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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
The Factor Rundown
Why no American should pay a penny more in taxes
Guests: Margie Omero & Kirsten Powers

"President Obama continues to urge higher taxes on the affluent, but he also continues to expand the federal government in record-breaking ways. Since the President has been in office, about 147,000 government employees have been added to the payroll and waste has reached epidemic proportions. Jeffrey Neely of the General Services Administration may have taken 131 trips on the taxpayer dime, and he was also behind the outrageous $823,000 Las Vegas junket. So Mr. President, you're telling me I should pay more taxes so Jeffrey can run around the world jumping into hot tubs? The federal government needs to be downsized and reorganized - if it isn't Secret Service guys chasing hookers, it's bankrupt solar energy companies or studies that put shrimp on a treadmill. It is beyond galling to hear the Democratic Party pound the table for more tax dollars in light of what's happening. I think God sent us Jeffrey Neely, the Deity allowed government investigators to uncover what that guy was doing. If voters still don't understand the giant con that is going on at the federal level, we deserve to be like Greece. Talking Points believes the government should respect taxpayer dollars, downsize, and transfer some power to the states. Jeffrey Neely gamed the system and we all paid for it - put him on trial."

For an opposing view, The Factor welcomed Democratic strategist Margie Omero and FNC's Kirsten Powers, also a Democrat. "You're absolutely right that this was a waste of money," Powers said, "but this is not the norm. I worked in the Clinton administration and we planned a lot of trips, but we were very careful with money. I don't think it's fair to say this is the way the government runs. We're paying for a lot of things George Bush and the Republicans ran up, it's not just Obama." Omero actually portrayed President Obama as a study in frugality. "It's important to look at the bigger picture and what President Obama has done to reduce spending on government travel, IT, real estate and printing." The Factor was totally flummoxed by Omero's assertion: "President Obama is the biggest spending president Obama of all time, no one is even close. And you're telling me I should be impressed by his cutting?"
Dick Morris on independent voters in the 2012 election
Guest: Dick Morris

Which candidate will independent voters back in November? The Factor posed that question to political strategist Dick Morris. "A president almost always loses the undecided vote," Morris stated, "and historically 89% of the undecided vote goes to the challenger. Obama is polling at 45% so people say it's a 45 - 45 race, but he's only going to get about 43% or 44%. This is going to be a 14-point blowout for Romney." The Factor wasn't buying Morris's prophecy: "People have a lot of questions about Mitt Romney, who is the most undefined challenger I've seen in my lifetime. So I think there's uncertainty about who this guy is and how good a president he might be."
Abu Ghraib-like photos emerge from Afghanistan
Guest: Laura Ingraham

Despite pleas from the Pentagon, The Los Angeles Times published photos showing U.S. soldiers posing with the dismembered bodies of suicide bombers in Afghanistan. Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham hammered the Times and its editors. "Long gone are the days when the U.S. government could expect the media to rally behind the troops," she groused, "especially during a long military engagement that is very unpopular. I would not have published the photos - you can describe them without giving the photographic evidence. Hanging soldiers out to dry because they posed for a few pictures is not helpful." The Factor worried that this incident is part of a wider pattern: "We had the sergeant who killed 17 Afghan civilians and Marines were urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban soldiers. So it looks like discipline is breaking down and it's a wider story that Americans need to know about."
The Factor criticizes Al Sharpton on the Trayvon Martin case
Guest: Juliet Huddy

After Bill criticized Al Sharpton for making irresponsible accusations in the Trayvon Martin case, Sharpton said he has nothing for which to apologize. Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy opined on the back-and-forth. "As a respected leader within the African American community," Huddy said, "he has the ability to reach people. And when he talks about the 'murder weapon' and calls it a 'hate crime,' he has publicly convicted George Zimmerman without any trial. This is irresponsible." Obviously, The Factor agreed, saying, "I think Sharpton knows exactly why I came down on him and exactly what he should apologize for." Huddy also watched tape of the Illinois couple who won more than $100,000,000 in the lottery. "They're regular folks with grandkids," she reported, "and they're going to invest the money and not going to have the 'lotto curse.' I'm happy for them."
Dennis Miller on the Secret Service scandal
Guest: Dennis Miller

The Factor invited Dennis Miller, who really needs no invitation, to comment on the Secret Service agents who hired hookers in Cartagena, Colombia. "This story reeks of nostalgia for me," Miller quipped, "because when I first moved to L.A. I joined a bowling team called the Cartagena Hookers. We used to set up way outside and hook the ball in like Johnny Petraglia. But the agents get confused because when they go down to South America with different presidents the rules change. If you did this under Clinton you were in line for the Presidential Medal of Freedom." Miller also had some unsolicited advice for President Obama. "The President has to pull it together - you've got this GSA snafu, the Secret Service is getting it on in Cartagena, gas prices have doubled, we have an 8.2% unemployment rate, and federal employees owe $1 billion in back taxes. Tighten it up over there, baby, it's getting sloppy."
How should Romney handle immigration reform?
Guest: Karl Rove

Finally, Fox News analyst Karl Rove laid out a strategy by which Mitt Romney could win some Hispanic votes. "He has to realize," Rove said, "that Hispanic voters have the same concerns that the rest of Americans do - they're worried about the prosperity of the country and what Obamacare is going to do to them. Also, a lot of people in the Latino community are hard-nosed about border security, they believe fervently that we need to secure the borders. So Romney has that part of it covered, but he does need to show compassion with regard to the people who are already here." Rove added that President Obama's record on immigration is open to criticism. "He said he was totally in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, but he voted with the labor unions to gut reform. And as President he has never even had a significant meeting on it."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Travis Jones, Round Rock, TX: "As a black man, I was disappointed that the two liberal commentators continue to suggest that more money is the solution to pervasive poverty. If that were true it would have been eradicated long ago."

Mike Davis, Pekin, IL: "As a high school principal, I find it sad but true that in some homes there is a total lack of discipline and pride."

Bob Larive, Nevada City, CA: "O'Reilly, you are nuts! You want our incompetent government to control oil speculators? Let the market work."

Todd West, Duluth, GA: "Bill, you've impressed me again. It is obvious the speculation is driving gas prices up. Thanks for not backing down on the issue."
Kim Kardashian
Wednesday's Pinhead: Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian, who says she may enter local politics and run for Mayor of Glendale, California.