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Friday, February 8, 2013
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An epidemic of disrespect in America - Part II
"As we reported this week, 18-year-old Penelope Soto cursed out a judge in Miami during a bond hearing and was sentenced to 30 days for criminal contempt. The actions of Ms. Soto demonstrate a clear disrespect for the judicial system and Talking Points believes there is an epidemic of disrespect in America. We're also following the terrible murder spree of former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, who has killed three innocent people in California. On the Internet thousands of people are actually applauding Dorner and calling him a hero. Stuff like that is happening all over cyberspace. We also told you that New York City's public school system changed its disciplinary code so that no longer is cursing out a teacher in the classroom a suspendable offense. The combination of poor parenting, cowardly public education, and no standards on the Internet has created a perfect storm of disrespect. There's an entire generation of younger Americans who simply don't care about tradition or authority or acting in an appropriate manner. These people will pay a price for that disrespectful point of view, but under the Obama administration the respectful folks will also pay a price because we will be supporting many of those misguided young people who can't prosper in the marketplace."

Following up on the Talking Points Memo, The Factor reported that Penelope Soto apologized to Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, who then rescinded the 30-day jail sentence. Trial attorney Anahita Sedaghatfar and psychologist Brian Russell opined on the case. "I liked it the way the judge had it originally," Russell said, "because consequences are key. We have way too many young people being spared from consequences for their actions, which doesn't help people. In fact, that is much more the cause of our violence problem than guns or mental health care." But while Russell endorsed the orginial 30-day sentence, Sedaghatfar argued that was far too harsh. "I certainly do not condone this girl's behavior and clearly she disrespected the court, but the judge went too far originally and I appreciate the fact that he realized he was not doing the right thing. I would have given her an admonition." The Factor again lamented that "the culture, particularly among Americans under 30, is just rife with disrespect."
President Obama considering far left Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary post
President Obama may nominate far-left heiress Penny Pritzker to be Secretary of Commerce, a job that Fox Business host Lou Dobbs described as inconsequential. "The Commerce Secretary is supposed to be leading activities to create jobs and pushing international trade," Dobbs said, "but there have been three acting secretaries during the Obama administration, so it's not a major priority. It's a bit of patronage and we're hearing very clearly that the President can't find anybody to take the job. I don't believe Penny Pritzker will take the job - she's an accomplished businesswoman and an important figure in Chicago, she has bigger fish to fry." The Factor worried that Pritzker, should she accept the position, will "push a very left-wing agenda onto the Commerce Department."
Will Geraldo run for Senate?
The Factor asked Geraldo Rivera for the latest on ex-cop Christopher Dorner, who has killed three people in California. "He was fired in 2008," Rivera said, "and ever since he has been nurturing a festering hatred of the LAPD, who he believes railroaded him out of the police force. He has pledged to kill not only the cops responsible for his firing, but also their children. You can't be blind to the racial aspect of this - black people are responding one way, white people another way." Rivera then elaborated on the possibility that he'll run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican from New Jersey. "I am seriously considering it," he said, "although any Democrat would be tough to beat - there hasn't been a Republican Senator from New Jersey since 1972. I am pro-business and I believe the debt and deficit are crucial issues. There's a fascinating argument to be made for a new kind of Republican, someone who is not dogmatic."
Inside the music business
Music tycoon Tommy Mottola, the former boss of Sony Records, entered the No Spin Zone and theorized why so many geniuses in his business have been self-destructive. "It's hard to say what goes on in the mind of an artist," he said, "but that's what makes them an artist. That creativity, the thing that makes them tick, is probably the thing that pushes them to the extremes." Mottola agreed with The Factor's contention that Elvis Presley was the single greatest rock and roll performer. "He had everything," Mottola said. "He was riveting for me and that made me want to do what I ended up doing. And the Beatles were there when there was a confluence of fashion and music and the drug culture and everything that was going on at the time. It was perfect timing and there was a consistency of what they did while they were together."
NJ Governor Chris Christie fed up with comments on his weight
After former White House doctor Connie Mariano warned that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could die in office, the Governor pithily responded, "Shut up!" The Factor invited reaction from Guys Friday Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk. "Weight is not a problem for Christie," Gutfeld said, "it's his weird obsession with Bruce Springsteen. He's like a 12-year-old girl salivating over Justin Bieber. I don't want a skinny Christie, I want a fat Christie. A skinny Christie would be like a humble O'Reilly, you don't buy it." McGuirk implied that the physician could be part of a Clinton conspiracy. "Christie is running for President against Hillary Clinton and he has done for the fat man what Betty White has done for old ladies, he's made them cool. He's fabulous, he's funny, he's competent, and this can't be sitting well with the Hillary clan, so they trot out this doctor who used to work at the Clinton White House, where she no doubt administered a lot of penicillin but not a lot of truth serum."

Returning for a second segment, the boys turned to the White House photo showing President Obama skeet shooting. "That picture is so nerdy," Gutfeld quipped, "that he makes Screech look like Dirty Harry. If the First Lady or the daughters had seen this photo they would have stopped it because if the jeans got any higher his button fly would have jammed the rifle. I'm not saying he has bad hygiene, I'm saying his jeans are high." McGuirk mocked the White House for releasing the photo. "It's laughable that Jay Carney cited this as an example of how President Obama doesn't hate guns. It's like when Bill Clinton released a photo of him holding hands with Hillary on the beach, it just doesn't ring true. It would be like Governor Christie releasing a photo of himself running on a treadmill."
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Factor Words of the Day
Bob Shakerdge, Golfito, Costa Rica: "Bill, Tony Bennett speaks his mind and it upsets you? His opinion was lucid and shared by millions."

Terri Cane, Williamsburg, VA: "Bill, you are wrong about gun registration. It is none of the government's business what guns I own."

Priscilla Porton, Glenwood, MD: "I did not enjoy Watters' World tonight! We see too much nudity as it is - we don't need to see it on the Factor."

Peter Genova, Toms River, NJ: "That was one of Jesse's best segments ever!"
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