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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
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A bad night for Hillary Clinton
"Leading in many polls by as many as 30 points, Senator Clinton was hammered by her Democratic opponents in the debate Tuesday night. Things got really dicey for Senator Clinton when Tim Russert asked whether she supported driver's licenses for illegal aliens. It's hard to imagine the country being happy with a presidential candidate who cannot give a straight answer as to whether illegal aliens should be given official state documents. She and everyone else who wants to be president has an obligation to answer the darned questions. With the first votes just two months away, Talking Points is about to step up coverage of these politicians seeking power. Our analysis will be tough but fair, and those who run will be spotlighted. Ideology is not important to us; honesty and courage is."

The Factor welcomed Dennis Kucinich, one of the participants in Tuesday's debate, who accused some of his fellow Democrats of hypocrisy. "It's almost laughable when you have John Edwards criticizing Hillary for taking money from Washington lobbyists when his campaign is heavily funded by New York hedge funds, or Barack Obama criticizing her for her support of the war when they have identical positions when it comes to funding the war." Kucinich also commented on the recent spate of radicals disrupting speeches and even church services. "Things are getting out of control, and there is a point at which you cross the line. But people feel like Washington is not responsive and it's driving people to be a little more desperate." The Factor commended Kucinich for once again entering the No Spin Zone. "I like you because you're the only Democratic candidate with enough guts to come in here."

News Link: Video: Hillary's immigration flip flop
Warren Buffett: I want to pay more taxes
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is complaining about the U.S. tax code, pointing out that he is taxed at just 18%, a lower rate than his receptionist. The Factor was joined by FNC's Neil Cavuto, who elaborated on Buffett's situation. "His fortune is tied up in what he gets in dividends and capital gains, and those rates are very low. That's what he's arguing is unfair. He's a very good and decent guy, but like a lot of very rich people, he has some confusion between billionaires and those in the $300,000 neck of the woods." The Factor put forth an easy way for Buffett to ease his guilt. "I pay 30% of my earnings to the government in income tax. And if you want to pay more taxes, Mr. Buffett, why don't you?"

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Can a minister be elected president?
The Factor next welcomed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister who has openly doubted evolution. "I represent 90% of the American people," Huckabee declared, "who believe God was involved in the creation. I believe Jesus is the way to heaven, but the role of a president is not to tell people about going to Heaven or Hell. The role of the president is to lead this country, and I have a record of governing, building roads and improving schools." The Factor warned Huckabee that he will be savaged by those who dislike religion. "The secularists are going to run wild with the fact that you're a Baptist minister, and if you indicate that you don't believe we're descended from primates, they're going to brand you."
Is the White House haunted?
Being Halloween, and given that some people actually believe the White House is haunted, The Factor spoke with paranormal researcher Dennis William Hauck. Hauck called the White House "one of the most haunted places in the United States," and provided this example: "Winston Churchill wrote a letter to a friend about staying in the Lincoln bedroom. He decided to take a hot bath with a cigar and a glass of whiskey. He heard a knock on the door, and there was the ghost of Abe Lincoln standing there. Franklin Roosevelt's valet also saw Lincoln's ghost, which is probably the most active ghost in the White House." The Factor was skeptical, but respectful, pointing out that "we could use Lincoln today in person."

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Dennis Miller on the Democratic debate
Among those watching Tuesday's debate was Dennis Miller, who lambasted Joe Biden for joking about Rudy Giuliani and 9/11. "Can I tell you how happy I am," Miller mused, "that the Democrats have moved from ignoring 9/11 to turning it into a punch line in their jokes? They have no idea what road they're going down here. Biden's whole life is predicated on pleasing the room in front of him, and what he's trying to salvage now is the Secretary of State job." Miller also opined on the joint attack on Hillary Clinton. "She's winning and they have to start acting as picadors drawing a little blood. But this thing is over - the Clintons are going to take it, and they're just picking their cabinet." Finally, Miller commented on Rosie O'Donnell and other radicals who imply that 9/11 was an inside job. "I just want to say to Rosie - if you have some information that George Bush and Rudy Giuliani somehow chose to blow up World Trade Center Building # 7, I as an American citizen want to see that. If you're a patriot and you have that information, you owe it to this country to bring it out."
Policing the 'Net: Craigslist and murder
In Minnesota, 19-year old Michael John Anderson has been charged with murdering a young woman who answered an ad seeking a baby sitter. Internet expert Mary Katharine Ham explained that 24-year old Katherine Ann Olsen was responding to a classified on the popular Craigslist web site. "She answered this ad, went to meet the folks she was ostensibly baby-sitting for. She was taken into a house by this 19-year old guy, who shot her in the back with a .357 Magnum. This can happen whether you're dealing with Internet classifieds or regular classifieds." The Factor urged everyone to use the Internet with caution. "You've got to be able to check the people out, and with the Internet you can't. I think there's so much danger on the Internet and everybody has to wise up about it."

News Link: has first homicide
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Wednesday's Patriots: Soccer star David Beckham and his L.A. Galaxy teammates, who will play a charity match to raise money for victims of the recent wildfires. And the Pinhead: Model Naomi Campbell, the most recent in a long line of celebs to pay tribute to Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez.

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
A sampling of your e mails, many of which dealt with Rosie O'Donnell and San Francisco's "Erotic Exotic Ball":

Rob Brady, San Francisco, CA: "O'Reilly, I am appalled at your comments on San Francisco values. This is a liberal city that doesn't like the military for good reason. Your values are that of a Nazi."

George Burdell, Atlanta, GA: "The secular-progressive agenda has succeeded. The ball was a state-sanctioned orgy."

Linda Wright, Louisville, TN: "I am a liberal but find Rosie's 9/11 comments offensive. They are not representative of the gay community."

Walter Carter, Yardley, PA: "Mr. O'Reilly, I am disappointed that you had to stoop to ambushing Rosie. As Rosie said, you could have called her yourself."