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Friday, July 22, 2011
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Obama and O'Reilly... in agreement?
Laura began Friday's program with the debt crisis and President Obama's claim in an op-ed that his "balanced" approach is endorsed, in his words, by everyone "from Warren Buffett to Bill O'Reilly." Bill, who had the day off, phoned in to opine on the president's claim. "That op-ed is a little disingenuous," Bill began. "Everybody who watches The Factor knows that I don't want any increase in the federal income tax. What I would like is tax reform overhaul, a flat tax, and perhaps a national sales tax. So I am for revenue enhancement but not for raising income tax levels. The President didn't explain that, he's just trying to say that he's being reasonable. But I don't think he's being reasonable and he has not articulated to anyone what his vision is for getting out of this debt jam. We are running up debt of $4 billion every single day!" Bill also urged the Tea Party and conservative Republicans to "stop being pig-headed and saying they're not going to compromise, no matter what."
How Obama stacks up against the GOP in 2012
According to recent polls, President Obama is ahead of every Republican contender, but the President never gets above 50% in any matchup. Laura crunched the numbers with Democratic pollster Doug Schoen and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway. "The bottom line," Schoen conceded, "is that the President's numbers are under 50%. Given that elections are referenda on incumbents, right now more people are against Obama than are for him. But there is plenty of time for the numbers to change." Conway suggested that President Obama's reelection chances are fading. "If you look deeper into the polls, the story for Obama gets worse. He has a 40% approval rating among men and he's been well under 50% except for a brief 'bin Laden bump' in the spring. I find it remarkable that he is below 50% against any Republican." Schoen ended the segment with an ominous prediction, saying "there is going to be a vicious and negative campaign from a President who can't make a positive argument."
Bachmann migraines: Legitimate story?
The mainstream media has taken a sudden interest in Michele Bachmann's migraine headaches. Laura pursued the headache issue with Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel. "These are all non-doctors on TV," Siegel said, "and they don't know what they're talking about. A migraine affects 28-million people in the United States, and most of the time it's treatable by diet, by exercise, by avoiding certain foods, and sometimes we also need some medications to treat it. It's really a disgrace that the media is targeting this - I believe it's sexist and it's problematic when you consider that President Obama himself had a long history of smoking. Where's the demand that he get a cardiac workup? This is a deliberate attempt to undermine her candidacy and assassinate her character." Laura concurred that the media's focus is biased and inappropriate: "You could hear the collective scream from women across the United States asking, how dare you go down this road?"
Legal victory for "Ground Zero Mosque"
Muslims who want to build a mosque near Ground Zero won a legal victory when a judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a New York City firefighter. Laura introduced Bill's interview with attorney Adam Letitman Bailey, who represents the Muslim developers. "It's time to build," Bailey declared. "Now that we've won the case, we have to demolish the existing building and then construction will begin - we have enough money to demolish the building but not enough to build the new one. Most importantly, we now have freedom of religion thanks to the court decision." Despite the legal outcome, Bill insisted that no mosque will be built in the immediate vicinity of Ground Zero: "You must know that I predicted the mosque will never be built. I don't believe there is a construction crew in New York or New Jersey that will come and help you build it, no one is going to pick up a hammer. I may be wrong, but I flat-out predict that you're not going to get this thing built. And if your clients were really sensitive to the suffering of the 9/11 families, they would move it three blocks away."
Chris Brown, Patriot??
Friday's Patriot or Pinhead: Rapper Chris Brown, who apparently wants to call a truce with Laura, who criticized the profane singer in her new book. Brown sent this message to Laura via Twitter: "much love and respect to you and all you do in your life! â?¦ when you make a mistake in life I hope you have people there to uplift you and support you for trying to be better!" Laura left it up to viewers to decide whether Brown is sincere.