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Friday, January 22, 2010
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The collapse of the far-left media
"The radical radio network Air America has announced it is all over, they are out of business. That's no surprise since that operation was never successful. But here is a surprise: Last Tuesday, as the Massachusetts votes were being counted, Fox News had almost six times as many viewers as MSNBC in prime time, five times the audience of CNN. That's not a victory - that is a massacre! Fox News covered everything both candidates said Tuesday night, but not MSNBC and CNN - they covered Coakley far more than the victor Brown. Two things are clear: First, the USA is moving to the right very quickly; second, Fox News is an honest enterprise. The attacks on Fox News by the left have failed - we are now dominating prime time news coverage in this country. It's not about ideology, it's about fairness. And to be fair, CNN has covered the Haiti story very well and I applaud the CNN correspondents who have done such a good job. But our Fox News correspondents are just as good, and our political coverage is much more balanced than our competition. After this week, there is no doubt that in the United States, Fox News is the go-to network for important information and honest analysis."

The Factor asked left-leaning Congressman Dennis Kucinich about the meaning of the Massachusetts vote. "Americans want the country to focus on jobs," Kucinich replied, "and to make sure people can stay in their homes. You can interpret the election in many different ways, but I wouldn't interpret it as a victory for the right or a loss for the left." When The Factor asked about the decline of left-wing media outlets, Kucinich issued a thinly-veiled warning. "We need a diversity of expression in a democratic society. Be careful about crowing over your success because people are going to start calling for the 'fairness doctrine' if they feel their point of view isn't being adequately represented." The Factor reminded Kucinich that his side has been badly bloodied: "You're a liberal guy, you're consistent, and I respect you for that. But you have to know that liberal positions are getting hammered on every front. You can't be standing there telling me that the left hasn't taken a terrible beating this week."
Is the USA moving to the right?
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace entered the No Spin Zone with his assessment of the country's political mood. "I don't think the country's moved to the right," Wallace said. "It was a center-right country when Obama was elected and it's a center-right country now. Remember that Obama did not campaign as a liberal - he campaigned on tax cuts and controlling spending and escalating the war in Afghanistan. But instead of governing as the centrist he portrayed himself as, he governed as a liberal and he has been discredited. So I agree that liberals are in trouble, but I don't think the country has moved to the right." The Factor disagreed with Wallace's analysis: "Most voters knew who Barack Obama was. His voting record was very far left, his base was left, and the left-wing media propped him up. I can feel this country going to the right because they gave the left a chance and the left booted it."
Update on Haiti rescue efforts
Two parents whose daughters are missing in Haiti gave an emotional appeal for help on Wednesday's program. As promised, The Factor pursued the story with Geraldo Rivera, who reported from the hotel where the girls were staying. "This is a very melancholy place," Rivera said. "We have been watching a search-and-rescue team tunneling into the mound of debris, and just today they reached the lobby and pulled out two bodies. As much as I would like to give good news, it is beyond comprehension that anyone would still be alive. I think more bodies will be taken out and I don't think the news will be good." Rivera added that the hotel, like most buildings in Haiti, was not built to withstand a major quake. "This was the best hotel in town, but it was built out of cheap cement and poorly reinforced. They didn't have a chance."
Oprah, Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin
Body language interpreter Tonya Reiman analyzed Oprah Winfrey's interview with Sarah and Bristol Palin. "I noticed that neither Bristol nor Sarah moved their hands at all," Reiman said. "Talking with your hands is natural, so this made them look unnatural. In addition, when Oprah started talking about sex I saw Bristol take a deep breath. This is obviously a hot button item for her. And you could see that Sarah Palin had some sadness and remorse in her mouth. But their hands were close, an indication that they have a good relationship." Reiman also watched footage of President Obama addressing a crowd during his very difficult week. "Sadness is definitely what we saw here. The muscles around the mouth go down when somebody is sad, and you can see it here."
Glenn on ideological villains
On the first anniversary of his eponymous FNC program, Glenn Beck looked back at his proudest accomplishments. "Back in March," Beck said, "I asked viewers to send in pictures, which we made into a mosaic for 'The 9.12 Project.' I did it because I wanted people to realize they weren't alone - I had to convince people to stand up and stand together, and now look at them! Another thing would be our first documentary, 'The Revolutionary Holocaust,' that aired tonight. It was about the roots of progressivism, and some of the stuff we showed had never been seen before." The Factor congratulated Beck on his remarkably successful first year, and reminded him that "the more successful you get, the more your critics will hate you."
Dumbest things of the week
The Factor challenged FNC's Alisyn Camerota and Greg Gutfeld to name the absolutely stupidest people and events of the past week. Gutfeld cited John Edwards, who finally admitted that he is the father of Rielle Hunter's baby. "I would say he's too easy a target," Gutfeld began, "except he painted that target on himself. He feels that as long as he acts compassionate, he can get away with anything." Camerota picked the family that keeps a pet deer in its home. "Haven't we all learned," Camerota mused, "that when you live with a domesticated wild animal, one day it wakes up and eats you." The Factor picked President Obama's decision to ridicule Senate candidate Scott Brown's truck, concluding with this pithy adivce: "Never make fun of trucks in America."
Two princes & a Prince
Friday's Patriots: Actors George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, who are each donating $1 million to help Haiti earthquake victims. And the Pinhead: The artist formerly - and once again - known as Prince, who wrote a not-very-catchy fight song for his beloved Minnesota Vikings.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Dr. Jeremiah Lowney, Norwich, CT: "Mr. O, thank you for your latest donation. Your generosity over the years to the Haitian Health Foundation has brought improved health and hope to our poorest neighbors. God bless you!"

Vern Schanilec, Washougal, WA: "Left-wing loons see themselves as smarter than everyone else. They go ballistic when they lose because they can't stand to be wrong."

Tammi Hedtke, San Diego, CA: "I have more respect for President Obama since he said he would not push health care in Congress until Scott Brown was seated."

Laurel Gallegos, Grand Junction, CO: "We need President Obama to listen to us, not talk to us."
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