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Monday, November 29, 2010
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WikiLeaks, traitors and America
"Whoever leaked those State Department documents to the WikiLeaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life. Classified information is now floating around the globe courtesy of the traitors and this despicable website, which is based in Sweden. The guy who runs the site is a sleazeball named Julian Assange, who is bent on damaging America. Since he's not a U.S. citizen, it's hard for American authorities to move against him, but we can prosecute those who leaked the documents. Incredibly, President Obama did not speak about the situation today; why the President has remained silent is very perplexing. The fact that the USA can not keep its secrets badly damages our intelligence gathering going forward. Private First Class Bradley Manning is under arrest for leaking the sensitive documents; if guilty, he is a traitor and should be given life at hard labor in a military prison. Every American should be outraged by the situation, and once again the President is not extending any sense of urgency. Why doesn't he just express some outrage? We live in a dangerous world; we must have secure plans to protect ourselves. The whole thing is embarrassing and ultra-disturbing."

The Factor asked attorney and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly about the administration's legal options regarding WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange. "We can't go after him for treason," Kelly explained, "because he is not a citizen and owes no allegiance to the U.S. But I believe we can go after him for espionage. That statute is very broadly drafted - you have to 'gather, transmit, or receive' defense information and have reason to believe that information will be used to hurt America. But we don't know where Assange is right now." Kelly endorsed the Obama administration's low-key response to the leaks. "You don't want to make this into a bigger deal and give it more credence, you don't want to act panicked."

Fox News political analyst Brit Hume agreed with Megyn Kelly's proposition that President Obama is following the proper course. "The more I think about it," Hume said, "the more I think it's prudent to not say anything. If he gets up and beats his breast and acts indignant, it will only look worse. I don't think it accomplishes much to show a lot of urgency about something that you can't do much about. You want this story to die as quickly as possible." But The Factor urged the President to show anger: "I'm disagreeing with you almost 100%. I think this is another public relations disaster for President Obama. I'm angry as an American and I want something done about this, so if I'm the president I'm going to find a way to get Assange. I don't think there's anyone in the world who fears Barack Obama."
Union group backing illegal Whitman housekeeper
Nicky Diaz, the illegal alien housekeeper who disparaged her former employer Meg Whitman, reportedly had the backing of the powerful and ultra-liberal California Nurses Association. The Factor explored the issue with FNC analysts Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham. "I'd call this hardball politics," Williams said, "in terms of distortion and smear. What you have here is a very strong union that is part of the public sector union cabal that is basically running the state of California at the moment. They took advantage of this woman and used this to sway Hispanic voters." Ham accused the union of exploiting Diaz for political purposes. "They had celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred come to this woman's aid and allege abuse, but it turns out there's a lot of evidence that Diaz lied to her employer." The Factor put forth that Nicky Diaz should be deported to her home country of Mexico because "she came to this country illegally, she obtained a fraudulent Social Security card, and she deceived her employer."
Lars Larson on the 'Christmas tree bomber'
19-year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud is under arrest for plotting to kill hundreds of people by bombing a Christmas tree ceremony in Portland, Oregon. The Factor welcomed radio talk show host Lars Larson, who revealed Portland's history of tension with the FBI, which foiled Mohamud's plot. "Five years ago," Larson reported, "the city of Portland pulled out of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, and it is still the only city in America that will not cooperate formally with the FBI. The city council is anti-FBI, anti-Patriot Act, and anti-anti-terrorism, which sizes up the demeanor of this city, which is run by a bunch of fools." Larson portrayed Mohamud as a demented and determined jihadist. "He said that when he was a kid he watched people jumping from the Twin Towers and thought it was 'awesome.' This guy is really a sick individual and he's the one who came up with the plan. Tens of thousands of people were gathered in that square and this man was prepared to murder them."
Media coverage of the WikiLeaks scandal
The Factor asked FNC media analyst Bernie Goldberg how the press handled the WikiLeaks document dump. "I don't blame the New York Times for running the story," Goldberg began, "because this was going to get out one way or another. My gripe is about hypocrisy - one year ago the Times refused to run leaked emails about global warming because 'the documents appear to have been obtained illegally.' So they had a great concern for privacy and confidentiality when the global warming community was suspect, but there's a different level of concern when there are United States secrets." Goldberg also joked that celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who defended illegal immigrant Nicky Diaz, has earned an extended vacation. "I would not deport Diaz, but I would deport Gloria Allred, maybe to Iran. But I don't think the Iranians would be comfortable with that." The Factor reminded everyone that "Bernie Goldberg said that, not O'Reilly."
Reality Check: Sarah Palin and Barack Obama
Responding to a question from Barbara Walters last week, President Obama insisted that "I don't think about Sarah Palin." The Factor's Check: "We continue to be amazed at how Sarah Palin dominates the political news cycle in America. Outside of President Obama, Governor Palin is by far the most talked-about politician." 77-year-old singer Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of marijuana in Texas. The Factor's Check: "This is Nelson's third bust; he could get jail time but probably won't." The Factor concluded with a word about the O'Reilly/Beck Bold & Fresh Tour: "The last dates for this year are this coming Friday night in New Orleans and Saturday in Dallas. A few tickets remain."
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Factor Words of the Day
John Gaffney, Redlands, CA: "Mr. O, Whoopi Goldberg is a smart lady and I resent your arrogance toward her. She has the courage to come on the program and you pull your standard denigration."

Robert Bishop, Athens, GA: "Good interview with Whoopi, Bill, polite and civil. However, her views on the Muslim world are naïve."

Anthony Naijar, Wayne, NJ: "I was disheartened by the fact that Whoopi does not know what a Madrassa is. She needs to do some hard research on the subject of Islam."

Jake Crowson, Northampton, England: "O'Reilly, your chapter on Tony Snow in your new book was very touching."
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