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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
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Bill reports from Washington, DC tonight.
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Killer of Adam Walsh identified 27 years later
The Factor began Tuesday's program with news that the 1981 murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh has officially been solved. The murderer was serial killer Ottis Elwood Toole, who died in a Florida prison in 1996. Attorney Michelle Suskauer explained why authorities in Hollywood, Florida took so long to close this notorious case. "The Hollywood police department bumbled this investigation from the get-go," Suskauer averred. "The police had been looking everywhere else and they even looked at Jeffrey Dahmer. But then a new police chief came in started looking at the evidence again, and all the arrows pointed at this pedophile Ottis Toole." The Factor expressed hope that Adam's parents will find some measure of consolation. "You can only imagine what the family has been going through, and we hope the Walsh family gets some solace from this."

News Link: Police ID Adam Walsh killer
America and the Arab world
"Press reports say the guy who threw his shoes at President Bush is a big hero in the Arab world, which points out how difficult it is to deal with some Muslims. There's no question that the USA has sacrificed greatly to bring a measure of freedom to Iraq. If this guy had thrown his shoes at Saddam, he would have been executed. But now he has freedom of expression, thanks to us. The question is, why we are spending billions to free these people if many of them don't even want freedom? We just don't know if our investment in blood and treasure will ever pay off. For now, the Bush administration and the incoming Obama administration must protect us from Muslim fanatics. There are two schools of thought: Obama apparently believes in a 'softer' approach, saying he will ban all coercive interrogation and close Guantanamo Bay; Dick Cheney thinks that's a mistake and says America was right in getting tough on people like Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. So all Americans need to think about the danger from the Muslim world and how we should deal with it. Despite the economy, that remains the toughest problem Barack Obama will face in his presidency."

News Link: Arab world hails shoe attacker

The Factor was joined by two men with entirely different views of how to treat suspected Muslim terrorists. Democratic consultant Dan Gersten argued that coercive interrogation is never warranted. "It puts American soldiers at risk," Gersten claimed. "When we use torture, it makes it more likely that American soldiers who are captured are going to be tortured." But Pete Hegseth of Vets for Freedom maintained that America has waged the war on terror fairly. "I served at Guantanamo Bay," Hegseth said, "and the inmates there are very dangerous and seek any opportunity to get back to the battlefield and kill Americans. But anybody that visits Guantanamo understands how far we bend over backwards. They're well-fed, they're taken care of, and they have access to legal representation." Considering that America has not been attacked in seven years, The Factor concluded that "it's hard to argue that breaking Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was the wrong thing to do. "

News Link: Cheney defends tough tactics
Caroline Kennedy campaigning for Clinton seat
Caroline Kennedy is reported to be seeking Hillary Clinton's vacant Senate seat, and Fox News anchor Brit Hume entered the No Spin Zone to opine on Kennedy's credentials. "I think it's fair to say," Hume said, "that her qualifications for public office are a lot more limited than some other candidates. This also has a lot to do with the Clintons versus the Kennedys. The Clintons were not amused when Caroline endorsed Barack Obama, and to have her named to that seat would not sit well with them." The Factor advised New York Governor David Paterson to appoint a more suitable candidate. "If she gets this it sends the wrong message, that in America rich and famous means everything. I want problem solvers in there." Hume, who is stepping down from his daily anchoring duties at the end of the month, outlined his immediate plans. "I have three things that I call the '3 G's' - God, granddaughters, and golf."

News Link: Caroline Kennedy announces interest in Senate seat
Great Barrington's anti-Christmas stance
The town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts has a reputation as one of the least Christmas-friendly places in America. Factor producer Jesse Watters visited the town and elicited these comments from some locals: "I like to celebrate the solstice" ... "Where I'm working we're not allowed to say 'Christmas'" ... "If you call them Christmas lights it's going to be a controversy, you should call them holiday lights ... "I want to be politically correct and call them winter lights." Watters entered the No Spin Zone and reported on his reception in the town. "We have a love-hate relationship with Great Barrington," Watters said. "They're thankful that we saved the Christmas lights last year, but they're a little embarrassed by the negative attention the town has attracted because of the controversy."
New information in the Caylee Anthony case
The Factor asked FNC legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly to opine on the case against Casey Anthony, who has been charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. A body found in Florida is presumably that of Caylee, who had been missing since June. "Defense lawyers say they want a second autopsy," Kelly reported. "They also want all the photographs from the scene, and an independent forensic expert to watch over all of this. But it has not even been officially confirmed that this is the body of Caylee, so the judge could not grant those motions." Wiehl advised the judge to include defense attorneys throughout the discovery process. "They need the sketches and the photos taken at the crime scene to put on their case, so I would definitely give them that material."

News Link: Caylee Anthony update
Remembering Bob Hope
For nearly half a century, the late Bob Hope entertained United States troops around the world. The Factor took a few minutes to show some of Hope's comedic appearances, which often included some of the world's most beautiful women. Hope ended one performance with a sentiment that reverberates today and always: "Pray for peace. God bless you."
Speedo Santas & Kanye West
Tuesday's Patriots: The brave Bostonians who stripped down to their underwear in 20-degree weather for a footrace to raise money for poor children. And the Pinhead: Singer Kanye West, who forgot the words while performing on Saturday Night Live.

News Link: Video: 'Speedo Santa run'
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
John Peterson, Wildomar, CA: "More disturbing than the guy throwing the shoe at the President was the Secret Service reaction."

Saad Hossin, San Diego, CA: "I am an Arab-American from Syria and think the guy who threw his shoes is a complete jerk."

Chris Wise, Bermuda: "How can Megyn Kelly argue that atheism is a religion?"

A.J. Meza, West Sacramento, CA: "Bill, there is no bigger pinhead than you when you argue with Megyn. Get a clue."