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Thursday, October 18, 2007
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Maine middle school offers birth control
"At the King Middle School in Portland, Maine medical workers are now allowed to give girls as young as 11 birth control pills without their parents knowing about it. The rationale is that some kids will have sex and the school must try to reduce pregnancies. Giving 6th grade girls the pill is dumb! It doesn't protect them from disease, and it tacitly says that sex at that young age is understandable. This is foolish, ridiculous and irresponsible. But not in the secular-progressive world. The S-P doctrine is to 'empower' children and downgrade parental authority. Like Vermont, Maine is a state where many Woodstock generation people have congregated, and they are very active. Portland's three middle schools have reported 17 pregnancies over the last four years. Not many, but too many, so the S-P educators have decided to send a message. And the kids get that message loud and clear: if you want to have sex at age 11, see the nurse."

Portland school officials declined to appear, but The Factor welcomed sex therapist Laura Berman, who actually gave the school board a ringing endorsement. "I'm proud of them. The bottom line is that 1 in 5 kids are having sex by time they're 15. If we don't make birth control available, it's not going to reduce the amount of sex they're having. This is for kids who can't go to their parents or whose parents are unequipped to deal with this." But The Factor reiterated that Portland's leaders are damaging children. "Schools are there for the greater good, and this Maine school district is sending a message to an 11-year old girl saying that if you want to have sex, we are going to help you do that."

News Link: Maine schools giving birth control to 11-year-olds
John Stossel on Al Gore's Nobel win
Al Gore may have a Nobel Peace Prize, but he doesn't have the approval of ABC's John Stossel. "Gore is saying the debate is over," Stossel complained, "and that anyone who disagrees has been purchased. That is repulsive intimidation. Yes, the globe has warmed, but to say for sure that man caused it and government can fix it, that debate is by no means over. How about the exaggerations in Gore's movie? He says polar bears are drowning when polar bear populations are increasing. He didn't reveal that temperature increase came before carbon dioxide levels went up." The Factor argued that even if Al Gore's facts are wrong, his message is worthy. "He did a good job in raising awareness that we need to clean the planet. I'd like to conservatives and liberals to get together and talk about how to clean things up."
Presidential candidates ducking the Factor?
Neither Republican Fred Thompson nor Democrat Barack Obama has agreed to enter the No Spin Zone, and political consultant Dick Morris characterized both men as fading candidates. "Obama has not been able to get past the biographical phase of his campaign. His campaign message is 'here I am,' and he hasn't gone past that. He just doesn't know how to use issues to shape the election. And Thompson is scared to death of somebody asking him a question. He just doesn't work that hard, he's being lazy, and that's one reason he's falling down." The Factor urged all candidates to answer tough questions. "There's a conscious decision to keep Barack Obama away from venues that might challenge him, and I don't understand it because he's glib and has a quick mind."
Ellen's dog conundrum: New information?
Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres broke into tears this week while talking about a dog she adopted, then gave to another family. Because that violated adoption rules, Iggy the dog was removed from the family's home. The Factor welcomed Keith Fink, lawyer for the adoption agency "Mutts and Moms," who portrayed DeGeneres as a vindictive prima donna. "Ellen DeGeneres has destroyed two women who have dedicated their lives to caring for animals. We offered this family the opportunity to come in and fill out adoption papers, but DeGeneres is powerful, wealthy, and she refused to fill out the paperwork. Then she had her PR spokesman call my client and threaten a lawsuit. She did all of this for her own aggrandizement. The Factor was baffled by the entire incident and invited Ellen DeGeneres to give her side. As for the canine in question, Fink reported that Iggy is with a new owner and doing fine.

News Link: Dog agency owner in hiding from death threats
News operations give liberal spin free pass
Both CNN and MSNBC recently allowed guests to make outrageous statements without being challenged. Bernie Goldberg analyzed Chris Matthews' softball interview with aging rockers Graham Nash and David Crosby. "That was not an interview," Goldberg pronounced, "it was three liberal guys sitting around the college dorm throwing the bull about the war. Chris Matthews is not a journalist, he's a liberal political commentator." Jane Hall generally concurred with Goldberg's assessment. "They were reminiscing like old hippies about the anti-war movement. Their remarks were libelous against soldiers and they should have been contradicted." Goldberg also chastised The Factor for going easy on Ann Coulter. "You got very passionate about the Catholic sacrilege in San Francisco, but when Ann Coulter made her comment about how everybody should be a Christian, including the Jews, I was waiting for you two to French kiss. You should have been tougher." The Factor's explanation: "I never debate theology with a non-theologian. Ann Coulter is a commentator who said some crazy thing, but why do I want to debate it with her? I didn't want to get into that because I didn't want to give it any credibility."
The Dhue Point
"Ombudswoman" Laurie Dhue relayed criticism and complaints from viewers, one of whom noted that The Factor often says "both the left and the right have loons ... who are the right-wing loons that he refers to?" The Factor's answer: "Some of them are talk radio guys. The other night I heard one of the right wing loons saying we should have shot down Ahmadinejad's plane when he took off from Kennedy Airport." Another viewer complained because "Bill seemed to give more credence to the acquittal of two soldiers by a military court than to some celebrities acquitted in Los Angeles courts." The Factor: "Is the viewer actually telling me he trusts Los Angeles juries more than a military jury?" Finally, a disgruntled viewer wrote about a segment on a snake attack, complaining that The Factor "made it sound like the snake was the aggressor." The Factor begged the reptile's forgiveness: "I want to apologize to the snake. If I offended the snake or any of the snake's relatives, I apologize. I didn't mean to cast aspersions." Viewers with grievances can write to
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Thursday's Patriots: Ron Wesselius and the Alliance Defense Fund, who sued and won after the state of Washington barred a Nativity scene from the Capitol Rotunda. And the Pinhead: Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Chris McGann, who accused The Factor of equating the banning of Christmas displays with "a liberal plot."

News Link: Patriots wins Nativity scene battle

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about musicians Graham Nash and David Crosby, who accused U.S. troops of murdering civilians, and Ellen DeGeneres' on-air breakdown. Some excerpts:

Trish Varner, Semmes, AL: "David Crosby is living proof of what too many drugs can do to the brain."

Jay Campana, Vero Beach, FL: "Bill, my wife and I walked out of a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young concert because of their extreme views. Neil Young was the worst."

Cassie Arnason, Stafford, AZ: "O'Reilly, please give Ellen a break! She makes people laugh and deserves a good cry once in a while."