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Monday, August 24, 2009
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Pres. Obama and family take a vacation
"President Obama is taking a week off on Martha's Vineyard with his family. The president will rest and recharge, and he needs it. The health care chaos has damaged the president's credibility and job approval ratings, and there is another significant problem coming down the road - forcing Americans to buy health insurance may be unconstitutional. According to a number of scholars, the feds can't force us to buy anything, which is just another annoying thing for the president to consider. Talking Points hopes the president understands that not all of those who oppose his policies are doing so for nefarious reasons. Yes, there are some who despise the president, but most of us want what's best for America, and bankrupting the nation certainly does not fit that mindset. Finally, the president must know that his health care vision is in serious trouble. Blaming dissenters and news agencies like Fox is hurting the president."

The Factor welcomed FNC White House correspondent Major Garrett, who is with the president on Martha's Vineyard. Garrett addressed the reported tension between Fox News and the Obama administration. "There are people in the administration," Garrett said, "who take a very dim view of some of the prime time shows on our network, and President Obama labeled us as a network that wasn't adequately favorable to him. And when the president complains about 'cable chatter,' many people think he's talking about us." The Factor questioned the administration's tactical wisdom: "Fox News is now the most powerful news organization in the country, so why would the Obama administration want to have a testy relationship with us? I certainly don't have any personal animus toward the president, but it's our job to be skeptical. I've invited Robert Gibbs for the past three weeks, but he won't come on."

FNC's Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham entered the No Spin Zone with their analysis of the relationship between Fox News and the Obama administration. "What's happening here," Williams opined, "is that you have people inside the White House who say, 'if we put Barack Obama on Bill O'Reilly's show, our chorus over at MSNBC is going to go bananas. It doesn't make sense, but that's their thinking. He's got to do better with the independents, the people who are watching Fox News." Ham added that FNC has become the left's favorite bogeyman. "It's in the nature of a liberal Democrat to take some shots at Fox News, but on a political level it is not smart. A lot of the people watching Fox News are 'blue dog' Democrats who are exactly who President Obama needs. It's not that cute anymore for him to take pot shots at Fox News."
Holder to appoint prosecutor to investigate CIA
Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to investigate alleged abuse of terror suspects by CIA agents. The Factor was joined by Democratic strategist Jami Floyd, who endorsed Holder's position. "The Attorney General is working for the people and the Constitution," Floyd asserted, "and he has to do what's right. If a special prosecutor is what's needed here, that's what he has to do. Eric Holder is not in a political job and he can not make decisions because he is afraid of being fired." The Factor predicted that Barack Obama will pay a political price for any CIA prosecution: "All the polls show that Americans do not want this, they think it's a witch hunt. The CIA says intelligence will dry up, and you may be killed because of this crazy decision by Holder."
Jesse Watters on Martha's Vineyard
Reporting from Martha's Vineyard, Factor producer Jesse Watters "revealed" one of the more surprising aspects of the island. "About ten miles from the Obama compound," Watters said, "is a nude beach. It was partly an Indian reservation so the laws of public nudity aren't applicable. We interviewed people there about politics without their clothes on, which is probably the nuttiest thing I've seen here." Watters also aired interviews with some colorful Martha's Vineyard residents and personally vowed to "ambush a large bowl of clam chowder and a lobster dinner."
Michael Jackson's death ruled homicide
Culture Warriors Margaret Hoover and Gretchen Carlson began by watching a video about the widespread problem of binge drinking on college campuses. "Every girl and boy going to college," Hoover said, "should look at this video. The best way to be prepared is to watch it before you're there so you don't make bad decisions. Really dangerous stuff can happen - there is date rape or you can get in a car and kill other people." Carlson turned to the news that the Los Angeles coroner has ruled Michael Jackson's death a homicide, caused by a combination of lethal drugs. "This means Dr. Conrad Murray," Carlson said, "who is already facing manslaughter charges, could be charged with murder. This will stop the enabling process of stars hiring these kinds of doctors and getting drugs." The Factor concluded that Michael Jackson "wanted the drugs and he is not a victim."
Reality Check: Rapper Jay-Z calls out O'Reilly
After left-wing former comic Janeane Garofalo described health care protesters as "functionally retarded," The Factor posed this rhetorical question: "Do the words 'off the deep end' mean anything?" Meanwhile, rapper Jay-Z's latest "song" includes this line: "Please tell Bill O'Reilly to fall back." The Factor's Check: "He's a regular Otis Redding, isn't he?" The Factor also aimed this Check squarely at Jon Stewart, who aired a snippet from a prior Talking Points Memo: "Out-of-context, heavily-edited cheap shots are unacceptable in any venue. Get it?"
Joe Lieberman and... the Factor?
Monday's Patriot: Senator Joe Lieberman, who responded to a report that actor Alec Baldwin may challenge him in Connecticut. "Make my day," Lieberman declared. And the Pinhead: Possibly the Factor, for failing to note that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had appeared in crazy Japanese TV commercials well before being elected.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Bart Brownell, Maple Glen, PA: "Bill, Jon Stewart has made a career out of taking things out of context. You are making a mistake giving him publicity."

John Olberhellman, Fountain Hills, AZ: "I would like to see Stewart come on the Factor without his liberal audience there to support him. Let's see how smart he really is."

Ross Nesbit, Houston, TX: "Mr. O, the conversation with Neil Cavuto seemed too antagonistic. Neil shouldn't have said you 'lied' about oil speculators. That was a bad choice of words."

Jane Oppenheimer, Boca Raton, FL: "Cavuto nailed you, Bill. You just can't stand to be wrong."

Diana Collins Sells, Tulsa, OK: "I want a Bill O'Reilly bobblehead doll just like the Obama doll they sell in the NBC store."
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