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Monday, December 10, 2012
The Factor Rundown
Confronting Evil
Guests: Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham

"We are living in a country that is rapidly changing; rules of civility are pretty much finished. There are elements on both the left and the right which are using disgraceful tactics to demean those with whom they disagree. Some examples: Some of those who support expanding the definition of marriage are accusing those who oppose it of being human rights violators, bigots, and homophobes. So if you hold a belief that traditional marriage should have a special place in society, you're a 'hater.' Likewise with criticizing President Obama. There are fanatical left-wingers who say those who disagree with Mr. Obama are doing so because he's black. Let me give you a very vivid recent situation: Sportswriter Jason Whitlock injected race into the Kansas City Chiefs murder/suicide, saying that some forces in America want guns in the black communities so people of color could destroy one another. We called Whitlock and invited him on The Factor, but he declined and referred to me as someone longing for the days when 'a white man felt entitled to summon whomever he wanted whenever he wanted to the big house.' That is pure racism, nothing else! Whitlock is implying that I am some kind of slave overlord, which is way beyond disgraceful. There comes a point when all good people must say 'enough,' and that point has now been reached. The Jason Whitlocks of the world deserve pity, but they also deserve to be exposed. They're using base emotion to try and injure people; they are liars and they are abusing freedom of speech."

The Factor asked Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham to react to the Talking Points Memo. "I would say you're understating the case," Williams said. "Jason Whitlock is a provocateur who got into trouble for racial comments he made about basketball player Jeremy Lin. When he talks about you in these terms, he's trying to marginalize what you have to say, trying to put a muzzle on you!" Ham agreed that Whitlock's slave-era references were contemptible. "Often the people who claim to be the most open-minded and tolerant can be the most hateful. This is an attempt to marginalize people who disagree with Jason Whitlock. Being invited on someone's show is clearly not some kind of order." The Factor added that Whitlock has frequently fanned the flames of racial animosity: "This guy has a history of doing this, he does it all the time, he gets paid to do it. I'm calling out the Christmas haters, I'm calling out the racial hustlers, I'm calling them all out."
Reporter: White House is cockier after election
Guests: Brit Hume

During an appearance on Sunday's Meet the Press, New York Times reporter Helen Cooper opined that the Obama White House is "so much cockier" than in the past. FNC analyst Brit Hume assessed how that attitude is affecting the budget negotiations. "The President is playing hardball with House Republicans," Hume said. "He feels Republicans can less afford to have a bad outcome and that he has leverage. A lot of conservatives and Republicans don't get this - if nothing happens before the end of this month, tax rates go up on everybody and there will be fairly draconian spending cuts falling on the Pentagon. So who has the most to lose if the 'fiscal cliff' is breached? The answer is self-evident, and the polling all shows that the public will blame the Republicans."
Robert F. Kennedy Jr says Fox News is responsible for divded country
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is actually grousing that conservatives dominate the media, and he claims Fox News has "divided our country in a way that we haven't been divided since the Civil War." Naturally, Bernie Goldberg scoffed at that notion. "The idea that right-wingers control the American media," Goldberg said, "is downright funny. Has Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ever read Time or Newsweek, has he ever read the New York Times, has he ever watched NPR or NBC or the other networks? Except for Fox and talk radio, we live in an overwhelmingly liberal media culture. Do he and the other liberals really want all of the media to reflect their views?" The Factor theorized that many folks on the left truly don't believe there is a liberal media bias: "RFK Jr. and people in his sect believe that NPR and NBC and CNN are 'mainstream,' they don't think it's left-wing."
Navy Seal kiled rescuing American doctor in Afghanistan
Guests: Col. David Hunt and Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

Navy SEAL Nicolas Checque was killed in Afghanistan while rescuing a physician who had been kidnapped by the Taliban. FNC's Col. David Hunt elaborated on the tragedy. "The doctor's life was being threatened," Hunt said, "so an order was given for Afghani special forces and SEAL Team Six to do a very dangerous raid, much more difficult than the Bin Laden raid because there was no rehearsal. The SEAL was killed but the doctor was rescued." Lt. Col. Ralph Peters turned to the recent drone attack inside Pakistan that wiped out Al Qaeda heavyweight Abu Zaid al-Kuwaiti. "Some people believe he was being groomed to be the next leader of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda at the top level does not have a very deep bench and we keep killing the top guys. It's a very good thing for America and for civilization and we're going to have to keep killing terrorists with drones and other means for generations."
Are the rich paying their fair share in taxes?
Guests: Adam Carolla

The Factor asked Adam Carolla about living the high life in California, where a new state tax is aimed squarely at the wealthy. "We should stop saying 'tax the rich,'" he said, "and just say 'tax the successful.' I'm not rich, I'm successful. Rich is easy to tax, that's the guy who inherited daddy's money. But I'm successful and you're successful because we worked our tails off. It's harder to take money away from people who have worked very hard for it." Carolla also demonstrated some newfound math skills. "The federal budget is $3.8 trillion, which means everyone needs to pay $12,076. I have two kids and a wife, so my nut would be $48,304, that would be my fair share. I'd be willing to round it up to $48,500 and be hailed as a hero!"
Louis Farrakhan mocks Christmas
The Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan took off on an incoherent rant against the traditions of Santa Claus and Christmas trees, saying, "The wicked cut a tree down and deck it with silver and gold." The Factor's Check "That's right, minister, the Bible says Christmas trees are evil! That's the ticket." Meanwhile, peering into the future, Newt Gingrich implied that Hillary Clinton may be nearly unbeatable in 2016. The Factor's Check "Lots can happen in three years. Lots!"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Michael Stapleton, Minneapolis, MN: "Bill O, a multi-millionaire like you bashing the poor over entitlements. Pathetic."

Carolyn Tweed, Crescent City, CA: "Mr. O, instead of raising income taxes, why not have a federal sales tax? That way everybody pays."

Jason Scheel, Watertown, WI: "Bill, your talking points are exactly right. The entitlement mentality must stop. I am a job creator who is being taxed to death."
Worth a thousand words
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