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Friday, October 14, 2011
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Pres. Obama's first 1,000 days
"Monday marks 1,000 days of the Obama presidency, so let's do a no spin assessment of his tenure so far. The two most important issues are the economy and fighting terrorism. On the latter the President has done well - bin Laden and other Al Qaeda big shots are dead and bad guys all over the world are on the run. Gitmo remains open and a number of terror plots have been foiled. But on the economic side things remain dismal. Since the President has been in office, the national debt has increased by $4.2 trillion. 2.2 million jobs have been lost on President Obama's watch, 3 million more Americans live in poverty and there have been 4 million bankruptcies. The President's strategy is to stimulate the economy by spending even more on infrastructure jobs, and he will try to convince you that things could be a heck of a lot worse. He continues to raise an astounding amount of money, even though his job approval ratings continue to fall. So, after 1,000 days on the job, the President is much weaker than when he started, but he still has a fighting chance to be reelected. The Republican challenger will have a lot of economic ammunition, but he or she should be ready for political war."
Is Rick Perry being attacked for his faith?
Rick Perry's wife Anita has complained that her husband is being "brutalized" by his Republican rivals and the media because of his Christian faith. The Factor asked former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee about Mrs. Perry's allegation. "Rick Perry's numbers are down," Huckabee said, "because his debate performances have been less than spectacular, and any time you're part of a candidate's family it hurts when you see things not going well. Rick Perry started at the top and he's plummeted since then. I've been in Texas and the buzz there is not about their governor, it's about Herman Cain." Huckabee also tried to explain Herman Cain's remarkable surge. "He talks the language of people who understand that he's talking to them. He's a great communicator, he's winsome, and he's likeable." The Factor criticized Rick Perry for continually spurning invitations to be interviewed: "He should be sitting here tonight. I don't understand it, he can handle it."
Glenn Beck on the Wall Street protests
The Factor welcomed Glenn Beck, who warned that Occupy Wall Street protesters are a harbinger of more unrest. "I have talked about the coming insurrection for a long time," Beck said, "and this is the beginning. I don't know if this particular protest will hang on through the cold months or how it will mutate, but take these people seriously - they are calling for revolution and talking about how they are going to collapse the system. This involves the SEIU, the AFL-CIO and all kinds of groups that were paying people to come protest against Wall Street and the banks. The leaders of this movement have said they are not out to reform the system, they want to collapse it. There will be violence and chaos in the street."
Geraldo confronted by angry protesters
Geraldo Rivera, who spent part of the week mingling with the Occupy Wall Street protesters, entered the No Spin Zone with his analysis. "Glenn Beck's statements were harsh at best," Rivera said, "and paranoid or delusional at worst. He is totally blowing this out of proportion - I don't think anyone is in charge of this, it is totally organic. Having seen the protesters up close and personal, I can report that the vast majority of them are white guys in their early 20's who live in their mother's basement. You have to recognize that there is real frustration out there, real fear that they're not going to get a job. College kids are graduating into the most bleak job market in decades." The Factor reminded Rivera that "college graduate unemployment in the USA is 4.5%, which is very low."
Media's biased coverage of protests
After portraying the Tea Party protests as hateful and even racist, the mainstream media have generally heaped praise on the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Factor explored the double standard with Tim Graham of the conservative Media Research Center. "In the first eleven days of these protests," Graham reported, "there were 33 stories on the morning and evening network shows. When you look at the Tea Party back in 2009, we counted 13 stories in the entire year! It's absolutely ideological - the media is trying to inject some energy on the left by saying we have a growing protest movement and anything negative has been whitewashed right out." The Factor lamented the continuing decline of American journalism: "I've come to the conclusion that there will never be media fairness in the country again. It's done!"
Is the AARP trying to scare seniors?
The Factor welcomed Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs, who opined on AARP's new TV ad warning about Medicare and Social Security cuts. "AARP is spending all of this money," Dobbs complained, "while they could be doing responsible work and talking about sustainable benefits and entitlements. This is a tremendously wealthy organization that sustains itself on health insurance and life insurance - they've got hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. And the AARP magazine always features left-wingers." Dobbs turned to former Obama aide Rahm Emanuel, who staunchly defended the federal government's loans to alternative energy companies. "Those loans and guarantees to 'green' companies," Dobbs said, "are all directed to Obama's contributors and donors." The Factor groused that the government "takes our tax dollars and plays like it's Las Vegas, they're gambling."
Dumbest Things: Bill on Letterman
FNC's Arthel Neville and Greg Gutfeld evaluated Bill's Thursday night guest shot on David Letterman's show. "Your appearance was funny and entertaining," Neville said, "but you were bagging on the mayor of New York City. You'd better give his favorite charity a lot of money so he doesn't kick you out of town." Gutfeld took umbrage at the fact that both Bill and Dave joked about the vertically-challenged Mayor Bloomberg. "Here were two individuals of different political stripes uniting together to bash little people. As a little person, I have to speak up. I buy my pants at babyGap." The Factor reported that the appearance paid off, saying, "Right after the appearance my book 'Killing Lincoln' moved up to #2 at"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Joseph Gurdock, San Francisco, CA: "I am a registered independent who voted for Obama. But I would vote for Cain next time. He's the only one who has a reform plan."

Charles Talley, Hohenwald, TN: "Bill, I agree with you about Governor Perry. His stance on illegal immigration caused his downfall."

Egon Martinovsky, Palm Beach, FL: "Sorry, Bill, but President Obama has a direct connection to the anti-Wall Street mobs."

Andrea Stahl, Marengo, IL: "Bill, loved watching you spar with Letterman last night. He came across as a blooter."
Muppet wisdom
Friday's Patriots: The Muppets, who have a new video spot urging people not to talk or text while watching a movie in the theater.
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