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Friday, May 4, 2012
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VA newspaper takes a shot at The Factor over its coverage of Norfolk assault
"We've been covering a vicious assault that took place in Norfolk, Virginia. Two reporters for the Virginian-Pilot â?" Marjon Rostami and Dave Forster â?" were driving home when a mob of African American men descended on their car. Apparently someone threw a rock at the car and Mr. Forster got out to confront the attacker. He was attacked and so was Ms. Rostami, but their own newspaper did not report the story for two weeks! The Factor has been critical of the Virginian-Pilot and believes it did not cover the story because of its racial component. Well, today a Virginian-Pilot columnist shot back at The Factor, complaining that the paper has been 'kicked in the head by everyone from Fox's Bill O'Reilly to hundreds of our readers â?¦ the reaction has been obscenely overblown.' Shockingly, some local residents don't seem surprised at all by the attack. One young man actually declared that the two reporters 'shouldn't have been there.'"

Laura asked Virginia radio talk show host Dave Parker to theorize whether the assault was motivated by racial animus. "We know is there were no racial slurs hurled at these two reporters," Parker said, "but the feelings that have been expressed have been vehement and quite loud that there were some racial overtones. And there are some things about this story that don't make sense â?" the two reporters say their car was surrounded by thirty people, but the police say there were only five people. I would trust the veracity of the reporters who were there over the investigators who were not there." Laura pointed to the obvious double standard at play: "Let's say a group of thirty white kids attacked two African American individuals and a news organizations weren't reporting on it. I have a feeling the outrage would be expressed quite vehemently."
New jobs report is underwhelming
April's unemployment rate fell to 8.1%, largely because millions of Americans have totally given up looking for work. Laura surveyed the economic landscape with Christian Dorsey, a liberal who is calling for a massive government jobs program. "We're not out of ideas," he said, "it's just we're out of political will. We've waited a long time for the private sector to generate the jobs necessary to make this a real recovery, but it hasn't happened. The time is way past due to directly create jobs so we can actually get to the business of restoring our fiscal footing." Not surprisingly, conservative Stephen Moore called that a recipe for disaster. "We have thrown everything we've got in terms of government spending. We had the stimulus, mortgage modification programs, cash-for-clunkers, and more. That deluge of government spending simply has not worked, and I would actually cut back on the spending." Laura complained that "we are buried in debt and we have less leverage everywhere in the world because of our weakened economic standing."
George Clooney hosting elite Hollywood fundraiser for Obama
As evidence that Hollywood's love affair with President Obama remains in full bloom, George Clooney is about to host a fund-raiser that will rake in an estimated $12 million for the President's campaign. Laura was joined by author James Hirsen and Democratic strategist Chris Hahn. "George Clooney is a humanitarian who travels the world for good causes," Hahn gushed, "and I think it's perfectly appropriate for the President to go out there and raise money. This is going to be a very expensive election and the President has to get all the funds he can to fight back against negative campaigning by Mitt Romney." Hirsen described Hollywood as a de facto branch of the Democratic Party. "Hollywood has been a consistent cash cow for the Democrats, and what Chris just stated is the pitch â?" that it's going to be a close election and we need your checkbooks. But the President has to be careful with his photo-ops and slow-jamming with Jimmy Fallon. This attempt to regain the 'cool factor' can undermine the seriousness of the office." Laura quipped, "Now the economy is slow-jamming, that's the problem."
Tan-loving New Jersey mother lashes out at her critics
New Jersey mom Patricia Krentcil faces criminal charges after having her 5-year-old daughter join her on a tanning bed. Geraldo Rivera entered the No Spin Zone with more on the mom, who threw a "tan-trum" as she was led away by the authorities. "This woman looks like Al Jolson singing 'Mammy,'" Rivera said, "and if it's true about what she did, she wants her child to follow in her bizarre footsteps. It's a serious thing that the child is being exposed to dangerous ultraviolet rays and could be seriously hurt. Krentcil is charged with second-degree child endangerment and is out on $25,000 bail â?" she is in a real jam and has a good chance of going to jail." Rivera also reported on Florida A&M University's tradition of hazing new members of its marching band, which led to the death of one student. "He had about thirteen kids hitting and stomping him, which is apparently one of the bizarre traditions. The young man died and now eleven of the kids are charged with third-degree felony hazing. They're really in serious trouble."
Campaign to eliminate the word
Laura introduced Bill's recent interview with Monica Novoa, a leader in the movement to do away with the word "illegal" when referring to illegal aliens. "The 'i' word is racist," Novoa declared, "and it is not language that is accurate. We can take a page from Fox News Latino, which doesn't use the 'i' word at all, which has the policy that they will not dehumanize immigrants by using that language. The first thing we need to do is put human beings at the center of the conversation - an undocumented worker should be allowed to move about in a way that will allow them to provide for their families." Bill contended that Novoa and her ideological brethren are sidestepping the facts: "You're misguided in the sense that using the description 'illegal alien' is somehow wrong. It is a federal crime to enter the United States illegally."
Are attacks on political candidates' spouses fair game?
Laura asked radio talk show hosts Leslie Marshall and Janine Turner whether it's fair to criticize Michelle Obama and Ann Romney. "I am not in favor of candidates' wives or husbands or children being attacked," Marshall declared. "They did not sign up for this, they're not running for office, and they don't dictate policy." But Turner argued that criticism comes with the territory. "When you're a president's wife or a potential president's wife, you're in a glass house. Everything you do and everything you wear is going to be critiqued, whether it's Michelle Obama's $2,000 sweater or Ann Romney's $800 shirt." Laura concluded that a spouse becomes fair game when he or she takes a stand on policy matters: "Michelle Obama was at a fundraiser this week talking about her husband's health care bill, so she has put herself out there as a policy advocate. When you do that you can't expect to be shielded from political criticism."
Motor City Madman gets mad
Friday's Patriot or Pinhead: Rocker Ted Nugent, who blew up while being interviewed by CBS News about his conservative politics.