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Friday, May 18, 2012
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Another sign the media wants Barack Obama reelected
"The Media Research Center is a conservative watchdog group that exposes left-wing bias in the national press. The center has put out an amazing analysis of how the evening newscasts on the three networks covered John Kerry's wealth when he was running for president in 2004 as opposed to Mitt Romney's money position now. Both men have access to about $250-million, but when Kerry's vast wealth was mentioned only two times from January to April of 2004. Contrast that to this year, when Romney's wealth has been mentioned 27 times from January to April. The network news organizations are treating Mitt Romney's economic circumstance far differently than they treated John Kerry's, but why? A logical conclusion is that they continue to favor the Democratic Party and will try to reelect President Obama. Not everybody working on the evening news programs, but some key decision makers, are committed left-wing ideologues. With the country in economic turmoil and a very important presidential election on the horizon, fair play should be a must for the media â?" it doesn't serve the USA well to have powerful national news organizations skewing their coverage. The truth is that John Kerry's vast wealth was virtually ignored by network news, but Mitt Romney's fortune is a huge issue. Not fair!"

The Factor asked Fox News analyst Karl Rove, who helped George W. Bush defeat Kerry in 2004, to elaborate on the media's treatment of Kerry's fortune. "They didn't make it an issue in 2004 because Kerry is a Democrat," Rove said, "but they will make it an issue in 2012 because Romney is a Republican. I'm sure it's unconscious at some level â?" Democratic rich people are okay, Republican rich people are bad. The White House in 2004 wasn't making an issue of John Kerry's wealth, but this White House is clearly trying to make an issue of Mitt Romney's wealth and the national media are happy to do their part in driving the message home."
New details released in the Trayvon Martin shooting
Newly released documents indicate that two witnesses support George Zimmerman's claim that he got into a brutal fight with Trayvon Martin on the night he shot and killed Martin; also, the autopsy shows that Martin had traces of marijuana in his bloodstream. The Factor invited Geraldo Rivera to evaluate the evidence. "The marijuana is not as significant as the surveillance video at the 7-Eleven," Rivera stated. "What's far more significant is what Trayvon Martin looked like that night â?" he was dressed in 'thug wear' and he's 6-2, a strapping youngster. Trayvon Martin looks just like the people who had been burglarizing that neighborhood for the past six months." Rivera criticized prosecutor Angela Corey, who charged Zimmerman with second degree murder. "I have no doubt but that she overcharged George Zimmerman â?" not based on evidence, but based on the enormous pressure she was under from every civil rights activist in this country, up to and including the President. There's no murder two here!"
Is there a GOP war on women?
Some Democrats continue to accuse Republicans, many of whom oppose "equal pay" legislation, of waging a "war on women." The Factor explored that allegation with talk radio hosts Janine Turner and Leslie Marshall. "I would like to see more women as heads of corporations," Marshall declared. "85% of the heads of corporations are men, which means it'll take more years for us to be equals. I want the playing field leveled." Turner cited a new survey showing that four of America's five most highly paid celebrities are women. "These women didn't need the government to accomplish this, they did it on their own. What I find interesting about the Democratic Party is how dependent they want women to be on the government." The Factor contended that equal-pay legislation is superfluous: "There are already laws on the book saying you can't discriminate against anybody, so we don't need this legislation."
Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell discusses his new book
The Factor welcomed author and retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, whose new book "Service" details his time in Iraq. "Our primary mission in Iraq was to disrupt and eliminate enemy activity," Luttrell reported. "Fighting in the cities is a lot different than fighting in the mountains because every corner and every window is a fighting position. We're in the enemy's back yard and front yard, so urban combat was a lot crazier than up in the mountains." Luttrell explained why so many vets experience difficulty when they leave the war theater. "You're going from 100 miles an hour to nothing, so you're just kind of sitting there trying to figure out what to do and where to do it. It's causing a lot of problems for a lot of guys." The Factor defined the magnitude of the issue, saying, "The rate of post-traumatic stress for people coming back from the battlefield is about 40%, which is an enormous problem."
Facebook goes public
Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs entered the No Spin Zone to pontificate about Facebook, which offered shares to the public Friday. "The thing I love about this," Dobbs said, "is that we're talking about a company with $100-billion in market capitalization, which is bigger than half the companies in the Dow Industrial index. And here's 28-year-old Mark Zuckerberg who is worth a little over $19-billion today, but we've got folks in Washington saying this country has lost its edge and we don't innovate." Dobbs explained how Facebook can be a huge money-maker. "There's advertising, just like on television or other parts of the web. But more importantly is the way they monetize all that information about the users of Facebook and sell it to marketers. There are 900-million people using this!"
Protester interrupts Kathleen Sebelius speech at Georgetown
Arthel Neville and Greg Gutfeld, astute observers of the ridiculous, picked the week's stupidest people and happenings. Neville chose writer Michelle Goldberg, who managed to compare Ann Romney to Stalin and Hitler. "This is dumb because Ann Romney is not running for president," Neville said, "so she's not fair game. And there's never the necessity for a Stalin or Hitler reference." Gutfeld went with Florida school officials who objected to a test question because 4th graders might not know what a camel is. "Apparently there are no zoos in Florida," he quipped. "This goes to show that education right now is a protection racket for incompetents." The Factor blasted Jesuit-run Georgetown University for inviting HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, a staunch supporter of abortion, to speak at its Friday commencement."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Dave Rutherford, Las Vegas, NV: "Mr. O, the difference between you and Joe Biden is that you earned your wealth. He got his from the taxpayers."

Chris Kaintz, Overland Park, KS: "Biden is taking advantage of Americans who believe they are entitled to achieve their dreams regardless of how they behave."

Celeste Wuersig, Cuba, NY: "I love Glenn Beck's idea for lemonade stands across the country on June 13th. If Americans drank more lemonade and less Kool-Aid, we'd be much better off."
Grilled Bill
Friday's Patriot: Talk show host Rachael Ray, who interviewed Bill about everything from presidential politics to dancing the twist.