio and TV performers who make a living smearing people as well. But corporations and powerful people must understand their responsibility to reject the haters and not support them in any way. That's what JetBlue missed, but we are really glad they have re-thought the situation."
Outrage builds against Vick over dogfighting
There is growing anger directed at NFL quarterback Michael Vick, indicted for his alleged role in dog fighting. Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock wrote about his hope that Vick's troubles will encourage people to "reject the hip-hop/prison culture." Whitlock joined The Factor to elaborate on the connection between rap and sports. "The NFL and the NBA get most of their talent from the African American community, and African American youth are heavily immersed in hip-hop culture. So a lot of hip-hop athletes bring that rebellious nature into a very patriotic sports world." Whitlock went on to accuse the hip-hop industry of celebrating criminality. "It has made destructive behavior normal. This hip-hop culture is destructive to young people, and if you want to stay in that culture, it will lead you to a coffin, a jail cell or major embarrassment." The Factor added that Michael Vick's already-shaky reputation will never recover. "It's beyond cruel to put two dogs in a cage to kill one another. This cruelty factor is almost stunning and it's going to derail Vick, even if he's found not guilty."

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Obama runs into trouble on sex ed stance
Speaking to Planned Parenthood, Senator Barack Obama seemed to endorse sex education for kindergarten children. Unitarian minister and sex education authority Debra Haffner gave her view of what's appropriate for 5-year olds. "You might talk about bodies, and that no one can touch them without their permission. Boys and girls also need to know the names of the parts of their bodies. Boys need to know they have a penis, girls they have a vulva." The Factor took issue with some of Haffner's recommendations. "I am with you on setting a foundation, but not on using sophisticated biological terms. There's nothing wrong with the word 'uterus,' but you're blasting them out of your childhood and into an area where they can not process."

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Child rapist violates probation
Earlier this year The Factor denounced Kansas judge Matthew Dowd for sentencing Orlando Cisneros, who repeatedly raped and sodomized a 14-year old girl, to probation. Cisneros has now violated the terms of his probation, and he is behind bars. Forensic psychologist Brian Russell accused Judge Dowd and other jurists of having skewed priorities. "Their philosophy is that crime is mainly because of societal problems and mental illness, and they're reluctant to put very much blame on the individual. It's almost as if they're more concerned about the criminal than the victim, and that is totally erroneous thinking." The Factor vowed to follow this case and keep the pressure on Judge Dowd. "The primary responsibility of a judge is to protect society. Cisneros has no responsibility at all, and he should not be on the street. We're going to follow this, and Cisneros better not get out again."

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Natalee Holloway dead of cocaine overdose
According to unconfirmed reports, Aruba officials believe Natalee Holloway's death was due to a massive cocaine overdose. The Factor was joined by Geraldo Rivera, who expressed a total lack of surprise. "This is entirely plausible because one of the dirty secrets of Aruba was that it made Las Vegas look tame. Older people could go and have access to legal prostitutes; younger kids could go and get whatever drugs they wanted." Rivera also spoke about Michael Vick and his alleged connection to dog fighting. "This will further scar Vick's checkered career. To me, if you have more than one pit bull, it's like having a crack pipe - there's only one reason for it. After centuries of breeding, pit bulls are genetically predisposed to abnormal violence."
JetBlue situation / NBC News fires reporter
Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall provided their analysis of media stories, beginning with Chicago TV reporter Amy Jacobson, who was fired after being seen in a swim suit at the home of a murder suspect. "I may be the only one who doesn't think this was such a big deal," Goldberg said. "On a daily basis, reporters will do anything for a story." But Hall expressed disgust at Jacobson's actions. "This is journalism ethics 101 - you don't cozy up to a suspected murderer. This was a spectacular lack of judgment." Hall also rebuked The Factor for criticizing JetBlue's sponsorship of the Daily Kos convention. "I really disagree with what you've done. There's hate speech on both sides, and you're only going after hate speech on the left. I'd like to see you look into hate on the right." Goldberg disputed Hall's contention that both sides are equally vicious. "When it comes to the web, the left is winning by about 20 - 1 on the hate meter. And what bothers me is that Democratic presidential candidates will go in front of this convention, and mainstream newspapers and networks will never mention the things the Daily Kos spits out." The Factor reiterated that the Daily Kos web site deals in venom. "This is hate speech. I have a web site, we police it, and none of this stuff is allowed."
Attackers of Fox News reporter sentenced
Last year San Diego television reporter John Mattes was brutally attacked by Assad Suleiman, who has been sentenced to one year in prison. Mattes told The Factor that Suleiman got off far too easy. "I'm angry," Mattes declared. "You saw what he did to me, the world saw what he did, yet he's able to plea bargain to a year in jail. What system gives this kind of justice? Three to five years would have gotten his attention and would have gotten him off the streets."

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails dealt with everything from Iraq to dog fighting. Some excerpts:

Maj. Richard Centner, Arlington, TX: "Our war for Independence took more than six years. If today's Democrats had been in charge, we'd still be a British colony."

Charles Martin, Tall 'Afar, Iraq: "O'Reilly, I appreciate your balanced coverage of the situation here. Believe me, it is more complicated than the media portrays it."

Judy Vandever, Houston, TX: "Bill, I've been watching the Factor for years but please don't show clips of dogs fighting. Seeing that was terrible."

Hooshang Jowzq, San Mateo, CA: "O'Reilly, we've been big supporters of your crusade to help stop child abuse. Could you expand that to include animal abuse?"