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Thursday, May 26, 2011
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Republicans retreating over Medicare?
"Dick Morris and I had an interesting debate last night; he says the GOP should back away from Medicare reform because it is not a winning issue for them in 2012. I disagree with Morris - the GOP has to be strong in saying the national debt, driven by entitlements and wasteful spending, is putting America in grave danger. Medicare has to change or America will go bankrupt, but many Democrats will not acknowledge that. The Republican Party must convince the folks that there's a better way to meet their medical needs. Also, once the feds get the deficit spending and the debt under control, if they can, the U.S. economy will explode as confidence in our system comes back. That will lead to many more jobs and better income for workers, who in turn should be able to invest in their own medical future. That's the vision Republicans have to sell if they want to regain the White House in 2012. America's debt is the most vital issue facing the people, and you can't get the debt under control until you figure out Medicare."
Ingraham responds to MSNBC slur
MSNBC has suspended host Ed Schultz for calling Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut" on his radio show. Ingraham herself entered the No Spin Zone with her reaction. "I have to say it's sad," Ingraham began, "but I wasn't all that surprised. This is what conservative women and African American conservatives routinely deal with. I'm not good at playing the victim and anyone who wants to criticize what I have to say is fine, but those words were kind of 8th grade." The Factor lauded the new attitude apparently in effect at NBC News, now owned by Comcast: "If General Electric still owned NBC there would have been no apology because GE and Jeff Zucker encouraged this personal attack stuff, it was the only way they could get an audience. But Comcast isn't going to stand for this."
Barney Frank guilty of nepotism?
Congressman Barney Frank now admits that he once helped his then-lover Herb Moses land a lucrative job at Fannie Mae, the financial giant overseen by Frank's committee. The Factor pursued the story with two Boston radio talk show hosts. "This is not news up here," said Michael Graham. "Everybody has known about this, it's part of the culture of corruption in Massachusetts. Barney Frank opposed reform of Fannie Mae for two decades, and for seven of those years a person who benefitted directly from his opposition to reform was his live-in boyfriend." But Tom Finneran pointed out that Frank's former boyfriend was well suited for the job at Fannie Mae. "This is all a little bit queasy, but let's be fair. There was no question abut Moses' qualifications - he not only has a degree in economics, he also has an MBA from Dartmouth, and we want to get the best people into government."
Moral values poll reveals changing attitudes
When asked to rate the overall state of "moral values" in this country, only 23% of Americans say they are good or excellent, while 76% assess them as fair or poor. Culture Warriors Margaret Hoover and Gretchen Carlson responded to the poll. "The data show that people's feelings about moral values are directly related to their party affiliation," Hoover said. "Right now Democrats are feeling better about the moral values of the nation, while Republicans are feeling more negative." Carlson agreed with the majority. "I would also rate our moral values as fair or poor, maybe because I'm a parent. Television and magazines' sexual content has skyrocketed and that influences children to start sexual activity at a younger age." The Factor broadened the definition of moral values beyond sex: "When I think about moral values, I don't automatically think about x-rated movies. I think about betrayal, loyalty, lying, cheating. These are epidemic now."
Body language: Obama and Netanyahu
Tonya Reiman studied the body language of President Obama and Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu at their joint White House appearance. "They don't like each other," Reiman declared. "When you look at two people who are friends, you don't see contempt in the eyes of one of them. President Obama was staring and glaring at Netanyahu while he was squeezing his chin, and you could see the veins pulsing in his forehead and his neck. When you see something like that, it is not a friendship. They were disrespectful to one another and very confrontational." Reiman also watched tape of actress Jodie Foster defending her friend and colleague Mel Gibson. "She played with her hair for a moment, which shows that she likes Mel Gibson. She also leaned back, which is a way of distancing herself from the question."
Glenn Beck wants to save you money!
The Factor next welcomed Glenn Beck, who has been making plans for life after Fox News. "I am doing a clothing line for charity," Beck revealed, "and it will be called '1791,' which is when the Bill of Rights was passed. The clothing will have things on it to remind you to go back and be who you are supposed to be. It's a philosophy and a way of life." Beck also mentioned another new venture. "My company is doing something called 'Markdown.' It's for people who are entrepreneurs who just want to get people to try their products." The Factor, with only a hint of facetiousness, praised Beck and his efforts: "You are doing good by helping American small business people get established through the power of your website. This could be canonization for you, Beck."
Casey Anthony trial continues
Geraldo Rivera continued his coverage of the trial of Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. "Regardless of how the child died," Rivera reported, "what is being emphasized is Casey Anthony's behavior in the post-death period, and how slutty, narcissistic, and unremorseful she was. Her actions were despicable, and I am absolutely convinced that it was after the child was dead. But according to the defense, Casey Anthony had been sexually and physically abused her entire life by her dad and her brother, and she did not call 9-1-1 because she was so controlled by her father and always did what he said." Rivera refused to pre-judge Anthony's guilt or innocence, but The Factor unhesitatingly pronounced her guilty and deserving of the death penalty.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Ann Maree Beaman, Longmont, CO: "Bill we turned you off tonight because you headlined John Edwards and Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of important news."

Gil Sowders, Lehigh Acres, FL: "Morris is right! Cut entitlements like food stamps. Don't cut Medicare and Social Security. We earned it."

Arnold Schumacher, Middlebury, IN: "Morris is wrong! Medicare costs are piling up our debt."

Walter Thill, San Francisco, CA: "Jesse Watters' presentation about my city was unfair and unbalanced."
Elizabeth Smart & Kim Kardashian
Thursday's Patriot: Elizabeth Smart, who spoke out about her kidnapping ordeal And the Pinhead: Celebrity-for-some-reason Kim Kardashian, who is proudly showing off her new $2-million engagement ring.