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Friday, March 1, 2013
The Factor Rundown
The madness continues in Washington
"After hearing for weeks that the automatic spending cuts, which became reality today, would cause massive suffering in America, the President has changed his tune. He now says there will not be 'an apocalypse," which is very interesting because the President's acolytes were pounding the disaster drum. President Obama's party tried to scare the American people into pressuring the Republicans to allow Mr. Obama to continue the insane federal spending. The President wants federal spending tht will vastly expand the already catastrophic debt, but the Republicans say, 'Enough!' Talking Points sees the issue very clearly: You woudn't run your business or your household the way the President's running the country because if you did you'd be in serious trouble. The country is in serious trouble, but the President doesn't seem to recognize that. In the meantime, a government shutdown is looming at the end of March. Talk about March Madness!"

The Factor invited analysis from Fox News correspondents Mike Emanuel and Ed Henry. "The White House says there are two pots of money," Henry reported. "There's the domestic spending that the President wants more of, and then there's the really big pot of money that is entitlement spending. If the President were here now, he would say that he put about $400 billion in cuts in Medicare and Medicaid on the table and John Boehner walked away from that. In terms of spending separate from etitlements, you're right that the President wants to spend more." Emanuel relayed what Republicans are saying about the budget mess. "The frustration for John Boehner and his allies is that Democrat Harry Reid controls the Senate, so why don't Reid and the President get together and do something? In terms of entitlement reform, Boehner will tell you that the President talks a good game but his actions never follow his words."
Mitt Romney speaks out on why he lost the election
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who sat down for a lengthy interview with Mitt and Ann Romney, entered the No Spin Zone with more on the conversation, which will air Sunday. "This is the first interview he has done since Election Day," Wallace reported. "He knows that he lost a race that a lot of people thought he should have won and they blame him. He is keenly aware that he let a lot of people down and he feels a tremendous sense of frustration. I asked him about some things the campaign did wrong, and he took responsibility for every decision." The Factor contended that Romney could easily be answering to "Mr. President" right now: "It was his fault that he lost, he didn't do what he had to do to close the deal. He didn't take advantage of the Benghazi situation, he came across as detatched, and he didn't show an urgency. If he had been elected we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now."
Can companies be successful in today's business climate?
Fred Deluca, founder of the Subway restaurant chain in the 1960's, now says he could not start the same business today. The Factor asked Fox Business host Lou Dobbs to explain the pressures on small businesses. "Obamacare kicks in when a company has 50 employees," Dobbs said, "and there is a $2,000 fine for not providing Obamacare. The penalties are onerous for a small business." Dobbs also delineated the burgeoning level of government regulation. "Back in 1960, one in 20 workers had to have an occupational licence of some sort, but now it's one in three! There are real and costly burdens on a small business trying to grow."
Bradley Manning admits to providing confidential military files to Wikileaks founder
The Factor welcomed Geraldo Rivera, who reported the latest in the case against Private First Class Bradley Manning, who handed over classified documents to the WikiLeaks website. "He pled guilty to ten less serious charges," Rivera said, "and he's facing up to 20 years in prison. The reason he pled guilty is that if he were tried in a civilian court, even for those charges, he would have been facing 90 years in prison. But he is still facing charges of aiding the enemy, which is treason! As a traitor he doesn't deserve much sympathy but I think 20 years is enough." The Factor agreed that Manning deserves to serve hard time, saying, "He put out information that included the names of Afghanistan citizens who were helping the Americans, which could have gotten them killed."
NJ Governor Chris Christie responds to CPAC snub
Hard core conservatives, still angry that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cozied up to President Obama after Hurricane Sandy, did not invite the Governor to an upcoming convention. Guys Friday Bernard McGuirk and Greg Gutfeld opined. "This story is a joke," Gutfeld declared. "The left loves this political infighting, but it's too low to even be called political 'inside baseball,' it's more like 'inside lacrosse.' This is not a big deal except to people who want to paint the Republican Party as falling apart." McGuirk was not as sanguine about the Christie snub. "This is a mistake and it's a stunning turnaround - he was a Tea Party darling just six months ago, and I don't think anything like this has happened since Hollywood turned its back on Fatty Arbuckle. Christie speaks the conservative language on the biggest threat facing our country, which is the debt and deficit. To throw him overboard is a total mistake, it would be like Fox News disowning Bill O'Reilly because you show a little love to Jon Stewart once in a while."

Returning for a second segment, Gutfeld and McGuirk tackled the controversial claim that American women are getting chubbier because they do less housework. "This confirms what I've always thought," McGuirk joked, "which is that Zumba classes are no substitute for swinging a mop and washing windows. I would add that there is something attractive about watching a woman clean a house, at least Arnold Schwarzenegger thought so." Gutfeld then revealed more information than most viewers might have desired. "Any activity above sedentary lifestyle will burn calories, that's all they're saying, but they inserted the housework part because they knew the media would pick this up. Women should do more housework, so should men. Housework is the most relaxing thing you can do, I do it all the time, usually in a French maid outfit, and I get $300 an hour." The Factor offered Gutfeld $500 to never mention that image ever again.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Michael Bell, Lakeside, CA: "The problem with Lanny Davis and his editor not revealing the person who threatened them is that it allows the threats to continue."

Scott Beckler, Omaha, NE: "Bill, I appreciate the stance you took saying Miss Teen Delaware is responsible for appearing in a porn movie. 18-year-olds do know the difference between right and wrong."

Doug Anderson, Vernon UT: "I was disturbed by Dr. Walsh saying Miss Delaware is not responsible and that the popular culture made her do it. We are all responsible for our actions."
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