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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
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Insulting the Virginia Tech murder victims
"When students return to Virginia Tech in September, there will be a concert. On the program is a gansta' rapper named Nas, who makes recordings that are as violent as they come. Some of his lyrics: 'Shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up, kill, kill, kill.' So after 32 human beings were murdered at Virginia Tech, a concert welcoming students back features a guy who traffics in violent lyrics. The villain here is VT president Charles Steger, who knows Nas is inappropriate, but is too cowardly to do anything about it. So why is Dr. Steger embarrassing his own university? Well, he has a history of lacking courage. He allowed Marcus Vick, brother of Michael Vick, to continue playing football despite numerous criminal activities. His administration was widely criticized for not alerting students to the early violence last April. It is clear Steger has to go. If you would like to let Virginia Tech know how you feel about this, Steger's e-mail and phone number are posted on As always, please keep your comments respectable. Having a rapper who trades in violence performing at Virginia Tech insults the victims, the university, and the entire commonwealth. There is no excuse for this."

News Link: VA Tech concert lineup angers some families

For more on Virginia Tech, The Factor welcomed two men with widely divergent views. Community activist Robert Woodson urged the school to reconsider its invitation to Nas. "As a person who has suffered the loss of close family members to street violence, the first thing you want is healing. And last thing these people need in their lives is controversy, confusion and the hypocrisy coming from the school. I think it is outrageous that they're allowing this to go on." But music journalist Bakari Kitwana argued that Nas is a perfect choice. "It's an overstep to suggest that Nas is a gangsta' rapper or someone who peddles violence. Many of his lyrics deal with how to heal the violence and decay in poor black communities." The Factor revealed that Nas has actually been picked up for carrying a gun. "This guy has a weapons conviction on his rap sheet! This school had a mass murderer with a pistol gunning down people, and this guy has a conviction for weapons. Are you saying he's appropriate? Come on!"

News Link: Student newspaper editorializes against Nas
New Haven cops giving illegals a free pass
The Factor has obtained a memo issued by the New Haven police department, which orders cops not to cooperate with federal warrants dealing with illegal immigration. Attorney Susan Church defended New Haven and other cities that also give sanctuary to illegals. "The reason there are sanctuary cities," Church said, "is because Immigration and Customs Enforcement is underfunded, irrational, and incompetent. These cities have said they're not going to do the federal government's dirty work. And they are saying you don't give us a penny to do immigration enforcement, so we're going to ignore civil warrants." The Factor accused Church and New Haven of endorsing lawlessness. "You're saying, as an American citizen and an officer of the court, that you don't like Homeland Security or ICE. So even if a federal judge signs a warrant, you're going to ignore it. That's anarchy, madam. That's anarchy."

News Link: New Haven, CT a sanctuary city
Publisher to issue O.J. Simpson book
O.J. Simpson's book '"If I Did It," which details how he "could have" committed the double murder, is about to be published by Beaufort Books - most of the money will go to the family of Ron Goldman. Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Simpson, joined The Factor and denounced the book and its publisher. "I've always called this a book on how to commit murder, and I believe it promotes social irresponsibility. This should not see the light of day. Why do the children have to hear how their father killed their mother?" The Factor contended that Simpson's book will be widely ignored. "I would not put this book out, and I'm going to predict that it won't do much business. I think people have had enough of this."

News Link: O.J. Simpson book to be published
Don Imus sued for libel & slander
Rutgers basketball player Kia Vaughn, a member of the team referred to as "nappy-headed hos" by Don Imus, is now suing the former radio host for slander and defamation. Attorney Lauren Lake opined that Vaughn's case has merit. "Kia may not be a public figure, but in the world of college basketball, she is known. The comment itself is so offensive that if you get this in front of a jury, they may give her an award based on the fact that people were so disgusted by the remarks." But The Factor cast doubt on the lawsuit. "To win this, you have to show you were injured by the remarks. Imus's lawyers will say this was satire, and I don't think this is a winner for Ms. Vaughan. I think she's trying to get Imus to give her some money."

News Link: Rutgers player sues Imus
Dennis Miller on The Bourne Ultimatum
Dennis Miller began his weekly observations with his favorite presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, whose marriages and family are being dissected by the New York Times. "I'm for Giuliani," Miller began, "because he's a take charge guy. And if the Times pushes him a little further on his wife, I think he's going to tear into them. It's the guy's wife, okay? How much do you have to take?" The Factor pointed out an apparent double standard. "For the most part, the media stayed away from Chelsea Clinton and the Bush twins, but when it comes to Giuliani that rule seems to have evaporated." Miller also weighed in on "The Bourne Ultimatum," the hit movie brimming with anti-Americanism. "If they were doing a true depiction of our CIA, they would have to show them not being evil and conniving, they would have to show them being inept. I'm waiting for 'Bourne Identity 4' by Mel Gibson - 'Bourne Again.' It'll be a more evangelical approach to the CIA."
Policing the 'Net: Pot partners / Targeting Tom Cruise
Internet specialist Mary Katharine Ham reported on some unsavory people and sites populating the web. She began with David Hans Schmidt, aka "The Sultan of Sleaze," who has a history of posting seedy videos. "He was responsible," Ham explained, "for some pretty nasty web sites and celebrity sex tapes, and this time he is allegedly extorting Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for a million dollars to protect pictures of their wedding day. Tom dropped the hammer on this guy, went to the FBI, and he's been picked up for extortion." Ham also reported on a Canada-based site that is a dating service for marijuana aficionados. "You know how hard it is," Ham quipped, "to find that special someone with the perfect lack of ambition and love for Cheetos? It's rough out there for a stoner, so they get together on and try to become happy."

News Link: Tom Cruise targeted in extortion plot

News Link:
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Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails covered a range of recent segments. Some excerpts:

John Sandt, Ridgecrest, CA: "Bill, you said Bill Richardson looked bad by saying he believed homosexuality was a choice. So you're saying politicians need to avoid speaking the truth if their opinions aren't PC?"

Bill Sauerwein, Phoenix, MD: "Richardson's lack of preparation for the gay debate wass far worse than his bumbling answer. I believe foreign leaders would eat him alive."

Travis Gates, Shawnee, OK: "As soon as Tonya Reiman pointed out that Sean Penn might have been sincere in Venezuela, you immediately dismissed it by saying he's an actor."

Dennis Peters, Linn Creek, MO: "Bill, we need to give Mr. Penn the benefit of the doubt."