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Monday, February 13, 2012
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Obama unveils new budget with massive deficit
Guests: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham

"President Obama has unveiled his new budget, which calls for $1.3 trillion in deficit spending. Financial ruin comes from spending more money than you have, yet President Obama continues to do that, opining that he'll eventually decrease deficit spending by taxing the rich. That is a myth - spending is so far out of control that you can't even dent the debt by raising taxes on the affluent. Unfortunately, many Americans don't even care about this vital issue. To those folks I point to Greece, where over the weekend protesters tried to destroy that troubled country. Why? Because the government is cutting entitlements to save itself from default. Talking Points believes the American economic machine is still strong, unlike Greece, but there is no question that President Obama's policies are putting our currency at great risk. If the dollar collapses, all of our personal assets will be in jeopardy. I go back to the facts: America will soon owe more than $16 trillion but Mr. Obama is not making drastic spending cuts. Does that sound like a good policy to you?"

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew made the Sunday talk show rounds to defend the President's budget as fiscally sound. The Factor invited Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams to opine. "Jack Lew is saying we're going to grow our way out of this problem," Williams said. "This economy was in a far deeper recession than anyone knew and even the most aggressive deficit hawk doesn't say Obama could have cut the deficit during that period." Ham was far less charitable toward the President and his budget. "This is his chance to put forth his vision in sort of a fantasy world where he doesn't have to count on this passing. His vision is that even if he gets to jack up the tax rates as much as he wants, he still can't come close to paying for what he wants." The Factor concluded that "President Obama has not kept his promise to cut the deficit in half and this budget increases the debt by $1.3 trillion!"
How badly did the contraception controversy hurt Obama?
Guest: Brit Hume

The Factor asked Fox News political analyst Brit Hume whether President Obama has been damaged by the feud with the Catholic Church over birth control. "My sense about this issue," Hume said, "is that while the President may have fired up some of his base by guaranteeing 'free' contraception to all, the intensity of the issue is on the side of those who are worried about religious freedom. I think that will continue to haunt the President." Hume also addressed the difficulty of cutting entitlements. "People don't know they want or need a particular benefit, but once it arrives they begin to make use of it and plan their lives around it. Taking it away is the hardest thing in politics, much harder than going to war or raising taxes."
Beck says Obama is attacking religion
Guests: Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, who has been warning his Internet viewers that there is an escalating war on religion, entered the No Spin Zone to explain. "There is a war," Beck insisted, "and it's not just on faith, but also on conscience. There's an attack telling us exactly what to believe and what to do. Why should the Catholic Church have to pay for someone's abortion pills? That violates everything you might believe in. Faith is under attack and we have to stand together." The Factor theorized that progressivism and religion are natural enemies, saying, "Secularism attacks organized religion because in order to advance things like abortion and gay marriage you have to diminish the opposition."
Investigating Media Matters
Guest: Tucker Carlson

The far left website Media Matters, funded in part by George Soros, vows to spend $20 million to help reelect President Obama. The Factor was joined by Tucker Carlson, who has been investigating the organization. "They get their money from big Democratic donors," Carlson reported, "and they have been colluding with the White House. The head of Media Matters, David Brock, met with the President's advisor Valerie Jarrett in the White House." Carlson elaborated on the close ties between Media Matters and MSNBC. "The line we had from someone who worked at Media Matters was, 'We basically write their prime time.' It's dishonest, it's collusion that takes place behind the scenes and viewers don't know it." The Factor tore into MSNBC for relying so heavily on Media Matters: "MSNBC pretty much takes whatever Media Matters puts out, which is propaganda, and they just throw it on the air."
How did the media cover the birth control story?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg

FNC analyst Bernie Goldberg added his perspective to the revelations about Media Matters. "This is about corruption," he declared. "This is an organization that masquerades as a 'media watchdog' but is actually a political assassination organization. When they have ties with mainstream journalists and the White House, that's a problem." The Factor also asked Goldberg to analyze coverage of the controversy involving religious organizations and birth control. "When this story broke," Goldberg said, "it took CBS News ten days to report anything, and it took ABC and NBC seventeen days. There are certain things that are in the blind spot of liberal journalists - when it's important to them and their liberal friends it gets coverage right away; when it doesn't fit into that category they don't even know it exists."
The death of Whitney Houston
The Factor delivered this commentary on the death of Whitney Houston: "Ms. Houston was one of the most successful singers of all time, but like so many pop stars, she became addicted to drugs. She was in and out of rehab, apparently using powerful addictive narcotics like cocaine. Incredibly, singer Tony Bennett offered this solution to Ms. Houston's demise: 'Let's legalize drugs.' With all due respect to Mr. Bennett, his grasp on reality is slipping. Ms. Houston was found with a variety of legal drugs in her hotel room. The OxyContin epidemic is killing thousands of Americans; that is a legal drug available by prescription. Alcohol is legal and an estimated 10% of adults have problems with booze. So what exactly does legalizing narcotics bring us? More availability, that's what. The hard truth is that some people will always want to destroy themselves and there's nothing society can do about it. What the government can do is make it difficult to sell and use hard narcotics. I am disgusted by people who say selling narcotics is not a violent crime. Crime is driven by drug-addicted people; inner-city violence is driven by drug sellers. Drugs are dangerous and legalizing them will have all kinds of unintended consequences. What happened to Whitney Houston is awful and I said a prayer for her last night, but her death should at least start people thinking."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Deborah, North Carolina: "It drives me crazy that parents are blamed for their kids' obesity. My daughter chooses to be overweight. I've sent her to psychiatrists, forced her to exercise, and even hidden food. I've done everything I can."

Mike Harris, Birmingham, AL: "An obesity epidemic? Looks like a lifestyle choice to me."

Roy Andersen, Raleigh, NC: "Hey, Bill, you should have included Patsy Cline in the news quiz about great American singers."

Jacob Cossman, Cleveland, OH: "I'm disappointed that Metallica wasn't in the quiz."
The Beach Boys
Monday's Patriots: The Beach Boys, who got together for a set at Sunday night's Grammy Awards fifty years after they first sent out those good vibrations.