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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
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President Obama, Spain and the radical left
"President Obama says he wants to improve the USA's image in the world, so he must stand up against Spain, which wants to damage America. The Spanish government will soon decide whether to formally investigate former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and other members of the Bush administration for human rights crimes, and it is time for President Obama to state his objection to Spain's intrusion. Talking Points is becoming concerned about Obama's world view because this week something truly incredible happened. Radical leftist Rosa Brooks has been appointed to advise the under-secretary of defense at the Pentagon. As a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, Brooks wrote that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney 'should be treated like psychotics who need treatment.' She also supported the Iraqi who threw his shoes at President Bush. And this woman is now a top advisor in the Defense Department! Was Michael Moore not available? Want more? Rosa Brooks was special counsel to George Soros' Open Society Institute. And now she has access to America's defense secrets! This is madness! A confirmed far-left radical is now operating within the Pentagon and we have a country, Spain, that may attempt to embarrass America in front of the world. What say you, President Obama?"

The Factor was joined by Fox News contributor Michael Moffett, who reported from Madrid on Spain's possible indictment of Bush officials. "The Spanish press is treating this story in the same way as Spanish society," Moffett said, "which is that Guantanamo Bay is wrong. Some people here who are in favor of this case going to trial argue that it may prompt U.S. officials to go after these same individuals. The Factor argued that Spain will pay a price for meddling in U.S. affairs. "There will be a boycott and there will be ill will towards Spain. This is going to become a huge story and it's not going to be good for Spain."

Continuing with the same issue, Steven Groves of the conservative Heritage Foundation urged President Obama to confront Spain. "I hope the Obama administration is doing things behind the scenes," Groves stated. "They haven't been out in public, but I hope they are talking with the Spanish government and saying this is not the way to have a relationship with the United States." The Factor summarized the situation this way: "This is insane, and even some liberals are going to condemn Spain's action."
New poll gauges the public's trust in our leaders
A new poll shows that 66% of Americans have at least some trust in President Obama, while 31% do not trust the president. Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin received the lowest grades - fully 53% of Americans deem them untrustworthy. The Factor asked Politico's Ken Vogel to explain Palin's high negatives. "She's still popular among the base," Vogel reported, "but her window to reach out to the middle is closing. This is because of her own stumbles and the intense scrutiny of her. People are focused on the trivial, such as the family drama with her daughter's ex-fiancee." The Factor again invited Sarah Palin to visit the No Spin Zone. "Governor Palin hasn't taken the opportunity to come on shows like this and make her case directly to the American people, which she needs to do if she wants to be a national figure."
The United Nations and your children
The United Nations has endorsed a document that says children should have "freedom of association" and "freedom from privacy interference." 193 nations have ratified the document, but Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra argued that the U.S. should not join them. "This is very bad public policy," Hoekstra declared, "for the United States to turn over the precious relationship between a parent and a child to the UN and unelected officials in Geneva. People could use this to expand government's role in intervening and eroding parental rights." Hoekstra also outlined his call for an amendment to the United States Constitution. "The amendment would say that parents have the right to raise and educate their children, and it protects the right of the government to intervene in cases of neglect and abuse."
A day in the life of Bernie Madoff
As he awaits his sentence, convicted swindler Bernie Madoff is locked up in a New York City jail. The Factor asked corrections officer Norman Seabrook to describe a typical Madoff day. "The lights are turned on at around six o'clock in the morning," Seabrook began. "He'll have breakfast of hot cereal and bread, maybe a boiled egg and some coffee. He's allowed to have one hour of recreation every day, and he is most likely locked down 23 hours a day - he can read, write letters, and walk back and forth in his 8' by 8' cell. There is no TV, no radio, no computer, and he gets one newspaper." The Factor pointed out just how far Madoff has fallen. "I can see where this can drive you crazy. The guy went from Park Avenue and yachts to this hell."
Big trouble for John Edwards
Legal aces Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly began with a report that John Edwards is being investigated for allegedly giving campaign money to his mistress Rielle Hunter. "A campaign adviser," Kelly reported, "said he funneled money to Hunter, but that it was his money. He has basically taken the blame for the payoff, but prosecutors must believe that they have the goods on Edwards." Wiehl suggested that prosecutors will have a tough time making a case. "If you have the guy who actually made the 'donations,' and he's saying Edwards didn't know about it, I think it's really hard to bring an indictment." Wiehl and Kelly turned to the conviction of music producer Phil Spector for murdering an actress in 2003. "Pats on the back to the prosecutors," Wiehl declared, "for bringing this case a second time." Kelly also praised the women who stepped forward to testify. "Five other women were willing to take the stand and say that he also threatened them with a gun. You don't often see a celebrity convicted of murder in California."
Great American Culture Quiz
Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum faced off in another edition of The Great American Culture Quiz. Among the questions: "After Cher divorced Sonny, she married which rocker?" ... "Kurt Russell played which rock icon in a TV movie?" ... "Who played Alan Alda's role in the film version of M*A*S*H?" The ever-tenacious Doocy came from behind on the final question to eke out a tie. The entire quiz is available here on under "Fun Stuff."
EMTs & Jamie Foxx
Tuesday's Patriot: Emergency medical workers such as those who showed up promptly when a guest fainted on Glenn Beck's FNC program this week. And the Pinhead: Actor and comedian Jamie Foxx, who profanely mocked 16-year-old Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus on his radio show.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Clare Robertson, Santa Barbara, CA: "Mr. O, kids in consensual relationships will be free to do sexting in Vermont? I am liberal on most issues, but this is madness."

Connor Maher, Londonderry, NH: "What's going on in Vermont is crazy. I am 13 and know that kids sexting is wrong. How can they legalize it?"

Sue Cross, South Walden, VT: "Mr. O'Reilly, having lived here for 25 years, I agree with you. The legislature here is out of control. Thanks for showing the nation what is going on."

Bruce Marston, Passumpic, VT: "Bill, anything goes here except the welfare of children. What's next, a safe haven for pirates?"
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