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Friday, December 3, 2010
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Will Obama intrude into the media sphere?
"If you listen to talk radio, there are folks who say the Obama administration is getting ready to tamp down conservative voices in the media. They point to the White House not being happy with Fox News, among other things. Now there's more evidence - FCC Commissioner Michael Copps complained that American media is 'not producing the body of news and information that democracy needs ... we have to reverse that trend.' The key words from Copps are 'we have to reverse that trend.' Who's 'we,' Mr. Copps? The federal government? There is no question the Obama administration believes it is not getting a fair shake from Fox News and talk radio, and in some cases that might be true. But President Bush didn't get a fair shake from the media, either. Neither did Bill Clinton nor Bush the elder. As far as information is concerned, Mr. Copps is crazy - there is so much information available you can't possibly digest it all. It's all out there, Mr. Copps, and we don't need you to get involved. In fact, the Obama administration should relax about the media and try to fix the economy. Finally, this broadcast will fight any intrusion on the media by the federal government."

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich entered the No Spin Zone with his reaction to FCC Commissioner Michael Copps' complaint. "He's a good argument for overhauling the Federal Communications Commission," Gingrich said. "That agency was started back when we had very limited communications and very few broadcast channels. Now, in the age of the Internet, many people have 600 to 1,000 television channels and cable drowns us in opportunity. But there are people in Washington who believe they have to be the nannies and nursemaids of America. We need to shrink the power of the federal government because I don't want somebody deciding my access to information in an age of extraordinary opportunities."

For a view from the other side of the aisle, The Factor welcomed Democratic strategist Alicia Menendez. "Most people understand," Menendez said, "that cable is often dominated by people who give you news, but news with opinion. I think Copps was saying that basic TV stations are giving you lousy news and covering scintillating stories, even if there is something very important going on. I didn't see any indication that Copps was specifically going after cable news." The Factor accused Copps of being out of touch with the reality of modern TV news: "You have CNN and all they do is cover the news, and you have Fox, which covers the news for hour after hour during the day. Is Copps not seeing this?"
Nicky Diaz still in the country after Whitman debacle
Nicky Diaz, the illegal alien housekeeper who disparaged her former employer Meg Whitman, remains in the country despite her much-publicized immigration status. In the first edition of a new feature called "Lou's the Boss," Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs provided his take on the situation. "Just using a bogus Social Security number is not a crime," Dobbs stated, "which means that our jurisprudence system is a mess. Nicky Diaz has become a metaphor for illegal immigration and the crisis of open borders in this country, and she will probably not be punished." Dobbs outlined what he would do if he were the boss of Homeland Security. "I would support the Constitution and the laws of the United States, which means you detain her and begin deportation proceedings." The Factor put it more bluntly: "The fact is that Nicky Diaz broke the law and you can't have 12-million people running around the country with phony Social Security cards."
Mexican sheriff murdered by drug cartels
The latest victim of Mexico's drug cartels is 38-year-old female sheriff Hermila Garcia, who was murdered by gunmen after just two months on the job. Geraldo Rivera analyzed the out-of-control situation south of the border. "There are now so many young female police chiefs," he said, "because there are no men who will take the job. They've been abducted and beheaded and tortured, and now you have women. This particular hero went around unarmed and with no bodyguards and said, 'how can you kill me?' And yet they killed her, which shows how despicable these low lives are. They dishonor the fabric of their nation and Mexico's fate is in the balance." The Factor put forth one possible answer: "The only way these cartels will be defeated will be for the Army to declare war on them and round up the cartel suspects."
The best of Glenn Beck
With Glenn Beck on the road doing live shows and promoting his book, The Factor re-aired a few of his greatest hits. This was Beck on why he generally steers clear of the culture wars: "The one part of culture I am doing a lot of is faith. You can argue about abortion or gay marriage all you want, but the country is burning down. So instead of arguing about these divisive things, let's get back into our churches and our synagogues and our mosques." And Beck on being mocked by John Stewart: "I think he's funny. I don't think he's fair, but that's not his job, and if I were him, I'd be mocking myself because I'm the easiest target. Any joke that John Stewart has done about me I have done at least five times."
Dumbest things of the week
FNC's Arthel Neville and Greg Gutfeld ended the week by naming some excruciatingly dumb people and events. Neville went with the Kardashian sisters, who endorsed a MasterCard that turned out to be a master rip-off. "This is a debit card complete with a photo of the three ladies," Neville reported. "This card targeted kids as young as sixteen - it cost $99 for the first year and after that had a monthly fee of $7.95. It was on the market for nineteen days!" Gutfeld went with Massachusetts, which is doling out fines to anyone caught with small amounts of marijuana. "No one is paying the fines," Gutfeld pointed out. "There's like $65,000 in unpaid fines because when you're high you can't remember that you were cited. I'm proposing a 'Doritos registry' so that when you go to buy your Doritos or your Twinkies it will come up that you owe money." The Factor cited Congressman Jim McDermott, who complained that at Christmas "we talk about the poor, the little baby Jesus in the cradle and all this stuff." "What is wrong with this guy McDermott?" The Factor pondered. "He says the baby Jesus and 'all this stuff.' I'm waiting for him to say 'Mohammed and Allah and that stuff.'"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Nick Raymond, Cincinnati, OH: "Bill, I was disappointed that you agreed with Margaret Hoover that a fetus is a potential human being. It is fully human."

Constance Ellis, Grand Rapids, MI: "I am no fan of President Carter, but I think Dennis Miller went too far in his comments about him. Very disrespectful."

Tom Boven, Colorado Springs, CO: "I didn't listen to Carter when he was president. Why do you make me suffer now, Bill?"
Money for Nothing?
Friday's Patriot or Pinhead: Julia Roberts, who was paid $1.5 million for silently sipping coffee in an Italian TV commercial. Is she a Patriot or a Pinhead for taking the dough? Cast your vote here on
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