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Tuesday, February 26, 2013
How will history evaluate President Obama?

Guests: Senator Marco Rubio

"In a few days automatic federal spending cuts may kick in. The issue is simple: President Obama does not want to cut spending without another tax increase, but Republicans say they won't continue to feed the federal spending colossus. Spending is certainly out of control and here's how bad it is: In 2003 the USA spent just above $2 trillion, but this year the estimated spending is $3.6 trillion. That's a 75% rise in a decade, and what do we have to show for it? The economy is not much better, poverty is about the same, and salaries for working people are going down. So why are we spending all that money? A whopping 75% of Latinos approve of bigger government and more entitlements, and that's why President Obama is spending the money. He knows that a coalition of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, organized labor, and committed liberals will overwhelm the Republican Party. So in essence, the President is putting party politics above the good of the nation, and history will record that. When President Obama's administration is evaluated, historians will not care about his charisma, his co-opting of the press, or his demeanor. No, history will look at the facts, and the fact is that the USA is on the road to bankruptcy. When that happens, if it does, President Obama will be blamed!"

Republican Senator Marco Rubio entered the No Spin Zone with his take on the spending cuts scheduled to take effect Friday. "I believe the automatic cuts will happen," he began, "but we should be clear that the solution to all these problems is rapid and dynamic economic growth and we can't have that if we don't bring our budget problems under control. This is not the best way to do it, but it's better than raising taxes and it's better than doing nothing. The ideal way to do this is by saving and reforming Medicare, but the President has decided he doesn't want to do that, so the sequester will kick in on Friday." The Factor lamented the widespread predictions of doom: "The scare tactics that the President and the press are putting together are designed to make Americans think that you Republicans are causing the destruction of America."
How will budget cuts impact you?
Guests: Karl Rove

The Factor asked Fox News analyst Karl Rove to weigh in on the coming automatic spending cuts. "This is not a good way to cut government spending," Rove said, "but this is the only tool the administration was willing to give us. They are not willing to negotiate over smart cuts, all they want is more money to spend. It's better to have this small cut than to have no cut at all. Republicans have to go on the offensive by passing a measure that gives the Cabinet secretaries flexibility to make this cut from the less essential accounts inside their departments." The Factor contended that the GOP can not agree to raise taxes, saying, "The Republican Party simply can not cave again or you won't have a Republican Party."
Massachusetts gives students the option to change genders in class without notifying parents
Guests: Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes

Massachusetts has passed a law allowing students, without the knowledge of their parents, to choose either gender when it comes to using bathrooms, playing on sports teams, or even deciding on a name. The Factor invited Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley to opine. "This is where we are in America now," Crowley groused, "with liberalism on the march. It's truly difficult for anyone who is really going through serious gender identity issues and those people deserve our respect, but when we're talking about underage students, the responsible thing to do is to alert the parents." Colmes defended the policy and the fact that parents can be excluded. "There has to be some confidentiality because some students don't feel comfortable talking to their parents about issues like this. They have to provide some documentation and medical history, it can't just be some cavalier decision. You have to show that this is sincere." The Factor argued that lawmakers and educators are way out of bounds: "This is such a violation of parental rights by Massachusetts, it's off the charts!"
John Stossel vs. John Bolton on the drone debate
Guests: John Stossel

Fox Business host John Stossel recently got into a heated showdown with former Ambassador John Bolton over the President's authority to use drones to kill suspected terrorists. Stossel elaborated on his opposition to drone attacks. "Why is it right that President Obama," Stossel asked, "who criticized President Bush for doing this, does it much more? Part of me says I want to kill them there so they don't kill us over here, but the Constitution gives people due process before we just get to kill 2,000 people in Pakistan and Yemen." The Factor scolded Stossel for putting legality ahead of security: "Congress has said this is okay and President Obama is doing what Bush did, he's taking extraordinary measures to protect us. There isn't a serious challenge to that, Stossel, so you're living in a world of theory."
Investigation: How does smoking pot impact drivers?
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl

With marijuana use now legal in Colorado and Washington, researchers have been studying how pot affects driving. Legal analysts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl elaborated on the "driving while stoned" statutes. "Washington State has a standard," Wiehl reported. "If you're caught driving with more than 5 nanograms of THC in your blood, you automatically lose your license for up to 90 days. The cops can give you the blood test right on the spot. But in Colorado there is no standard." Guilfoyle worried that the law is an invitation to legal chaos. "The enforcement is highly speculative and somebody is going to sue, saying you pulled me over, you infringed my rights, or you're racial profiling. There is a whole host of problems here, so it's no surprise that Colorado hasn't even set the standard."
Did C-PAC snub New Jersey Governor Chris Christie?
Guests: Charles Krauthammer

The folks running next month's Conservative Political Action Conference have not invited New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to speak. The Factor explored the significance of that snub with Charles Krauthammer. "This is a mistake," Dr. K declared, "because he's a leading Republican and obviously presidential timber. I wasn't very happy with what he did with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy and I thought he deserved three months in quarantine, but the three months are up and I'd have him at CPAC. He's articulate, he's smart, and he's a great politician." Krauthammer tried to explain the enmity some other conservatives have for Christie. "They're trying to define 'legitimate' ideology fairly narrowly and they want to rule people out. But we ought to keep the tent wide and open and let people decide."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Bill Goldsmith, Warrensburg, MO: "I agree with Rush Limbaugh. Liberals have won and it will stay this way as long as the biased media controls politics in this country."

Bill Adams, Summit, NJ: "Viewing half the country as moochers is extraordinarily insulting. That is the attitude that lost the election for the Republicans. Most Americans just want a fair shake."

Michael Long, Lebanon, NH: "Bulletin for Sally Quinn: the first lady's Oscar stunt was aimed at increasing the positive image of the Obamas, not the USA."

Bert Fridlind, Troy, AL: "Michelle Obama's appearance at the Academy Awards was the first event in her campaign to succeed her husband as president."
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