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Thursday, February 14, 2013
The Democratic party -- a very lucky crew

Guests: Marc Lamont Hill

"The Obama campaign was successful in demonizing Mitt Romney, defining him as an out-of-touch rich guy who doesn't care about the folks. So the left has learned a very important lesson - marginalize your opponent early. Enter Marco Rubio, who committed the grave sin of taking a drink of water during his speech Tuesday night. That gave the propaganda people on the left a big-time opening. MSNBC played the water video 155 times! On CNN they played it 34 times, even using a subtitle saying 'Career Ender?' So you can see what's in play - let's diminish Marco Rubio so he will not be able to challenge liberal orthodoxy. The TV news operations start it, then it's picked up by the late-night comedians, and the message gets to the folks that Rubio is a rube. So you can see what a powerful advantage this is for the Democratic Party. I think it's safe to say that if a liberal politician took a drink of water during a speech, MSNBC would not have played it 155 times. TV news has morphed into propaganda, and Marco Rubio and other Republicans better understand the world. The left will do anything to marginalize the Senator."

Professor Marc Lamont Hill, an occasional Factor guest, was on CNN Wednesday when called mass killer Christopher Dorner a "superhero" whose acts were "kind of exciting." Hill entered the No Spin Zone to explain and clarify. "My heart goes out to the family members of the victims," he said, "and if my words caused them any pain or trauma, I offer them my deepest condolences and apologies. What I was saying on CNN was not that I support Dorner or that he was a 'superhero' to me, I was asked to explain why he was getting so much on-line support. I'm not condoning what he did, but we can have two thoughts at the same time - we can say he was wrong but that there might be a real story here about corruption and violence. Dorner put the spotlight back on the LAPD." The Factor told Hill that his comments were way out of line: "When there is a heinous crime, you can not detract from it by trying to explain why certain misguided people supported the killer. Less than 24 hours after a police officer was murdered by this thug, you were out there with a hypothesis. You were giving credibility to a killer and you were insensitive to the victims' families."
Fact Checking the State of the Union on economics
Guests: Lou Dobbs

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs critiqued the economic portions of President Obama's State of the Union speech, beginning with the claim that 6 million new jobs have been created on his watch. "The actual number isn't even close to that," Dobbs declared. "Instead of beginning when he took office, they began counting in February 2010 when most of the job losses had already occurred. The actual number is 1.2 million new jobs, a far cry from 6 million. This was an utter fiction!" Dobbs turned to President Obama's assertion that a half-million manufacturing jobs have been created. "In fact, we've lost 600,000 manufacturing jobs and we still have 3 million fewer manufacturing jobs than we had ten years ago." Dobbs also took aim at President Obama's call for a ban on so-called assault rifles. "The truth is that in 2011, 323 people lost their lives to rifles, which includes 'assault weapons.' But 496 people were killed by hammers and clubs."
Why is the U.S. Agriculture Department spending taxpayer money on "cultural sensitivity training"?
Guests: Tom Fitton

In 2011 the Agriculture Department hired a "diversity awareness trainer" to heighten workers' "sensitivity" to other cultures. The Factor spoke with Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the group that uncovered the story. "A USDA employee who attended one of those 'training sessions' told us about it," Fitton said. "The trainer was making $7,600 for each training session and made $125,000 in the last year alone. And these are mandatory training sessions, according to the whistleblower. This trainer believes that to be racist and sexist and homophobic is our 'normal' outlook and we have to be 'trans-normal.' This is brainwashing lite for the politically correct set, and the Obama administration has decided to make 'cultural diversity' the end-all and be-all at the Department of Agriculture."
Crazy court ruling: Woman who ingested cocaine two days before delivering baby not found negligent
Guests: Wendy Walsh and Bonny Forrest

The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that a woman who took cocaine just two days before going into labor was not neglectful to her baby. The Factor scrutinized the ruling with mental health experts Wendy Walsh and Bonny Forrest. "This stinks," Walsh declared. "This woman is clearly a chronic drug user and what are we going to do now, just wait until the baby gets into a drug-infested environment? It's terrible that she was able to keep this baby." But Forrest sided with the court and the mother's right to keep the child. "The court absolutely got it right. Parents have a constitutional right to raise their kids without undue interference from the government. Drug use puts you at risk for being a bad parent, but it doesn't make you a bad parent." The Factor argued that the baby should have been taken away from the cokehead mom. "She's ingesting an illegal substance that goes into the baby's system. If this isn't neglect, nothing is! We are not a humane society in America, we treat babies like garbage!"
New details emerge in allegations against NJ Senator Robert Menendez
Guests: Megyn Kelly

Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly reported on the latest allegations involving embattled New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and his good friend Dr. Salomon Melgen. "Right at the time Senator Menendez began advocating for more screenings at ports in the Dominican Republic," Kelly said, "this guy Melgen bought an x-ray company that would be capable of doing the screenings. These two men have a long-standing friendship that may have evolved into a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch your back' type of situation. Out of all the allegations, the one that is still the most troubling is that he allegedly had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republican. That is a felony under U.S. law."
Watters' World: Westminister Dog Show Edition
Guests: Jesse Watters

Let off his leash once again, Jesse Watters paid a visit to the Westminster Dog Show in New York City. He endeavored to mix politics with pooches by asking some folks about President Obama's admission that he had eaten dog meat as a youngster in Indonesia. "I'm hoping he did that by mistake," one dog owner said, while another declared, "I thought that was horrifying." Back in the studio, Watters tried to explain why a little black Affenpinscher named Banana Joe beat out 2,700 other dogs to win Best in Show. "They said the dog has a great personality. It's from the Netherlands and apparently it understands five different languages. But I have to admit that I'm not a dog guy. They sense fear and I'm afraid of some of the bigger dogs."
40 days of good deeds
Whether you're Christian or not, consider challenging your youngsters during Lent by asking them to do at least one act of kindness every day for the next forty days.
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Factor Words of the Day
Ross Shriftman, Horsham, PA: "Amazing. The federal government is drowning us in debt yet the media focuses on Senator Rubio sipping some water."

Helen, Rodenberg, Cedar Rapids, IA: "Oh, for heaven's sake, O'Reilly. You don't get the fact that all the coverage was simply a joke. Grow up."

Tom Quigan, Oxnard, CA: "Apparently Howard Kurtz does not understand the difference between hard news and analysis. And CNN wonders why it is losing audience."