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Monday, February 11, 2013
Preview of President Obama's State of the Union address
Guests: Brit Hume

"Many liberal Americans are finally being confronted about their apparent hypocrisy on national security issues and President Obama's killer drone program. It's safe to say that many conservatives support the drone attacks and most conservatives also favored President Bush's use of enhanced interrogation to get vital information from captured terrorists. The left, however, loudly condemned waterboarding but has been muted about the drone kills. The double standard of media coverage on waterboarding and drones has been apparent for years. To be fair, a few committed left wing people like Code Pink are consistent in their objection to tough measures against terrorists; not everybody on the left is hypocritical. NBC reported the drone story, good for them. But has analysis by NBC commentators reflected drone disdain at the level of waterboarding disdain? Not even close. Summing up, on the issue of hard measures against terrorists, the right has been consistent and the left hypocritical."

One day prior to the President's State of the Union speech, The Factor asked Fox News analyst Brit Hume for his assessment of the nation and the economy. "The economy remains sluggish," Hume stated, "the debt continues to mount, and there is no agreement in Washington as to how to address these problems. The buzz in Washington is that the President is going to pivot to the economy, but I've had a suspicion for a long time that this President is not really interested in the economy. He doesn't fully understand it, he's much more preoccupied with equality of income and social justice than he is with the growth of the economy." Nevertheless, The Factor predicted that President Obama will present a generally sunny outlook: "He will give an address that is optimistic and he has to say things are going in the right direction. But he's not going to cut spending, he's going to hold to the left wing course."
Will the left turn on President Obama over the drone issue?
Guests: Marc Lamont Hill

The Factor welcomed left-leaning professor Marc Lamont Hill, who addressed the President's widespread use of drones. "I don't know anybody on the left who is supportive of drones," Hill began, "but the problem is that we've convinced ourselves that Obama's drones are kinder and softer and gentler than Bush's drones. We've refused to hold President Obama accountable for drones in the same way that we would have under the Bush administration. People have convinced themselves that Obama is much more dovish and reasonable on war issues than he actually is." The Factor concluded that many of President Obama's acolytes are duplicitous: "You're basically saying that your crew is hypocritical on the issue. There was outrage over waterboarding when no one died, but now there is nothing when all kinds of people are dying."
Is LAPD caving into demands of suspected killer Christopher Dorner
Guests: Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham

The Los Angeles Police Department now says it will review its decision to fire Christopher Dorner, the killer ex-cop who is now the subject of a massive manhunt. The Factor debated that decision with Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams. "I think this is a smart move by the chief," Williams opined. "If he can lure Dorner in, it's a tremendous hostage negotiation tactic. The chief is also saying no one should make this guy a martyr to any racial cause." But Ham contended that the LAPD is making a serious blunder. "It's a little dangerous to do this, it adds credence to the claim by some that this guy is some kind of folk hero. He allegedly murdered three people in cold blood, and this sets up a narrative where you're rewarding bad behavior." The Factor lamented that the Los Angeles police chief Charlie Beck "is showing a bit of weakness."
Actress Kristen Chenoweth vs. American Airlines
Guests: Adam Carolla

The Factor asked Adam Carolla how he and his fellow Los Angeles residents are dealing with the Christoper Dorner killer-on-the-loose situation. "The chances of him coming to my house and shooting me are very low," Carolla began, "but I don't like all the personnel going out to look for this guy because that leaves my house open for gang-bangers." Turning to another story, actress Kristin Chenoweth claims that she was mistreated by an American Airlines gate agent when she tried to board a flight with her "emotional support" dog. Adam Carolla bit into the incident like a hungry pit bull latching onto a bone. "I don't like dogs on airplanes," he said, "and this speaks to a bigger picture. She doesn't have an 'anxiety disorder,' she has a 'narcissistic disorder.' She wants to travel with her dog and she doesn't care if we inhale its dander and its gas on the six-hour flight to New York. If you have anxiety about flying, take a shot of Jagermeister and a Xanax! We need bomb-sniffing dogs and narcissism-sniffing dogs."
Left-wing media in conundrum over killer drone program
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

Fox News analyst Bernie Goldberg, who has been monitoring media coverage of President Obama's drone kills, entered the No Spin Zone with his observations. "This is a continuation of the media's double standard and hypocrisy when it comes to covering Barack Obama on one hand," he said, "and any conservative Republican on the other hand. The so-called mainstream media was outraged over waterboarding, but with drones a lot of innocent people are being killed. You would think that liberals would be concerned about that because they are the 'sensitive' ones, but the outrage disappeared into thin air when it came to Barack Obama and drones. The media fell madly in love with Barack Obama in a way they never fell in love with any other president and that affects how they cover everything."
What should Senator Rubio say in tomorrow's State of the Union rebuttal?
Guests: Karl Rove

The Factor invited Karl Rove to provide some advice to Senator Marco Rubio, who will deliver the Republican response to President Obama Tuesday night. "This is a terrible assignment for anyone to get," Rove said, "but last year we had a pretty good response from Mitch Daniels, who articulated a positive vision. Marco Rubio has to critique what the President has done wrong and he has to articulate a vision for the future that is optimistic and hopeful on behalf of his party. The good news is that in Marco Rubio the Republicans have one of their best communicators since Ronald Regan."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Gary Tyler, Millbrook, NY: "Bill, are you insane? You would have compassion for Penelope Soto who cursed out a judge? This is just repulsive."

Andy Mitchell, Statesboro, GA: "Bill, your Talking Points were right on. Kids today are being raised to be self-centered. It goes hand-in-hand with the nanny state."

Janet Smith, Sun City Center, FL: "It doesn't take a doctor to know that Governor Christie is a heart attack waiting to happen. He should wake up."

Michael James, Madison, TN: "People should be more interested in what comes out of Christie's mouth than what goes into it."
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