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Monday, May 7, 2012
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Bias crime cover-up in Virginia
Guests: Jesse Watters

"Last week we reported on a bias assault in Norfolk that left two newspaper reporters injured. On April 14th, Marjon Rostami and David Forster were driving home when someone threw a rock at their vehicle. Mr. Forster got out to confront the assailant and was set upon by approximately five African-American young men who beat him. The thugs then attacked Ms. Rostami as a crowd of about thirty surrounded the vehicle and witnessed the assault. The initial police report described the assault as a 'bias crime,' but now the Norfolk police say it was not. How could that be possible? The newspaper the reporters work for, the Virginian-Pilot, didn't cover the story for two weeks, and editor Denis Finley told Jesse Watters 'there was no evidence that it was a racial attack.' Here's some advice to Mr. Finley: It's your job to find out if it was racially motivated, you don't sit around wondering and ignoring the story. It gets even more disturbing â?" the victims have received death threats and now have security guards providing protection. Despite all this, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says his office will not intervene or even provide oversight. We find that apathy troubling, so we called Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who said this afternoon that he will take a look at the case. Finally, unlike the Trayvon Martin situation, which the national media aggressively covered, The Factor is the only national news program reporting this story. Yes, Trayvon was killed and these reporters are alive, but it is inconceivable that had a white mob set upon two black Americans the media would sit it out. But that's what's happening in the Virginia case."

The Factor was joined by Jesse Watters, who spent time in Norfolk investigating the case. "The reporters have healed from their injuries," he reported, "but they're still incredibly shaken up. He knows he shouldn't have exited the vehicle and he feels a little emasculated because he was beaten up in front of his girlfriend. She's been hysterical and livid at the local press, which is taking everything from the police report and discounting the eyewitness testimony from these two reporters." Watters also theorized why the reporters have received death threats. "I think there's a lot of racial animosity in Norfolk. This story didn't come out for two weeks and then it exploded like a powder keg. One of the kids I interviewed told me they target white people because it gives them street cred."
Why is the national media ignoring the Norfolk assault story?
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

Continuing with the Norfolk beating, FNC's Bernie Goldberg explained why most national media outlets have totally ignored the story. "This is about white paternalism," he stated. "They say, well, we can't really hold black people to the same standards as white people. The media doesn't want to air dirty laundry that could be embarrassing to the black community and they don't want to give ammunition to bigots. We detest the bigots, but a newspaper has a responsibility to cover legitimate news. Do you know why the editor of the Virginian-Pilot hasn't found out yet if it's racially motivated? Because he doesn't want to find out!" The Factor decried the overall lack of interest in the story: "The national media all know this by now, and if this were reversed it would be covered by every show on MSNBC."
Long slog ahead in 9/11 trial at Guantanamo Bay
Guests: Col. David Hunt and Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

The trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other men is underway at Guantanamo Bay. The Factor invited reaction from Fox News analysts Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Col. David Hunt. "These terrorists are having a ball," Peters complained. "They're enjoying exploiting the system, their lawyers are helping them, and this is a tremendous propaganda opportunity. The bottom line is that they should have never made it to Gitmo. When you're confronted with terrorists, you interrogate them, get rid of them, and never let the public know you have them." Col. Hunt criticized the female defense attorney who asked that all women in the courtroom be forced to dress very modestly, so as not to offend the Islamic prisoners. "This is a farce, she's being an ass, and it's never going to happen. These people should have been tried, found guilty and executed over eight years ago."
VP Biden backs gay marriage
Guests: Juan Williams and Michelle Fields

Speaking on Meet the Press, Vice President Joe Biden said he is "absolutely comfortable" with same-sex marriage, apparently putting him at odds with the official administration position. The Factor asked reporter Michelle Fields and FNC's Juan Williams whether President Obama will endorse gay marriage prior to the election. "No he won't," Williams declared. "There is nothing to be gained by doing it before the election. He says his position is 'evolving,' so the signal has been sent to gays and that community knows where he stands." Fields agreed that President Obama won't make any abrupt moves before November. "There's no way he's going to endorse gay marriage. If he did, it would really energize the conservative base and they will come out to vote. It would also alienate Hispanics and African Americans, and all this President cares about is getting reelected." The Factor complained about the ruse, saying, "Everybody knows that President Obama is fine with gay marriage, this is a charade."
New polling in 2012 presidential election
Guests: Brit Hume

A new poll shows Mitt Romney with a 10-point lead over President Obama among independents; meanwhile, former Democratic Party boss Howard Dean is demonizing Republicans as anti-woman and anti-Hispanic. The Factor analyzed Dean's demagoguery with FNC's Brit Hume. "This is what you expect from Howard Dean," Hume said. "This is partisan hockey from a guy who's noted for such talk. The President himself has not been making a very vocal defense of his record â?" the results haven't been very good and everybody knows that. My own sense of all this is that the ten-point divide among independents is very important. If you win independents by a ten-point margin, you're going to win the election!"
Bill reveals his summer concert lineup
Some well-known singers, among them Joan Baez and Willie Nelson, have lent their voices to an album that will raise money for Occupy Wall Street. The Factor's Check: "That's fine with me, freedom of expression is a good thing. But destroying things is not." Speaking of music, The Factor outlined some summer concert plans: "Last night I saw Anita Baker, and I'll be seeing the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart and Aretha Franklin, who is still unstoppable. But Check is passing on Insane Clown Posse this summer."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Kenneth Hemming, Pasadena, CA: "Why are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton not in Norfolk, VA? Hate should have no color."

Lee Bostie, Jamaica, NY: "Bill, as a black conservative, I applaud you for having Tavis Smiley on. It was a fair discussion as I always tell my liberal friends."

John Lovelace, St. George, UT: "Tavis failed to mention that the American taxpayer has contributed $8 trillion to fight poverty since 1963. We have done our part."
Charles Barkley
Monday's Pinhead: Former NBA star Charles Barkley, who proclaimed that Democrats will beat Mitt Romney "like a drum" in November.
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