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Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Enough is enough with Washington's out-of-control spending
Guests: Kirsten Powers

"Lots of folks are talking about my shootout with Alan Colmes, which began when I asked him what specific budget cuts President Obama has proposed. Even though I'm sorry I said Alan was 'lying,' I'm glad the exposition occurred. We the people need to wake up because the President is not looking out for the country right now. He's hell-bent on destroying the Republican Party and he does not seem to care if the nation collapses as a result. This is economic madness and liberal America is defending the insanity because they don't want to criticize their standard-bearer. Back in 2010 the President's own debt commission urged him to begin significant cuts in federal spending, but Mr. Obama ignored it. He is calling for more tax hikes, but the USA already has the highest corporate tax in the world. This year the feds are expected to get the highest amount of income tax revenue in history, yet Mr. Obama wants more money flowing to Washington and no spending cuts. There's another problem - because the right wing has demonized Barack Obama so much, many independent Americans are tuning out. All this birth certificate and Muslim stuff has actually helped Barack Obama because when there's a legitimate criticism that he's mismanaging the economy, many people don't even pay attention. But this spending issue is vital for all of us, and that's why I'm raising my voice!"

The Factor asked Democrat and Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers to weigh in. "I'm shocked that you're doubling down on these claims that President Obama has not proposed any spending cuts," Powers said. "You can go to the website and there are plenty of cuts. You told Alan that he has not made any specific suggestions on Medicare, but that's completely untrue. There are $400 billion of cuts to federal health care laid out very clearly. They want savings in drug prices for Medicare and they want to raise the eligibility age and use means-testing. I'm giving you specifics, the President has proposed these, and you need to admit you're wrong." But The Factor was not about to concede the point: "The President has proposed generalities, you don't understand the word 'specific.' He hasn't proposed one specific cut, he has not named one federal program he wants to cut back."
TX Congressman introduces legislation to stop funding President Obama's golf outings
Guests: Rep. Louie Gohmert

After the administration announced it is suspending White House tours because of spending cuts, Republican Congressman Louis Gohmert proposed legislation to prevent the President from playing golf on the government's dime. Gohmert entered the No Spin Zone to explain his rationale. "There are thousands of schoolchildren coming to the 'house of the people,'" he said, "and it is important for people to connect with their government. President Bush gave up golf in 2003 because soldiers were in harm's way, but this President has doubled down with 115 golf outings. This is bringing attention to the fact that this President is not willing to give up even a golf outing to let thousands of kids take a self-guided tour through the White House." The Factor agreed with Gohmert's budget priorities, but questioned his tactics: "You're diverting attention by saying he can't play golf, which turns off independents. It could have a backlash."
What the heck is going on in Colorado?
Guests: Craig Silverman and Dan Caplis

Colorado voters have legalized marijuana, but their legislators are refusing to pass a version of Jessica's Law. The Factor examined the state's priorities with Colorado attorneys Crag Silverman and Dan Caplis. "Colorado has not turned to the left," Caplis averred, "but the left has become a lot better at winning elections and the state capital has been turned into this liberal 'animal house.' They don't reflect this state and what they're doing with Jessica's Law ties into the overall liberal agenda." But Silverman declared that Colorado is no haven for sex offenders. "I made my name as a prosecutor giving tough sentences to convicted rapists, so I don't object to Jessica's Law. But we have a tough sentencing scheme for sex offenders in Colorado."
"The Bible" mini-series brings in record viewers
Guests: Pastor Robert Jeffress

The History Channel is breaking records with its series based on a literal interpretation of Bible. The Factor asked Pastor Robert Jeffress whether the story of Adam and Eve, as one example, should be taken literally. "They were actual human beings," Jeffress stated, "and Jesus affirmed that in the book of Matthew when he said God created man and female in the Garden. If you start labeling these stories as fictitious or fables, where do you stop? The virgin birth and the resurrection also seem to defy reason." But The Factor contended that many fantastic Biblical tales were written to teach lessons: "A lot of stories in the Bible are allegorical and a lot of believers like myself don't take them literally. You don't have to take them literally to get the theological message."
Miller takes on sequester chaos and Dennis Rodman in North Korea
Guests: Dennis Miller

The Factor invited Dennis Miller to opine on last night's shootout with Alan Colmes. "I don't watch the Colmes segment," Miller said, only partly in jest, "because I find him to be an obstinate contrarian and an Obama groupie. Why, did I miss something?" More to the point, Miller contended that President Obama is finally showing his true colors. "You always told me you thought the President is a good man, but I said he has socialist leanings. Now you're coming to see where I was years ago - this guy is not as nice as he's rumored to be or as smart as he's rumored to be." Miller also commented on Dennis Rodman's recent journey to North Korea. "That wasn't very nice of Rodman because I'm convinced that his visit to North Korea is what killed Hugo Chavez, who was jealous. Let's face facts - Dennis Rodman has drunk so much that he can't get paid over here, so he has to go over to Pyongyang. My theory is that he should go back there in his wedding dress and become the first lady of North Korea."
A new pro-gun video injects racial politics
Guests: Juliet Huddy

A video called "Never Again," produced by a conservative organization, suggests that gun control was a way to keep blacks subservient in the old South. "It's very effective," said Juliet Huddy. "The group that created this was founded by an African American woman named Star Parker. She feels African Americans need to take self responsibility and she wanted to remind people what happened during the darkest days of this country when blacks were not allowed to own guns." The Factor added that there is a divide among black Americans: "There are urban blacks who see the destruction caused by guns, and there are conservative blacks who say your ability to defend yourself goes way down if you don't have the right to carry a gun."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Chuck Willette, Sacramento, CA: "Bill, you were rude and belligerent with Colmes! Keep up the good work."

La Verne Gouge, Elizabethton, TN: "Mr. O, you owe your audience an apology. Admit it - you lost it!"

Diane Adams, Potomac Falls, VA: "Bill, your exchange with Colmes was exactly what is needed to wake people up!"

John Rattray, Melbourne, Australia: "God will forgive your outburst at Colmes, O'Reilly."

Richard Deskovitz, Alden, MI: "If Romney had shown half of that passion, he would be president."
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