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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
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The far left running wild
Guests: Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

"Flush from President Obama's victory last week, far left elements in America are pumping it up. Today a number of leftists met with the President at the White House. They included a bunch of union leaders, a guy from MoveOn and people from the Center for American Progress. You don't get more left wing than the crew that visited the White House this morning. Mr. Obama should have included some far left media folks who were totally in the tank for him. On election night, before most returns were in, I said 'the white establishment is now the minority.' My analysis was 100% correct, but Meredith Blake, a totally incompetent reporter at the Los Angeles Times, said I seemed 'terrified' by the voting results. Then left wing loon Brian Lowry, writing in Variety, said I was 'lamenting' the shift in the U.S. electorate. Article after article claimed that I was wringing my hands rather than stating sage opinion. According to the left, I'm a 'white power' guy; I went from analyzing the election to being David Duke. This happens all day, every day in the far left media. These people have no shame and no one holds them accountable because most people fear the far left. So here's what I really lament: We are living in a dishonest culture and the media is totally corrupt. There are entire media operations that exist solely to promote ideology. It's a bad situation that is getting worse."

The Factor welcomed Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes, who analyzed the far left attacks. "You know you're a target," Colmes said, "and those who don't like you will find any ammunition they can grasp onto. You were unfairly being attacked for giving analysis and you should not be characterized that way. But I have no problem with inviting MoveOn to the White House." Crowley excoriated the radicals who have gained so much influence in the Democratic Party. "These are the far left kooks, and there's a real distinction to be made between your father's and grandfather's Democratic Party and the far left nuts who are now running the country, not only at the highest levels of government. Far left maniacs have penetrated the media and the unions, they are running Hollywood and the culture."
Bizarre new twists in the Petraeus sex scandal
Guests: Col. David Hunt and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer

The scandal surrounding Gen. David Petraeus, who has resigned as head of the CIA, now extends to General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. The Factor debriefed FNC analyst Col. David Hunt and military scholar Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer. "General Allen is a good man," Hunt said, "who took over for Petraeus in Afghanistan. He is alleged to have exchanged flirtatious emails with Jill Kelley, the whistleblower who received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell. There is a specific charge in military law if he had an affair while in uniform, but General Allen says that did not happen." Shaffer explained why this salacious story is significant. "We now have several officers behaving badly. We have a general on trial at Fort Bragg for sex crimes, an admiral who has been relieved for bad behavior, and now we have General Petraeus, one of the brightest military leaders of our time, and General Allen. This is also a distraction, we're getting away from things like Benghazi."
Ron Paul supports gas station price gouging
Guests: John Stossel

Fox Business host John Stossel has argued that so-called "price gouging" serves a valuable purpose, even in an emergency situation, and he has been backed up by libertarian Congressman Ron Paul. Stossel entered the No Spin Zone to explain his thesis. "People suffer because of 'profiteering' laws," he said. "They are waiting in line for two hours for gas because of price controls and there are only shortages when government controls prices. If people charged $6 a gallon for gasoline, the lines would be gone within hours because people would ship oil in from other states. Many gas stations wouldn't raise prices because they don't want to tick off their customers, and some would." The Factor argued the other side, saying, "There have to be laws to prevent people from exploiting a storm or a natural disaster."
Watters' World: The far left edition
Guests: Jesse Watters

FNC's Jesse Watters elicited some post-election reactions from liberal-leaning folks waiting in line to see a Bill Maher show. Some of their comments: "I am thrilled" ... "I would have left the country if Obama wasn't elected" ... "I am really excited to see Obamacare rolled out" ... "Wealthy people can afford to pay a little bit more." Back in the studio, Watters characterized the lefties' overall sentiment. "They're zombies and they hear these talking points about a 'balanced approach.' Obama could destroy the economy, but as long as there's Obamacare, gay marriage, and abortion on demand, they'll support the guy no matter what."
LIPA facing class action lawsuit over Sandy reaction
Guests: Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle

The Long Island Power Authority is being sued by customers who claim the utility performed horribly in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Legal experts Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle elaborated on the suit. "It's about gross negligence, fraud, and breach of contract," Wiehl reported. "This is the second most expensive large utility in the country but they didn't do anything to prepare for the storm. They were using 25-year-old mainframe computers and didn't have enough people." Guilfoyle, a LIPA customer herself, added that the power company had been forewarned. "It was acknowledged as far back as 2006 that they were operating under an antiquated system that was insufficient to notify customers. My power wasn't on, the whole thing was a mess, there were no updates, no emails, and we were just left sort of mystified."
Is traditional America dead?
Guests: Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the question of whether America has been permanently transformed by the forces of secular progressivism. "Traditional American can make a comeback," Dr. K asserted, "but I think Romney did not make the argument. He got caught on tape talking about the '47%' and he was open to attack, so he just ran away from that. The strategy of liberals has always been to increase dependency because that increases their constituencies and keeps them in power. I don't think the argument is lost, but Romney didn't feel fluent in it." Krauthammer also theorized that Republicans can win the Hispanic vote with the right candidate and policies. "Hispanics are not inherently liberal, they're religious, they're socially conservative and a natural constituency group for Republicans. If Marco Rubio is the candidate in 2016 and the party advocates enforcement plus amnesty, I think we'll see a sea change. All this talk about how the Republicans are demographically extinct is nonsense!"
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