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Monday, October 3, 2011
The Factor Rundown
Shocking verdict: Amanda Knox cleared of murder in Italy
Guest: Judge Andrew Napolitano

An Italian appeals court overturned the murder conviction of 24-year-old American Amanda Knox, who has served three years of a 26 year sentence in Perugia on charges she killed her roommate while studying abroad.

Judge Napolitano explained how the appeals process in Italy differs from our own: it is essentially a whole new trial with another judge and another jury. As for the DNA evidence, Judge Napolitano claimed it never would have met standards in the U.S. and should never have been introduced at Ms. Knox's trial.

Asked what the most damning piece of evidence against Ms. Knox was at the first trial, the Judge told the Factor it had actually been her own words. After 56 hours of interrogation without an attorney and denying any involvement, the police asked her to provide a hypothetical whereby she would have been involved and she obliged.

According to the judge, Ms. Knox was probably at the crime scene and probably knows what happened, but since the prosecution couldn't prove it, he felt it was better a guilty woman go free than be convicted on pure emotion.

The Factor concurred that Amanda Knox likely knows what happened on the night British student Meredith Kercher was murdered; therefore, we shouldn't really be happy with this outcome since a terrible crime is unsolved.
Rick Perry attacked for alleged racial slur
Guest: Brit Hume

"As we all know, the economy's bad and getting worse. Not a good thing for President Obama as he approaches three years in office...The private marketplace has lost confidence in the Obama administration's economic policies. It's as simple as that. Therefore, the Democrats have a huge problem. How can they re-elect Mr. Obama if the economy is so terrible?"

A clip of Gov. Martin O'Malley (D-MA), an uber-liberal, laid out the Democrats' plan: Mr. Obama will continue to demonize former President Bush while putting forth that more federal spending will create jobs and the evil Republicans are blocking that effort.

TP continued: "Talking Points doesn't believe the Democrats are in a strong position because the debt is too much and blaming Mr. Bush is just too old. But...we have become a nation of excuse-makers...Our culture has shifted from personal responsibility to it's somebody else's fault if I don't do well. Admitting mistakes is hard but it's necessary if you want to solve problems. So far the Obama administration has not admitted to many mistakes."

On the Rick Perry controversy: The Washington Post reports that a hunting camp the Texas Governor and his father leased in the 1980s had a racial slur painted on a rock outside the front gate. The slur has now been painted over.

Brit argued the story, based on a bunch of anonymous sources, isn't as big a deal as The Washington Post made it out to be since the property was leased by Mr. Perry and not owned. However, he contended it won't be good for Mr. Perry because he's being forced to talk about this instead of issues concerning American voters.

The Factor wondered if The Washington Post wasn't hunting, pun intended, for a Rick Perry controversy.

Finally, Brit put forth that it may have been a mistake for fellow Republican contender Herman Cain to bring this up as an issue because many conservatives who aren't racist won't think Gov. Perry deserves heat for this. The Factor wholeheartedly agreed.
Are Obama's class warfare attacks actually working?
Guest: Juan Williams

President Obama and the Democrats see an advantage to dividing Americans along money lines. A new Washington Post poll asked who is helping the haves over the have-nots: 47% of respondents said the Republicans, 15% said the Obama administration.

The Factor maintained that independents don't like this class warfare stuff. Juan strongly disagreed, insisting the majority of Americans, when polled by Fox News, said the Obama administration's class warfare strategy is hopeful rather than divisive.

On the Rick Perry race controversy, Juan asserted Herman Cain was right to make this an issue because Gov. Perry should not have allowed himself to be surrounded by something with that racial slur on it. He should have demanded the rock be covered or painted over immediately. The Factor defended Gov. Perry, saying he may deserve the benefit of the doubt on this murky story.
Chaos and mass arrests at Wall Street protest
Guests: Alexis McGill Johnson & Tobin Smith

Large protests against capitalism and the establishment in general continue in New York City. Ms. Johnson called the protests a legitimate form of civil disobedience for people who are enraged with the current economic situation, but denied that their end-goal was to tear down capitalism. The Factor rejected that point: "They want a quasi-socialistic system like Europe or a real socialist system like Cuba."

Tobin Smith called the protests "organized mayhem" by some unemployed bohemians who have nothing better to do.
Is Andy Rooney's "60 Minutes" departure a good thing for America?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg

Andy Rooney, a CBS icon, signed off of "60 Minutes" after decades of commentary. Bernie Goldberg, who used to work at CBS, acknowledged Mr. Rooney may be beloved by millions, but his memories of CBS' resident curmudgeon are not fond ones. Bernie described an incident where Rooney outed Dan Rather as a transparent liberal on a news program, but then Rooney recanted under pressure from CBS executives, apologized and said he would have been better off lying when it comes to media bias.

The Factor conveyed his respect for Andy Rooney, calling him an honest guy.
Reality Check: A new Ray Stevens song mocks the president
Check 1: The Factor has some final thoughts on the Amanda Knox trial: Sensational crime cases like the ones involving Ms. Knox and Casey Anthony are not good for us. We need to respect the system, but if something doesn't add up, it's alright to have a strong opinion.

Check 2: ABC News' Jake Tapper said Mitt Romney is the only one in the field of GOP contenders who is running a general election campaign at this point by trying to appeal to independents.

Check 3: Parody singer Ray Stevens has a new song out skewering President Obama's handling of the economy. You can check it out on

Check 4: A 29-year-old deaf woman cried after hearing her own voice for the first time, thanks to a new medical advancement.

Check 5: The world's largest bikini parade unfolded on the Gold Coast of Australia, breaking a world record.

Check 6: The Factor expressed his gratitude for everyone supporting his new book "Killing Lincoln."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
T. Pauline Jones, San Antonio, TX: "Mr. O, thanks for the Jesse Watters segment on the New York protesters. I had a divine laugh over that comedy."

Mel Fulkerson, Deary, ID: "Bill, you are very wrong about the killing of al-Awlaki. President Obama just became an executioner of an American citizen."

Lee Schnabel, Santiago, Chile: "Bill, thanks for standing up for the Iranian pastor [who is sentenced to death for refusing to disavow Jesus]. Your willingness to draw attention to the story makes me proud to be a viewer of the no spin zone."
The Danish government
Nanny state alert! In Denmark, they've instituted a new tax on foods considered full of fat. Before the law was passed on Saturday, Danes rushed to the store to get their fill of cheap pizzas, butter and cheese. The Factor's take: "The Danish government is pinheaded for trying to manage every aspect of people's lives."