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Monday, November 14, 2011
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The Penn State child molestation scandal
Guests: Juan Williams & Janine Turner

"All Americans should be horrified and a bit sad by the situation unfolding at Penn State University. 84-year-old football coach Joe Paterno has been fired for failing to take aggressive action against one of his former assistants whom a grand jury has indicted on forty counts of child sexual abuse. Paterno says he notified college officials when he was told Jerry Sandusky was seen molesting a child, but did not call the cops. That is unacceptable. If you hear or see about any child being physically abused in any way, you have an obligation to aggressively protect that child. That means Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary, who testified that he did see Sandusky molesting a little boy in a locker room shower, should have immediately stopped that abuse. Penn State has finally done the right thing by cleaning house, but what about these moronic students who caused a near-riot when objecting to Paterno being dismissed? Do they have no sense of decency? The fact that Sandusky was given $100,000 bail and no ankle bracelet is also a disgrace. The bigger picture here is that child molesters and rapists are the lowest form of life. You may remember The Factor went on a huge campaign to have Jessica's Law passed in all 50 states. Pennsylvania has a watered down version: a 10-year mandatory sentence for child rape on the first offense; if you do it again you get 25 years. But that's ridiculous! Why give a child predator a second chance? There should be no second chances for child rapists and no quarter for people who do not act aggressively against them"

The Factor continued with actress and radio talk show host Janine Turner and FNC's Juan Williams. "You and I are on the same page," Williams said. "Child predators are the lowest form of life and the damage they do is incredible. But the kids at Penn State say Joe Paterno opened up a building here and they somehow excuse what is morally inexcusable." Turner denounced the religious-like cult of big-time college football. "It disturbs me how America is so infatuated with football that the lines of reason and moral integrity get blurred. And it starts at the top - if Joe Paterno and the heads of the school weren't going to take it seriously, then why should the kids take it seriously?" The Factor added that some large organizations, notably the Catholic Church, have their priorities skewed: "We saw time and time again that bishops and cardinals put the church's reputation above the welfare of children."
Perry and Cain fading as Romney and Gingrich rise
Guest: Karl Rove

There has been movement in the Republican presidential race, with Herman Cain and Rick Perry losing ground while Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich gain momentum. The Factor asked Fox News analyst Karl Rove whether Cain has been permanently damaged by charges of inappropriate behavior. "If he can ride this out for another week the topic may turn elsewhere," Rove replied, "but substantial damage will have been done to his prospects because the doubts will remain." Rove also highlighted a fact he finds extremely significant. "The most important thing of the past few days," he said, "is President Obama's approval rating on the economy, which is at just 34%. People have watched the President with a Democratic Congress in '09 and '10 doing everything he wanted to do and the economy didn't improve like he said it would."
Cities finally fed up with 'Occupy' hooligans
Guest: Brit Hume

After assaults and robberies at various "Occupy" protests, some cities have begun to clear out the demonstrators. FNC's Brit Hume theorized that Democrats will be damaged by the movement. "Some Democrats thought this would be the great battery of energy to power the party and its ideas," Hume said, "but it hasn't worked out that way. It doesn't help the President and Democrats if their theme is being articulated by street protesters whose operations have been shut down because of squalor and violence. My view is that 'Occupy Wall Street' is a definite net minus for Democrats." The Factor reported that "even Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland, and you don't get more left-wing, says they have to get out, they're destroying the city."
Gabby Giffords interviewed for the first time since the shooting
Guest: Diane Sawyer

For the first time since she was shot in the head in January, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords sat down for a television interview. The Factor was joined by ABC's Diane Sawyer, who conducted that interview in Arizona. "She has words, she can talk, she understands what you're saying," Sawyer reported. "You can see her communicating to you through her eyes while she's spending the time to get the words she wants to say. The bullet simply eradicated certain words and she's practicing every day." Sawyer added that Giffords will eventually decide whether to continue in office. "She is absolutely aware of the distance she has traveled but the distance she still has to go. She says that she will make the decision when it's time."
Media lobbing softballs to Pres. Obama
Guest: Bernie Goldberg

Some conservatives have denounced CBS anchor Scott Pelley, who got into a contentious back-and-forth with Newt Gingrich during Saturday night's debate. But Fox News analyst Bernie Goldberg opined that Pelley did nothing wrong. "Scott Pelley just asked whether Gingrich would sign off on killing a suspected terrorist," Goldberg said, "and I am still trying to figure out why all my conservative friends think Pelley was wrong. He asked a legitimate question and he asked follow-ups." Goldberg turned to CNN correspondent Dan Lothian, who posed a question to President Obama about GOP candidates who don't believe waterboarding is torture. Lothian actually asked the President whether he thinks the Republicans are "uniformed, out of touch, or irresponsible." "When I first saw this," Goldberg said, "I thought it was a Saturday Night Live comedy routine. President Obama even looked embarrassed by the question. That was the most ridiculous question I have ever had by a regular reporter from a mainstream news outlet!"
Reality Check
As mentioned in the previous segment, Newt Gingrich and Scott Pelley engaged in a verbal tiff over the rights of suspected terrorists. The Factor's Check: "Shouldn't Congress define the 'enemy combatant' concept into clear language? We're fighting a worldwide terrorist threat that doesn't acknowledge any rules, and it's long past time to formalize our response." Also, some media outlets have gleefully - and falsely - reported that Bill's book "Killing Lincoln" is not being sold at Ford's Theater because of factual errors. The Factor's Check: "The director of the Ford's Theater Society issued a statement saying the book 'is available for sale in our shop.' In 325 pages, there are four minor misstatements, all of which have been corrected. That's a pretty good record, even for nitpickers who want to hurt the book. And by the way, there are now more than one-million copies in print. We understand that our enemies are full of rage at that success and that the media lies at will. 'Killing Lincoln' is an honest book that you will enjoy and learn from, and all the guttersniping in the world won't change that."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
James McAdory, London, England: "It's sad that Joe Paterno was fired but no one should ever turn away from a child being abused. I hope we all learn from this."

Dr. Greg Wicks, Vancouver, Canada: "Bill, I am very impressed that you made the correct prediction about violence in the Occupy Wall Street movement."

Connie and Dave Antler, Morelia, Mexico: "Bill, if you come down here you will change your mind about Mexico."
Justin Timberlake
Monday's Patriot: Singer Justin Timberlake, who attended the Marine Corps Ball over the weekend after being invited by Corporal Kelsey DeSantis via a YouTube video.