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Wednesday, February 6, 2013
The lack of respect epidemic in America
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain

"18-year-old Penelope Soto was arrested in Miami Sunday for possession of narcotics. When she appeared before Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat and cursed him, he held her in criminal contempt and sentenced her to 30 days in jail. It's clear the judge was fed up, not only with Ms. Soto, but with the entire atmosphere we have in this country. Many Americans are disrespectful and feel they can do whatever they want. There is an epidemic of disrespect mainly because of the public school system. Here in New York City educators have softened the discipline code so that students can curse at their teachers and simply get a reprimand. As a former teacher, I know that if the system allows students to curse out teachers, all discipline breaks down, which is one of the reason I send my kids to Catholic school. On the Internet, people say the most horrendous things, hiding behind their machines; on television, reality programming is off-the-charts irresponsible. The Miami judge may have overreacted a bit, but he should be applauded. If we don't respect each other we are headed for big trouble!"

The Factor asked Fox News analyst and Democrat Kirsten Powers to react to the punishment meted out in Miami. "You can't raise someone's bail because they offended you," Powers pronounced. "He's not the king, he's the judge, and you don't go to jail for 30 days for being obnoxious and disrespectful. Being rude is not being in contempt of court!" But Republican strategist Kate Obenshain handed down a far different verdict. "This is probably the best thing that has ever happened to this young woman, who obviously has zero experience dealing with real consequences or any idea what it is to show respect. The judge was perfectly within his rights to hold her in contempt, he did the right thing. Young people have zero respect, and too often we shrug our shoulders and our educators say there's nothing we can do."
The left reacts to President Obama 's drone policy
Guests: Bob Beckel

The Obama administration claims it has the legal right to assassinate suspected terrorists overseas, even those who are American citizens. Liberal Fox News co-host Bob Beckel called the policy antithetical to American principles. "We're talking about going after American citizens without any evidence that they are an imminent threat to the United States," he groused. "This policy says the government can use drones to attack people with terrorist organizations and that they do not have to have operational intelligence that this person is planning an attack on the United States. This is constitutionally corrupt, and since waterboarding doesn't kill people directly, you could say drones are worse." The Factor called out liberal media outlets and pundits for turning a blind eye to the drone policy: "We heard a lot about waterboarding, but nothing about the drone strikes because they're protecting the President."
Texas and California in battle for business
Guests: Brooke Rollins and Joe Alioto Veronese

Texas Governor Rick Perry has created a radio ad designed to lure businesses from high-tax California. The Factor refereed the state-on-state rivalry with Texan Brooke Rollins and Californian Joe Alioto Veronese. "I want to thank Governor Perry for spending ad money here in California," Veronese quipped, "but the reality is that Texas will never be able to compete with California when it comes to entrepreneurialism and our culture of innovation. It's just not going to happen." But Rollins, of course, proudly extolled the benefits of her Lone Star State. "There is no reason entrepreneurs would decide to stay in California. We have more than a thousand people a day moving to Texas because California has higher taxes and bigger government and more expensive regulation. Texas is the country's job engine." The Factor reminded Veronese, "You guys have some economic problems in California and you're raising taxes even higher."
Why are tea party conservatives going after Karl Rove?
Guests: James Rosen and Carl Cameron

An internecine battle has broken out in the Republican Party between Karl Rove and some more conservative Tea Partiers. Fox News correspondents James Rosen and Carl Cameron elucidated the feud. "Mr. Rove and his group say this is not about finding more moderate candidates," Cameron reported, "but it's about finding candidates who can win elections. Rove's group has said it will protect incumbents from primary challengers who might falter in the general election. This isn't all that new for either party, it's exactly what Democrats have gone through when they've been defeated." Rosen then provided the latest information on Dr. Salomon Melgen, a central figure in the scandal involving New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. "A conservative website is reporting that Dr. Melgen's resume has some falsehoods associated with it, including his assertion that he graduated from the Harvard Medical School. Harvard says it can find no record of anyone named Melgen. I just called and got no response from Dr. Melgen's lawyer."
Putin using R&B group 'Boyz II Men' to promote reproduction in Russia
Guests: Dennis Miller

With the Russian birthrate on the decline, President Vladimir Putin is hoping a concert by the group Boyz II Men will inspire lovemaking and procreation. Dennis Miller eagerly opined on Putin's population plan. "Why do they need these guys?" he pondered. "Doesn't Vlad the Impaler realize that just him being shirtless is enough to make everybody in the country horny? If they want to get the sex rate up over there, they ought to hatch a system where you don't have to wait in line for six hours to get a bag to put over somebody's head." Miller turned to Iran and that nation's claim to have launched a monkey into space. "Look at the monkey, he's saying, 'Do me a favor and shoot me into space because I'm in hell right here.'" Miller's prescription for dealing with the Putins and Ahmadinejads of the world: "Who cares about all these crazy people? Build a fence, change the locks, we've got to stay away from everybody."
Feminists upset over new Florida business recruitment logo
Guests: Juliet Huddy

Some women's groups, turning over every rock in search of perceived slights, are upset because Florida's new pro-business logo uses a men's necktie to represent the "i" in Florida. One self-proclaimed feminist actually claimed the logo has "set back all the work that we done." The Factor was joined by Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy, who mocked her overly-sensitive sisters. "I don't really understand the outcry over this," she said. "Business leaders in Florida are just trying to get more people to come to Florida. I've seen women wear neckties and it's actually kind of cute." Huddy agreed to consider wearing a necktie in her next visit to the No Spin Zone.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Scott Voshel, Holland, MI: "Bill, you were right on in the Talking Points. Your next book should be 'Killing the Republicans' because that's all the president cares about right now."

Matthew Lien, Taipei, Taiwan: "O'Reilly, in your discussion with John Stossel about marijuana you joked that a guy named 'Antonio' could open a pot shop. Why not use the name Dexter or William?"
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