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Friday, February 25, 2011
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The Factor reports from Los Angeles tonight.
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Obama and the Wisconsin union situation
"On November 3, 2007, then-Senator Barack Obama said this on the campaign trail: 'If Americans are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I'm in the White House, I'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I'll walk on that picket line with you.' But so far President Obama is staying out of the Wisconsin brawl, and there's a good reason for that. The Wall Street Journal's Kimberley Strassel writes that 'President Obama is the boss of a civil work force that numbers up to two million ... those federal workers cannot bargain for wages or benefits.' So the only thing the federal union can do is negotiate personnel matters. That's why President Obama can't go to Wisconsin - his guys don't have any union rights and Mr. Obama has not advocated for any changes. According to a new poll, 71% of Wisconsinites believe Governor Scott Walker's union cutbacks are fair, and 69% believe state workers have better benefits than private sector employees. The bottom line on the story is that cutbacks are going to happen and the power of the public unions will be diminished."

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace elaborated on President Obama's dilemma regarding Wisconsin public employees. "It would be kind of difficult for President Obama to go to Wisconsin and advocate that they have these collective bargaining rights," Wallace said, "when his own federal workers don't have those same collective bargaining rights and he's done nothing to give them those rights. Also, the administration is trying to move to the center and get the independents back, and they know one of the keys is to cut government spending. It's pretty hard to defend these sweetheart deals that the public unions have that private workers would die for." The Factor added that President Obama and his team have done nothing to give federal workers more bargaining power: "The Democrats had two years under President Obama with total control of both houses of Congress to change that. It didn't happen!"

Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs entered the No Spin Zone with a brief history lesson on public worker unions. "For years it was unlawful in this country for public employees to be unionized," Dobbs reported. "The first major effort to organize public employees was in Wisconsin, which is where one hopes we will see that all change with Governor Walker prevailing, as I think he will. Franklin Roosevelt made it clear when he stated that it's an absolute conflict of interest to have public employees unionize. Why that's so elusive to the folks in Wisconsin and New York and other states is beyond me." Turning to the oil patch, Dobbs theorized that last week's price spike was artificially generated by oil traders and large oil companies. "This is a rigged game, and we have an administration that hasn't said what they're going to do about this run-up in prices."
Paul Rodriguez on the changing face of LA
The Factor invited Mexican-born comedian Paul Rodriguez to opine on that fact that nearly half of Los Angeles residents are now Hispanic. "Immigration is something that we ourselves have to be blamed for," Rodriguez stated. "It is unfair to lure people with cheap labor jobs and then punish them for coming here. A lot of us who are here are not advocating open borders; we are advocating enforcing the laws that are in place now. The only solution that is even plausible is a guest worker program - giving amnesty to people will only encourage other people to come here." The Factor delineated the enormous cost of illegal immigration: "A member of the city council said Los Angeles spends $600 million on benefits for illegal aliens, and the city's broke."
Geraldo on the Charlie Sheen situation
Geraldo Rivera weighed in on troubled actor Charlie Sheen, whose lucrative sitcom "Two and a Half Men" has been suspended by CBS. "In the short term," Rivera said, "I don't think CBS will feel any negative financial impact. The program is so successful that repeats get ratings that are comparable to the originals, so CBS saves money in the short term." Rivera suggested that Sheen is in deep trouble because some of his recent comments can be construed as anti-Jewish. "This man is a serial woman-abuser. He has shot them, he has beaten them, he has abused women in every way, and still he's been free to work his trade on the network. But now he takes this next step into anti-Semitism. You can be a woman-beater in Los Angeles, but you can not be an anti-Semite. You can hang out with hookers, you can beat 'em up, but when you start this anti-Semitic stuff, this guy will not be near mainstream television again, ever!"
Glenn Beck on Van Jones and unions
Former "green jobs czar" Van Jones' call for massive pro-union rallies Saturday has caught the attention of Glenn Beck. "He's calling for a restoration of the American dream," Beck said, "but the American dream is not the way he's talking about it. His way to restore the American dream is to get people into unions, and this is an 'emergency,' according to This will be like Woodstock, only better." The Factor predicted that the demonstrations won't get much traction: "I'm not worried about this, I don't think this sways public opinion, and these people have a perfect right to demonstrate as long as it's peaceful." Beck also criticized President Obama for his passivity on the Middle East. "There's possible genocide going on but he didn't make a statement until eight days later, and he didn't mention Muammar Qaddafi."
Ernest Borgnine on Hollywood
The Factor wrapped up the week in Los Angeles with 94-year-old actor Ernest Borgnine, who looks as shipshape as when he starred in 'McHale's Navy.' Borgnine spoke about working with Frank Sinatra in 'From Here to Eternity.' "He wasn't well liked in the front office," Borgnine said, "but he was well liked on the set. We did a scene together and from then on I loved him like a brother. He was the sweetest man in the world." Borgnine also revealed that most folks in Hollywood knew all along that Rock Hudson was gay, pointing out that Hudson "had his little coterie of boys around during the lunch hour." Finally, Borgnine attempted to define the magnitude of John Wayne's star power. "When he said jump, people said, 'how high?' He was that big. We were in the Polo Lounge together and he looked at me and said, 'Damn it, Ernie, how come we never worked together?' I said, 'because you're afraid to work with good actors. He laughed like crazy." The Factor lauded Borgnine as a great actor and a good man: "We don't do a lot of celebrity stuff, but you are a living legend. If Hollywood ever needs an ambassador, you are the guy."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Kim Campbell, Merton, WI: "Bill, I am surprised you are taking a liberal stance regarding Governor Walker's campaign against the public unions. I don't think public unions should exist."

Raymond Smith, Las Vegas, NV: "Bill, I have the sincere feeling you are trying to give honest coverage to the union controversy. You seem to understand how unfair business would treat employees without the unions."

Ken Schaub, Charleston, SC: "I don't like the idea of America grabbing heads of state for trials. That's what prevented President Bush from going to Switzerland."
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Friday's Patriot or Pinhead: Political consultant James Carville, who appears in a TV spot for Miracle Whip. Is Carville patriotic or pinheaded? You can decide by voting here on Thursday's P or P focused on former First Daughter Jenna Bush, who tried to teach her Today Show colleagues a certain dance step. Fully 75% of you said Jenna was pinheaded for subjecting viewers to the awkward routine.
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