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Thursday, February 9, 2012
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Are we losing freedom in America?
Guest: Laura Ingraham

"Millions of Americans are angry because the Obama administration is forcing them to buy government mandated health insurance. Also, the feds want us to pay a huge amount of estate tax, intruding on family legacies. And now freedom of religion is in question because the Obama administration is ordering religious-based institutions to cover birth control in their insurance plans. Whenever you impose anything there is an intrusion, you are being told what to do. That is why the Supreme Court is hearing the Obamacare controversy - at issue is the government attempting to control the health care industry. If Obamacare stands, your freedom in the health care area is much less than it used to be. On the upside, about 40-million Americans will get health care, much of it subsidized by the taxpayer. On the energy front, the administration wants alternative energy to take the place of fossil fuels. The feds have invested more than $90-billion in 'green' research, some of it totally down the drain like the Solyndra situation. Also, oil production is being discouraged and the pipeline from Canada has been shut down. The result - gas prices have increased by 90% of Mr. Obama's watch. And finally, there is the birth control situation. The Catholic Church doesn't believe in birth control, but the Obama administration says church-affiliated insurance plans have to cover birth control pills and even the morning after pill in some cases. That is an enormous intrusion on religion. It is clear the President believes he is absolutely correct in putting forth federal mandates that affect all of our lives. Do you feel the way Mr. Obama does? We'll find out in November."

The Factor invited conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham to opine on the birth control edict. "This says that abortifacient drugs, sterilization and all manner of birth control should be paid for by all employers in the United States," Ingraham said. "There are some reports indicating that there was a gender difference in the White House, with Valerie Jarrett and Kathleen Sebelius on the side of 'women's rights,' which is a hilarious way of framing it. This is about freedom and I think President Obama miscalculated. He is going to have to walk this back and I believe it will happen probably late on a Friday." The Factor concurred that President Obama has painted himself into a political corner: "The government is supposed to stay out of religion! For a guy who knows Catholics voted for him in 2008, he has to know this is a loser. I believe he's going to retract himself on this."
CNN commentator suspended for controversial tweet
Guest: Wayne Besen

CNN's Roland Martin, never reluctant to accuse others of bigotry, has been suspended for tweeting comments that were perceived as anti-gay. Gay rights advocate Wayne Besen entered the No Spin Zone and endorsed the suspension. "He should have been taken off the air," Besen declared, "and he should be fired for what he said. I think his tweets gave license for people to justify harming gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual people. He has a history of making anti-gay remarks." The Factor reported that Martin, whose tweets involved an underwear commercial starring soccer player David Beckham, is proclaiming his innocence: "I think Roland Martin is a moron, but he says he is being persecuted for mocking soccer players and soccer fanatics, not gays."
Mothers angry about childhood obesity awareness campaign
Guests: Gretchen Carlson & Margaret Hoover

Some moms are taking issue with an anti-obesity campaign in Georgia, so The Factor invited Culture Warriors Margaret Hoover and Gretchen Carlson to weigh in. "Some of these moms say we should feel sorry for kids who are fat," Carlson reported, "and that this will further stigmatize them. I was a chubby kid, I struggled with my weight every day, and I say thank God they're doing an ad like that. This is a life-threatening issue for our kids, who are getting fatter and fatter." Hoover elaborated on the mothers' objection. "These moms got together and they have generated 23-million impressions on Twitter. Their message is that this is shaming kids and that is not a motivator for becoming skinny." The Factor concluded that the issue is exceptionally thorny: "Some people put on weight easier than others, some people are lazy, and some people just want to be fat. We don't have a right to intrude unless it intrudes on us, and it does in the health care industry."
Sex week at Yale University
Guest: Jesse Watters

Factor producer Jesse Watters headed north to Yale University, where "sex week" is in, shall we say, full swing. Here are some of the comments he elicited from students at the elite Ivy League school: "There's a lot of sexual repression in America right now and a lot of people support the right to express themselves" ... "I'm not much of a player, as it were" ... "I feel like this could actually play a large part in our foreign policy. If we send some of our sex-educated next generation to Iran, maybe we can sway their top-ranking politicians." Safely back home from his exploration of the sybaritic, Watters entered the No Spin Zone. "Some of the seminars they have," he reported, "have names that I'm not even allowed to say on the air. They also have a porn star lecture, they have sex-blogging workshops, and they have the history of drag queens. It's crazy!"
What will the Supreme Court do about California gay marriage?
Guest: Megyn Kelly

Now that a liberal judicial panel has overturned California's ban on same-sex marriage, Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly looked ahead to a possible showdown in the Supreme Court. "I don't know whether this is going to wind its way up to the Supreme Court," she speculated, "because these judges crafted a pretty narrow opinion. It's not a broad-based opinion saying the Constitution affords gays a fundamental right to marry - that would make its way to the Supreme Court, but this is very limited." The Factor complained about judicial activism, saying, "The judges basically overturned the will of the people for no reason."
News Quiz: Singing Edition
Guests: Martha MacCallum & Steve Doocy

Martha MacCallum and Steve Doocy tested their knowledge of America's greatest vocalists. Among the questions: "Which song was Elvis' first # 1 hit?" ... "What did Aretha Franklin sing at Barack Obama's inauguration?" ... "What song title is engraved on Frank Sinatra's tombstone?" Doocy was himself singing a merry tune after coming from behind for a one-point victory, giving him the overall lead in the 2012 standings.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Annette Johnson, Tucson, AZ: "I am sick of hearing that most Catholic women use birth control. So what? The government should not force the Church to assist people in going against its teaching."

Tracy Weisz, Bullhead City, AZ: "As a Christian, I say give people birth control to prevent abortion."

Patrick Brazil, Puyallup, WA: "Good job, Bill, keeping that Unitarian minister from spinning the conversation into 'women's rights.' She couldn't answer the freedom of religion question."
Kylie Bisutti
Thursday's Patriot: Model Kylie Bisutti, who is quitting her gig with Victoria's Secret because the near-nudity clashes with her Christian faith.