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Monday, March 4, 2013
America is becoming a chaotic country
Guests: Brit Hume

"I wrote 'Killing Lincoln' to show Americans what true leadership really is. President Obama is not showing leadership and I encourage the President to take a look back at Lincoln. There's no way on earth that President Lincoln would allow the fiscal chaos we have today. The President and the Democratic Party must agree to cut federal spending, yet the President resists and now we have automatic spending cuts with a government shutdown looming at the end of this month. The President wants to raise taxes and redistribute income, everything else be damned! That's not leadership and an honest media should be pounding the President, but instead it is defending him. Speaker Boehner is on the right side of the issue, he wants to cut federal spending. But the Speaker has not appeared on this program and doesn't make his case with any authority. On the other side, we have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is like your old uncle at Thanksgiving dinner screaming, 'More gravy!' So we the people are caught in a terrible situation - we have fiscal chaos and no leadership."

The Factor welcomed Fox News analyst Brit Hume, who admitted to being perplexed by President Obama's demeanor in the sequestration debate. "His behavior in the business about budget cuts," Hume stated, "was some of the most peculiar behavior I've ever seen. A normal president would be trying to reassure the public that this is not a large sum of money compared to the overall budget and would not be turning down the authority to move money around so as to diminish the pain. The President seems prepared to make the public suffer as much as possible as long as he can blame somebody else. It's very unusual." The Factor added, "By his actions, he emboldens the conspiratorialists who say he wants to tank the economy and he wants the capitalistic system to fall apart."
Shocking 911 call: Elderly woman dies after nurse refuses to perform CPR
Guests: Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham

When 87-year-old Loraine Bayless collapsed at her California retirement home, a nurse at the facility refused to give her CPR. The Factor asked Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham to opine on the ghastly incident. "I don't have words for this," Williams said. "It's inhumane and there is no excuse other than someone losing their humanity. The boss at this senior living facility was telling her that they don't provide medical services, so maybe they were in fear of some kind of liability." Ham agreed that fear of a lawsuit may have played a role. "This happens partly because of the litigious nature of our society and the fact that you can be afraid of lawsuits, but our society has to reward people who break the rules and act in humane ways." The Factor laid the blame squarely on the woman who refused to provide medical care to a dying human being: "You have a choice - you can try to save this lady's life or you can do nothing because your idiot boss says it's against their policy."
Why won't Colorado pass Jessica's Law?
Guests: Michael Brown

Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, a champion of gay marriage and marijuana legalization, has been blocking a version of Jessica's Law in that state. FNC's Jesse Watters went to Denver to confront the Speaker. "District attorneys in Colorado actually oppose Jessica's Law," Ferrandino told Watters, "and so have victim rights groups. We already have very strong laws, all the people in criminal justice believe our laws are strong enough." The Factor explored those claims with Colorado radio talk show host Michael Brown. "What you're witnessing in Colorado," Brown complained, "is this progressive mentality that says evil does not exist, and if it does exist we can change these people and bring them to see the error of their ways. There is this insanity that everybody needs to be coddled and get therapy. If you get outside of Denver, the average Coloradan would say that what's happening is insane."
Actress Daryl Hannah has energy advice for Americans
Guests: Daryl Hannah

The Factor asked Daryl Hannah, a vociferous opponent of the fossil fuel industry, what regular folks could do to wean themselves from oil and gas. "Many states are participating in a leasing program," Hannah began, "so you can lease solar panels and you'll get charged less than your electric bill. In some places wind energy is better and there are alcohol burners that can heat homes. There are a multitude of possibilities." As for personal transportation, Hannah urged folks to look into alcohol-based fuel. "Find the most efficient car you're comfortable with, a fuel-injected car, and again you can use alcohol fuel. You can have your own filling station at home." The Factor promised to at least investigate alternative energy, saying, "I'm going to take another look at solar panels, but the last time I did the cost was prohibitive."
Is the Obama Administration cursing out political reporters?
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

There are various reports of journalists being threatened and insulted by Obama administration insiders. The Factor explored those stories with Bernie Goldberg. "I don't think Bob Woodward was threatened," Goldberg began, "but President Obama's aides can be nasty and the President has a thin skin. I just spoke with a network correspondent who said that during Barack Obama's first campaign he was confronted by a top Obama aide who started dropping 'f-bombs.' My theory is that this President and administration have seen the press as their allies, so when some reporter actually does his job and does a tough story, it's almost like he's being disloyal."
Adam Carolla and Gavin Newsom get heated over minorities
Guests: Adam Carolla

On his podcast last week, Adam Carolla had a tense exchange when he asked California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom why some minorities are frequently poor while others thrive. Carolla entered the No Spin Zone and elaborated on the dispute. "He's not interested in helping people," Carolla said of Newsome, "he's interested in getting reelected. If he cared about the people he would stop calling people like me a 'racist' and would start focusing on helping his constituency." Carolla tried to explain why Asians tend to fare much better than blacks and Hispanics in America. "They realized that assimilation and education were important, the families stayed together and they put a priority on education. I went to North Hollywood High School with Jews and blacks and Asians and Hispanics and white folks. All the Jews and Asian kids headed off to UCLA and Cal Berkeley, the black kids went back to the 'hood, and I and the Mexican kids dug ditches and cleaned up garbage on construction sites because we had broken families and no one put an emphasis on education."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Ray Hathaway, Mohave Valley, AZ: "Bill, what makes you think Romney would have been better running the country when he couldn't even run an effective campaign?"

Paul Cottle, Roseburg, OR: "O'Reilly, you knocked Romney's campaign. Is your nose still out of joint because Mitt did not guest on your program before the election?"

Tommy Walsh, Durham, NC: "O'Reilly, you claim that President Obama does not realize how serious the fiscal mess is. You are mistaken. He knows. He doesn't care."
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