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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
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Desperation on the far left
"After last week's election results, some in the Obama administration, and most in the left-wing media were furious. And some desperation is setting in. I'll give you two examples. First, last week we told you about Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, a Fox hater who wrote that FNC hosted a victory party on election night. Milbank is now telling his readers that I want him dead. Milbank is desperately trying to convince his readers that somehow I would like violence to befall him. Not true. I'd like honesty to befall Mr. Milbank. Secondly, far more serious is what the Justice Department is doing to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Attorney General Eric Holder is putting out that Christie did not properly follow hotel guidelines while he was a Federal prosecutor for six years. The amount in question? About $2,000. This is a desperate attempt to denigrate Christie. Preposterous."

To comment on this, The Factor brought in Fox News analyst Karl Rove. Rove thought that Milbank was overreacting to what was obviously a joke: "Dana Milbank, who goes around all the time saying the ugliest and meanest things about people, suddenly turns out to be thin skinned?" Rove also argued that the whole premise of Milbank's original column was flawed: "This was a historic whooping of the Democrats. There are now fewer Democrats in the United States House of Representatives today than at any time since 1946. And Milbank's entire column is like, oh, the Fox News Channel was wrong to call this a defeat for Democrats. What alternative universe is he living in?" The Factor, meanwhile, was still pretty fired up about the attack on Chris Christie: "This troubles me because the Justice Department is very powerful, like the IRS. It shouldn't be used for political reasons."
Gallup polls indicate Obama approval rises, falls
Pres. Obama's poll numbers are all over the map. His job approval rating got a bump immediately after the midterm elections, but now it's back down to pre-election levels. Fox News analyst Dick Morris argued that the president's last-minute campaigning actually not only helped Democrats, but helped him: "Obama really went out of his way to work with this NAACP, with his appearances at colleges, with his "Daily Show appearance. He really worked at bringing his base out at the end. And it worked." The Factor was a little surprised: "So, he's still a formidable force?" Morris confirmed that the president was still very formidable, with a caveat: "His base is limited. Only 10 percent of the vote was black, 8 percent was Latino. Only 11 percent was people under the age of 30." The Factor pointed out that those numbers could get bigger for the 2012 election. Morris agreed: "Next time around, it could swell."
Should authorities protect people from bad food?
With recent initiatives attempting to protect kids from sugary and fatty foods, The Factor wanted to know if the government was overstepping its role. Margaret Hoover thought that they were -- in some cases: "Big government regulating private sector -- that I do not support. I believe in educating people and giving them information so they can make choices for themselves." The Factor played devil's advocate: "But kids, they can't make choices like that. If you're 7 you're going to eat Frosted Flakes all day long." Alicia Menendez (subbing for Gretchen Carlson) said that she actually agreed with San Francisco, which is trying to ban fast food restaurants from offering toys: "You take a meal that's loaded with sugar and fat and nonsense, and you market it to kids because it has a toy. That just doesn't seem very responsible." She went on to compare fast food to tobacco. The Factor disagreed that fatty food was comparable to tobacco, pointing out that there's no food equivalent to second-hand smoke: "If somebody's eating a Big Mac next to me, I'm not going to get leprosy. Nothing bad is going to happen to me if they eat a little Whopper."
Body language: Election edition
Body language expert Tonya Reiman entered the No Spin zone to look at some notable moments, including when Jon Stewart called Pres. Obama "dude." Reiman thought that Stewart's comment surprised the president, and made him temporarily lose composure: "He completely got taken over by that, and he lost all control of his self-awareness, so to speak. So the finger is open. He became nervous, the extended eye closure here. The non-eye gaze. Everything he did here afterwards was lost. He lost it completely." Reiman also looked at Nancy Pelosi saying she had "no regrets" following the mid-term election. Reiman thought Pelosi may have been hiding something: "Watch her eyes get really big... I think when she first began to answer, she did feel really emotional." The Factor was surprised Reiman could see anything at all: "with all due respect to the speaker, she has Botox going on. And I'm not saying that with any denigration at all. But it makes it harder to read somebody's face."
Dennis Miller on Bush, Obama and Pelosi
Dennis Miller was on a roll talking about Pres. Obama's foreign trip: "I feel bad for Biden," Miller started, "because he was supposed to join them. They told him he was going to go talk to the Indians. Biden showed up at the Mohegan Sun." Miller later suggested a question for The Factor to ask Pres. Bush: "Has he ever actually seen that tiny alien corpse from Roswell?" The Factor promised he would ask: "We'll get into the alien thing big. I'll spend a lot of time on that, if he has the alien thing knocked down, just so Jesse Ventura can be happy." Another topic was the "victory" party Nancy Pelosi threw for herself and members of congress. Miller saw at least one upside: "When Pelosi throws a party like this, the bottom line gets helped out, because you don't have to spring for the makeup for the clown at the party."
Did you see that?
Juliet Huddy came in to look at some attention-getting videos. One of them was a commercial from The American Humanist Association, an atheist group. The Factor actually defended atheists: "I don't think most Americans of faith look at atheists as immoral. I don't." Huddy was surprised: "You don't?" The Factor replied "No, it's a belief system. And we in America can choose what we want to believe or not." Huddy pointed out that some people did feel a certain way about atheists: "I think that there definitely is a group within those who are religious who are judgmental about other people if they don't subscribe to their feelings." Later, The Factor played a commercial for a religious theme park that reenacted Jesus' crucifixion twice a day. Huddy knew of at least one group that probably wouldn't want to visit: "You don't want to bring your humanists to this fun park, I don't think. This isn't the place for them."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Paul Philip, Lake In The Hills, Illinois: "Rendell's waterboarding opinion is another example of arguing theoretical points against actual facts."

Sylvia Espinoza, New Ulm, Texas: "Three terror suspects waterboarded - 300 million of us kept safe. Enough said."

Everett Sanborn, Prescott, Arizona: "Bill, you won and lost with Marc Lamont Hill. He trumped you saying physical appearance is important to voters, but you knocked him with Barbara Boxer. Only very liberal states would elect someone like her."

Rachel Wagner, Mt. Vernon, Illinois: "If the American people vote cosmetically, why did John McCain defeat Mitt Romney?"

Bradford Smith, Bravo Company, Afghanistan: "Mr. O, I watch the Factor over here and appreciate the message you send. I am searching for Pinheads and Patriots."
You decide who's who!
Wednesday's Patriot or Pinhead: Kanye West, who went on the Today Show and admitted that he was wrong to call Pres. Bush racist during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Is the outspoken rapper a Patriot or a Pinhead? Cast your vote here on