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Thursday, May 17, 2012
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Vice President Joe Biden attacking the rich
Guests: Laura Ingraham

"There are about 315 million people living in the USA and about 3 million of them are millionaires. So we're not a country dominated by 'fat cats' â?" the real power lies with working class folks. And most wealthy Americans are self-made; therefore, the question becomes, 'What is the beef from the Obama administration, why are they trying to demonize people like me?' Speaking in Ohio Wednesday, Vice President Biden lashed out at wealthy Americans, saying 'They don't get us, they don't know who we are.' That's true, Mr. Biden, I don't get you! You came from humble beginnings and made it big; same with me. By the way, I give millions to charity while you, Mr. Vice President, give very nearly nothing. This is all a bunch of garbage, the class warfare the Obama administration is peddling is bogus. Wealthy people are not responsible for the bad economy; bad federal policies and corrupt financial greedheads are responsible. Rich people pay most of the income tax, while 50% of the population pays no federal income tax at all. Wealthy people create jobs, the Occupy Wall Street protesters break windows. Are you getting this, Joe? Do I have to come to your lavish house in Delaware and explain this to you? One more thing: If the Obama administration continues this foolishness, it will get its butt kicked next November. Working Americans aren't buying it; only far-left zealots who want to tear down the capitalistic system are down with Joe Biden's analysis."

The Factor pursued the "bash the rich" strategy with radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, whose mother worked as a waitress into her 70's. "My brothers and I were talking about this recently," Ingraham said. "We didn't have a lot, we didn't go on vacations, but we were fine and we were never envious of other people. There wasn't a sense that, 'They're rich, so they must have done something to us.' The difference today is that they're creating envy and jealousy and animosity where there really shouldn't be." The Factor pointed out that President Obama recently dined with the ultra-rich at the home of George Clooney, then concluded with a pointed question for Vice President Biden: "You're trying to drive a wedge between some Americans who work hard and others who work hard. Why do you want to drive that wedge, Joe? Is that morally correct to do? Is that a good thing? I don't think so!"
Glenn Beck's new campaign spotlights out-of-control government regulations
Guests: Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck entered the No Spin Zone to outline his ambitious plans for a June 13th event that will call attention to excessive government regulations. "We're having a national lemonade sale and bake sale and 'hugathon,'" Beck said, "because they're telling our children they can't hug in school, that they can't have a bake sale, that you can't have a lemonade stand without a permit. What is happening to us, Bill? This is insane! This is the government trying to tell our children that you can't open a lemonade stand without coming to us first. Stop it!" The Factor agreed that government has become too intrusive: "This all goes back to political correctness. They don't want kids to eat muffins and candy, so they ban 'em. I would love to see 2-million lemonade stands by kids on June 13th."
What is the racial climate in Norfolk, Virginia?
Guests: Bruce Sams

Race relations in Norfolk are being scrutinized after two white reporters were beaten by a mob of young black men. The Factor was joined by attorney Bruce Sams, who is representing one young man charged in the beating. "I wouldn't say there is a racial climate in Norfolk," Sams said, "any more or less than any other major city in the country. We don't seem to have any issues, so I don't think there is one. None of the defendants were charged with any hate crime or bias crime." The Factor took issue with Sams' characterization of the assault: "This crime was perpetrated by young black men and was watched by as many as a hundred people. I don't believe that the mob of young black men would have jumped two black people in the car, that's the troubling aspect here."
Census: Minority babies are now majority in USA
Guests: Gretchen Carlson and Jeanine Pirro

For the first time in U.S. history, there are more non-white babies being born than Caucasian babies. The Factor asked Culture Warriors Jeanine Pirro and Gretchen Carlson whether that milestone makes a difference. "Politically this bodes very well for the Democratic Party," Pirro said. "Minorities have historically aligned themselves with Democrats, so this puts a burden on Republicans to try and bring in Hispanics and African Americans and Asians. But we've always been a country of ethnic change." Carlson raised the prospect of many more single-parent households in America: "This could matter culturally because there are more births to single mothers among minorities. We all know that does not bode well for the future of a child, who is more apt to grow up in poverty if they only have one parent." On another subject, Pirro denounced Jessica Simpson for selling photos of her newborn baby. "She put her child out there for every pervert, pedophile, and whacko nut job to say, gee, Jessica Simpson has a little kid and this is what the kid looks like. This is flat-out wrong!"
Will John Edwards go to prison?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

The Factor asked Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly whether John Edwards will wind up in the big house. "I'm going to say there is a 55% likelihood that they acquit," she said, "and a 45% likelihood that they find him guilty. The prosecution made its case that money was paid to cover up Edwards' affair and they made the case that he knew about it. But I don't know that they made the case that he knew it was a violation of campaign finance law. I didn't see the evidence of that." But The Factor contended that John Edwards will soon be wearing stripes: "The judge gave instructions to the jury saying that if this money benefitted the Edwards campaign, which it did, then you can convict this guy. That means they're going to convict. Edwards is such a weasel and the jury has to loath him."
News Quiz: The Late Night Show Edition
Guests: Martha MacCallum and Steve Doocy

The Factor quizzed Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum on their knowledge of late night talk shows. Among the questions: "Who was on Johnny Carson's very first episode of The Tonight Show in 1962?" â?¦ "A judge once placed a gag order on Jay Leno to prevent him from telling jokes about which celebrity?" â?¦ "Which guest told Tom Snyder he deserved to be in a mental hospital?" MacCallum, perhaps because she is able to stay up later than Fox & Friends co-host Doocy, extended her impressive winning streak to four weeks.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Bill Barfield, Sanford, FL: "Bill, as an attorney and former law enforcement officer, your analysis of people using the Trayvon Martin case for political purposes was spot on. I was disappointed, however, that you are doing a poll about the case. All the evidence is not in."

Scott Denham, Millbrook, AL: "Bill, from the outset you have been completely fair and unbiased in the Martin case. That's why viewers continue to watch The Factor."

Michael Palmer, Port Orange, FL: "The doctor's report showing injuries to Zimmerman is as phony as you are, Bill."

John Sawer, Pasco, WA: "Ben Stein is right. What's happening in Greece will happen in America."
James Carville & Mary Matalin
Thursday's Patriots or Pinheads: Husband-and-wife James Carville and Mary Matalin, who star in a commercial for a brand of bourbon.