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Friday, May 11, 2012
Exaggerating and justifying bad behavior in politics
"One of the really annoying things about my job is when I confront a political partisan with a fact, then they dodge by dredging up a diversion to pettifog the issue. The Washington Post is reporting that when Mitt Romney was 18 years old he hazed a gay guy in prep school. Instead of dealing with the absurdity of that story, some pundits are referring to other politicians doing even worse stuff. We often justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior, which is what is done in third grade. Let's take a look at this prep school thing: It's dumb, but everybody does stupid things in high school. If Mitt Romney was hazing people all the time, if he had shaved Barney Frank's head while Governor of Massachusetts, then we might have a story. But a prep school prank? C'mon! Talking Points wants to ask the Washington Post, what is the statute of limitation on bad behavior? Does it ever run out? This is politics in America today â?" gotcha, getcha, humiliate you. The Romney story means nothing!"

The Factor furthered the conversation by welcoming two political strategists. "I do think this went beyond a prank," said Democrat John Hlinko. "A prank is short-sheeting a bed, but Mitt Romney led a group of students who assaulted a guy. I agree that we've all done stupid things as kids, but this was assaulting a kid." Republican Chris Begala denounced the Washington Post for even running the story. "I see the Post writing a clear political hit piece. It's biased and it's also corrupt because the family of the alleged victim has come out to say he would be furious at this agenda-driven story." The Factor criticized Hlinko for playing politics with an old and flimsy story: "Romney was 18, but you are going to sit there and condemn Romney and say he's not fit to be president for what he did at 18."
A pro-Romney Super PAC puts out a Mother's Day ad spoofing Obama
The group "Restore Our Future," which is working to elect Mitt Romney, has a new ad blasting Obama supporters Bill Maher and Hilary Rosen for mocking Ann Romney. The Factor analyzed the spot with reporter Michelle Fields and radio talk show host Leslie Marshall. "Bill Maher doesn't work for the President," Marshall pointed out, "and most people know that Hilary Rosen doesn't speak for all of us women on the left. This ad doesn't make the Romney campaign look much better than they're trying to make the Obama campaign look." But Fields defended the ad as fair and effective. "I think it debunks the myth that the Romneys can't relate to the American people. If you watch this ad you see that Ann Romney has overcome some serious adversity, which is something Americans can relate to. Hilary Rosen did visit the White House plenty of times and Maher has given tons of money to Obama, so I think it's fair."
Do the victims in the Norfolk assault have a possible lawsuit?
Nearly a month after two white reporters for the Virginian-Pilot were assaulted by a mob of black men in Norfolk, only one minor has been arrested. The Factor challenged Geraldo Rivera to assume the role of the victims' attorney. "The first thing I would do is hold a press conference on the steps of city hall in Norfolk," Rivera said, "and I would announce that a grave injustice is being done. A toxic combination of political correctness and lazy police work has led to my clients being denied essential justice. These two people were brutally beaten, and I call on the authorities to release all 9-1-1 calls. Furthermore, I want every shopkeeper in the area of the assault to give us access to your surveillance videos."
Lesley Stahl under fire for her interview with former CIA lead interrogator Jose Rodriguez
While interviewing former CIA agent Jose Rodriguez, "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl seemed to disapprove of the techniques he used to elicit information. In turn, radio host Adam Carolla disapproved of Stahl. He entered the No Spin Zone to explain why. "It's so easy to sit in the cheap seats and snipe at these guys who are trying to get information that will save American lives," Carolla said. "We say 'torture doesn't work,' but it's been around for 5,000 years â?" most stuff that doesn't work goes the way of the dodo bird pretty quickly. So my question to Lesley Stahl is, what would you use to replace enhanced interrogation to get information out of people who are trying to kill Americans." Playing devil's advocate, The Factor suggested that Stahl was simply trying to get Rodriguez riled up and passionate: "She was 'bear-baiting,' putting a little carrot by the bear so the bear gets angrier and angrier. That's a technique people use on television and I think you have to give her the benefit of the doubt."
Brand new polling shows Romney leading Obama
A new Rasmussen Poll has Mitt Romney leading President Obama by seven points among likely voters. Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs tried to explain the President's poor showing. "If we have to pick one event that caused this," Dobbs said, "the obvious one is the President's statement that he now supports same-sex marriage. That's the only variable at work here." Dobbs turned to the massive loss suffered by banking giant JPMorgan Chase last week. "There was a $2 billion trading loss, which shook the markets and the banking industry. They used derivatives and their CEO Jamie Dimon is rattled because they haven't learned their lesson." The Factor added, "The economy is getting shakier and shakier, and this week the market did very poorly."
Barney Frank says he won't invite President Obama to his wedding
Arthel Neville and Greg Gutfeld wrapped up the week by identifying the absolute dumbest people and happenings. Neville singled out a new website that helps prison inmates find love mates. "I don't know who's dumber," Neville said, "the people writing to the prisoners or the prisoners themselves. Prison is not a place for personal privileges!" Gutfeld went with Barney Frank, who announced that he won't be inviting the President to his wedding. "He doesn't want his guests to have to go through a metal detector," Gutfeld remarked, "which leads me to wonder what kind of awesome, freaky gifts they're bringing. This is going to be a great reception! But the President would ask everyone to spread the gifts around, and he would be angry because there's no dog on the menu." The Factor ridiculed the United Nations "special rapporteur" who wants the USA to return Mt. Rushmore and other lands to Indian tribes."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Kristen Poulos, North Chelmsford, MA: "Bill, a person is not a bigot for disagreeing with gay marriage. But groups that attack homosexuals for their lifestyles are haters. Very disappointed in your talking points analysis."

Carl McLaren, Haines City, FL: "The polls are not 50-50 on gay marriage. Many people opposed are afraid to say so."

Scott Ruesterholz, Washington, DC: "As a Georgetown student, I am not surprised that Kathleen Sebelius has been invited to the school. The faculty and student body are largely secular-progressives who oppose conservative speakers but embrace liberal ones."
Unfair & Unbalanced
Friday's Pinheads: The folks at MSNBC, who had 14 pro-gay marriage guests on the air after President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage. Showing their continued commitment to balance, the number of anti-gay marriage guests was precisely zero. On CNN, meanwhile, pro-gay marriage guests outnumbered their opponents 11 - 3. And the Patriots: A certain network that goes by the initials FNC, which had 3 pro-marriage guests and 2 guests who oppose same-sex marriage.