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Monday, November 29, 2004
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John Kerry comments have the Factor annoyed
"John Kerry recently complimented his campaign workers, saying they 'countered the attacks from big news organizations such as Fox.' Can you believe this guy? 80 percent of the media favored him, and he's whining about Fox. That sound bite demonstrates why Senator Kerry lost--he's clueless. Also, Tom Brokaw is leaving the NBC anchor chair this week. In an interview he went out of his way to disparage The Factor and understated the size of our audience. There is no question that the traditional network news operations fear Fox News. We provide analysis in a very complicated world, and we have the time to do that. We are living in a dangerous and complicated world, and straight talk is desperately needed--that's not something network news is good at. I respect the old guard, but their days of dominance are over."
How the media affects you
Guests: Dr. Robert Thompson, Director of the Center for the Study of Popular TV at Syracuse University.
David Blum; Author of "Tick, Tick, Tick: The Long Life and Turbulent Times of 60 Minutes"

How will Americans be affected by the departure of network news anchors Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw? David Blum, author of a book about "60 Minutes," told The Factor the changing of the guard would hardly be noticed. "The evening news is no longer where people are getting their headlines," Blum said. "The networks just need to find a new way to get people to view them." Professor Robert Thompson of Syracuse University had a different take: "This is the end of the Rather era and the Brokaw era, but my guess is the people taking their places may be there just as long. There's no sign that the evening news is going away." The Factor contended the influence of network news is negligible and will continue its decline. "You've got the Internet, you've got talk radio, you don't need that service. The writing is on the wall."

Investigation into insurgent's death by marine
Guest: Colonel David Hunt; Fox News Military Analyst

The military is still investigating the case of the US Marine who shot and killed a wounded insurgent in Fallujah. Fox News analyst Colonel David Hunt has been investigating the incident. "He's a great kid and a great Marine," Hunt said about the unnamed 25-year old. "He did exactly the right thing. He shot someone who moved, in his opinion." Colonel Hunt added the military is still deciding how to handle the case. In a poll of The Factor audience, an overwhelming 98 percent said the Marine should not be prosecuted.

Medical marijuana legal?
Guest: Angel Raich

The medical use of marijuana is legal in California and some other states, but the US Supreme Court is hearing a case that could overturn those laws. 39-year old Angel Raich of Oakland, who has a brain tumor, told The Factor that marijuana is a medical necessity. "It helps me with my pain, has stabilized my tumor, and is doing a wonderful job of combating all of my conditions." The Factor noted some doctors are abusing the law by prescribing marijuana indiscriminately. "People like you who need it are exploited by people who just want to get high." Raich agreed, but predicted the Supreme Court will rule in the favor of her and others who use marijuana for purely medical reasons.

American's immigration to Canada
Guest: Rudy Kischer; Canadian Immigration Lawyer

In the wake of President Bush's victory, some Americans who opposed his election are reportedly considering moving to Canada. Canadian immigration lawyer Rudy Kischer explained the requirements for becoming a legal resident. "It takes about a year and a half," Kischer said, "and you have to meet certain qualifications. We're looking for people who are economically able to establish in Canada. They have to have a college education, four years of work experience, and be fluent in English." Kischer confirmed he's seen a surge in interest since the election.

Is Donald Rumsfeld doing a good job?
Guests: Richard Perle; Former Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Reagan
Doug Bandow; Former Special Assistant to President Reagan and co-author of the book "The Korean Conundrum"

Is Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld doing a good job running the war in Iraq? The Cato Institute's Doug Bandow asserted Rumsfeld "was very good in terms of planning the war, but not nearly as well prepared for the occupation. It's not clear there is an exit strategy, a strategy for bringing real elections." Former Defense Department official Richard Perle agreed mistakes were made, but not by Rumsfeld. "We should have handed the keys to the Iraqis," Perle said. "Instead we embarked on what became an extended occupation. That was not Don Rumsfeld's decision. It was Secretary of State Colin Powell and others who wanted the extended occupation," Perle claimed. "We're making real progress. We've already begun to turn the corner."

Cross Dressing in our schools?
Guest: Lora Stanley

As part of "spirit day," an Illinois elementary school encouraged children to dress as members of the opposite sex. School administrators wouldn't appear on The Factor, but Lora Stanley, a mother of eight, expressed her outrage. "I got a note that it was opposite sex day," Stanley told The Factor, "and decided to take action and pull my kids out to protect them from what I felt was offensive." According to Stanley, "most of the teachers were just as disgusted as I was."

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