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Thursday, March 14, 2013
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Protecting America's children: why won't liberals join in?

Guests: Senator Sam Slom

"I have to apologize to some left-wing Americans who are actively trying to protect children and babies. I have to speak generally this evening, but I am aware that there are many liberal Americans who are outraged about what's going on. Last night we brought you the editorial director of the Denver Post, who opposes Jessica's Law. But in Colorado, 41-year-old Delbert Stiewert raped a 13-year-old girl for months and was sentenced to just two years in prison. Also in Colorado, 47-year-old Jeffrey Bigham sexually abused an 11-year-old boy almost 1,000 times! He got one year in prison. So it is simply outrageous that seven Democrats in the Colorado House killed Jessica's Law, saying that state already has enough sanctions against child predators. It does not! Colorado Speaker Mark Ferrandino refused to put Jessica's Law up for a full vote but the Denver Post is speaking up for him. There are similar situations in Vermont, Illinois, New York, and Hawaii. In addition, it is the left that is pushing late-term abortion on demand for pretty much any reason, under the guise of 'protecting a woman's health.' That's simply barbaric, as some babies are actually birthed and then their spines snapped. Other babies have holes drilled into their skulls inside the womb. It's hard to believe that any American would support that, but some on the left do. Why? My theory is that many secular progressives don't want to make judgments on behavior and many secular progressives do not believe in God and make up all kinds of excuses why viable babies can be murdered. It's very, very disturbing."

Turning to the most liberal state in America, The Factor asked Sam Slom, the only Republican in the Hawaii State Senate, why his Democratic colleagues refuse to pass a tough law against child predators. "This is a case of misplaced compassion for perpetrators," Slom said, "and there's an underlying cultural problem where some of our diverse cultures actually don't see a problem in having sexual relations with young children. Early in this session I asked the chairman of our judiciary committee to consider my bill, which is modeled after Jessica's Law. But instead, a bill came forth that provided a minimum of sentence for sex offenders, but it only applies to offenses against children eleven years of age and younger." The Factor sadly concluded that "Hawaii is a free-fire zone for pedophiles and violent sexual offenders."
President Obama flip flops on out of control debt
Guests: Marc Lamont Hill

When he was running for President in 2008, Barack Obama described the $9 trillion national debt as "unpatriotic," but now that the debt is approaching $17 trillion he refers to it as "sustainable." The Factor explored the apparent disconnect with Obama supporter and professor Marc Lamont Hill. "People often say a balanced budget is the goal," Hill said, "but most economists will tell you that a balanced budget isn't necessarily what we need. Obama's mistake in 2008 was in knowing that voters think of the budget like their checkbooks. Either he had no idea how the economy works or he was doing a cheap political trick that all people do to win votes. Right now the President is saying we're not in a crisis because the budget isn't balanced and he's absolutely right." The Factor compared the President with one of his much-reviled predecessors: "President Obama doesn't understand the economy and he doesn't understand what's coming, just like Herbert Hoover didn't see a depression coming."
Pope Francis already facing criticism
Guests: Laura Ingraham

Within hours of Pope Francis being elected to head the Catholic Church, critics complained that he is "too conservative" and that he didn't stand up to a brutal government in Argentina. Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham expressed a total lack of surprise. "I would have been stunned," she said, "if the secular progressives had come out lauding this man for his career of service and his humility. They're saying he didn't do enough to unseat the junta in Argentina, but he was no friend to the dictators, he did not in any way work with them. He actually stood up against the left-wing guerillas and the dictatorship when it went wrong." The Factor contended that self-proclaimed progressives will try to undermine Pope Francis "because of abortion and gay marriage and other social issues."
Study: Overweight people more likely to shed pounds if paid money
Guests:The Factor asked mental health experts Wendy Walsh and Bonny Forrest about a study indicating that obese folks are more likely to lose weight if they're bribed to do it. "This was a year-long study," Walsh reported, "where they took people trying to lose weight and gave them lots of good education. They also told half of the people that if they met their monthly goal they'd get 20 bucks, and if they didn't they'd have to pay 20 bucks. That group lost weight at four times the rate of the other people because a positive reward system tends to shape human behavior." Forrest objected, saying the study was far too short-lived. "I think this is yet another example of short-term gratification. If you look at rewards in general, it doesn't work in the long term. People don't keep the weight off if you don't keep paying them, but if I do something because it makes me feel better about myself, those are the rewards that last a lifetime."
Does Colorado have tough sex offender laws?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

After studying Colorado's sex offender laws, Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly entered the No Spin Zone with her verdict. "In my opinion the laws are not tough," she asserted, "they're nowhere near as tough as Jessica's Law. They have decided in Colorado that they don't need a mandatory minimum sentence like Jessica's Law would impose, so they have minimums of two years, four years, and eight years, depending on the crime. One guy sexually abused a boy 873 times and got one year in prison!" The Factor directly accused two recent guests of misrepresenting the facts: "The Colorado Speaker of the House and the editorial director of the Denver Post both said the laws are tough enough, but it's not true. They have a chaotic system in Colorado, but they don't want to fix it."
Watters' World: Spring Training Edition
Guests: Jesse Watters

FNC's Jesse Watters headed south to Florida and baseball spring training, where he quizzed some fans and players about the state of the union. A few of the responses: "The country is very divided" ... "We're still reaping the fruits of what our forefathers have sewn, but we're slipping away from that, unfortunately" ... "I think we're starting to move in the right direction" ... "I don't think the President cares about anything but golf." One player stepped up to the plate with this pithy advice: "Tell O'Reilly to chill a little bit. Chill, O'Reilly!"
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Factor Words of the Day
Mike Callender, Chicago, IL: "O'Reilly, after your ridiculous display with the Denver Post editorial director, I'm having your face embroidered on my 12-year-old son's anti-bullying T-shirt."

Ed Krupka, Hartly, DE: "Bill, you were never more right than in that interview. You showed righteous anger and won the debate with facts."

Chris Green, Sisters, OR: "Why is Curtis Hubbard more concerned with protecting a gay politician than a raped little girl?"

Diane Isler, Denver, CO: "I was graduating high school when you were a reporter for Channel 7 here, Bill. I am embarrassed for my city. Keep calling out these pinheads!"
Being late is a sign of disrespect because you are inconveniencing another person, and if you are habitually late you're a certified pinhead.
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