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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Will the federal government begin stealing our money?
Guests: Marc Lamont Hill

"The small country of Cyprus, which is totally broke, proposed to forcibly take money out of personal bank accounts. The outcry was immediate and it will not happen, but the lesson is important for Americans. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus are broke and other European nations are close. Why? Because they're 'nanny states' and there are not enough workers to support all the entitlements. Enter the Congressional Progressive Caucus here in the USA, which wants a 49% federal income tax rate on top earners and even more government spending. I don't believe the President believes that crew is fanatical because they want what he wants. As Talking Points has said, Americans are going to have to decide what kind of country they want. Even by taking half of what affluent Americans earn, the feds couldn't possibly afford what the far left wants to provide. Some conservatives believe the far left wants a collapse of the entire capitalistic system and that President Obama is actively working towards that. Certainly Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont wants socialism in this country, and so do most of his compatriots on the crazy Caucus. Yet Americans continue to elect them."

Professor Marc Lamont Hill, who endorses higher taxes and more government spending, lamented that the CPC's plan will never come to fruition. "That is a template for a kind of progressive vision," Hill said, "but it's not really going to happen, so I wouldn't freak out about the CPC budget." The Factor pointedly asked Hill what gives any government the moral authority to confiscate money from its citizens. "I don't think the government is stealing money from people," Hill replied, "and for the wealthiest 1% or 2% it's reasonable for them to pay more. I'm not saying 49% is reasonable, but I do think more taxation is okay." The Factor objected, saying, "There is no moral authority for the government to come in and punish people who are earning a lot of money."
Does the Devil in The History Channel's "The Bible" look like President Obama?
Guests: Linda Stasi, Paul Bond

Some people have noted a striking resemblance between President Obama and character of Satan in The History Channel's mini-series "The Bible." The Factor asked TV critic Linda Stasi to opine. "I think he absolutely looks like Barack Obama," she said, "and all the good guys in the series are very white. My first impression was that at least they have one black person, but now I find out he's not even a black person, they put him in blackface." Entertainment reporter Paul Bond theorized that the resemblance is totally accidental. "I don't think it was purposeful because both the producers are supporters of President Obama. They've given him money and they've praised him, so I don't think there is any way The History Channel or the producers wanted to make the devil look like Obama." The Factor reported that producer Mark Burnett turned down an invitation to respond: "I know Burnett pretty well, he came on this program to promote 'The Bible,' but now he has a controversy and suddenly he's not available. That tells me all I need to know."
Why has Hillary Clinton changed her views on gay marriage?
Guests: Alan Colmes, Monica Crowley

In an abrupt about-face, Hillary Clinton has affirmed her firm support for same-sex marriage. Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley assessed the turnaround. "It is very clear she is running for president," Crowley theorized, "because she weren't running there would be no reason for her to make this dramatic announcement. The Clintons have been rather opportunistic for decades, so I would err on the side of opportunism on her part." Colmes chose to assume that Mrs. Clinton's change of heart is genuine. "Why must we impute the worst and most cynical motives to anyone we don't agree with politically? The fact is that most Americans are evolving on gay marriage and the culture is changing." The Factor reminded Colmes that true marriage equality could include polygamy: "The word 'equality' extends to every human being and if you're going to be a good liberal, Colmes, you have to extend that to everyone."
The Feds want to ban some favorite school snacks
Guests: John Stossel

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has listed some foods, among them Rice Krispies and Doritos, it wants to keep out of schools. Fox Business anchor John Stossel opined on the feds' massive school lunch program. "This is one instance where I think the government has a point," he said, "because if they're going to fund a big nutrition program and spend $10 billion of your dollars they need to have some rules. But why do they take the money from localities, ship it to Washington, lose some and waste some, then ship it back with all these rules? Just let local schools make their own decisions."
Dominican prostitutes: We were paid to make claims against Senator Robert Menendez
Guests: Lis Wiehl, Kimberly Guilfoyle

Legal analysts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl revisited the accusations that Senator Robert Menendez flew to the Dominican Republic to hook up with prostitutes. "According to Dominican police," Wiehl said, "three prostitutes came forward to say they lied about the Senator and that they were paid by two Dominican lawyers to lie. No matter what these women say now, no one is going to believe them." Guilfoyle added that the story began with an allegation put forth by a conservative website. "This started with The Daily Caller, which interviewed one of the women who said she was paid to have sex with the Senator." The Factor concluded, "As it stands now, the fair thing is to give Senator Menendez the benefit of the doubt." Moving to the high-profile case in Arizona, both Wiehl and Guilfoyle predicted that Jodi Arias will be found guilty of murder but will avoid the death penalty.
Is local television news on the decline?
Guests: Charles Krauthammer

A Pew Research poll has determined that MSNBC features far more opinion than other cable news outlets, to which Charles Krauthammer expressed his utter lack of surprise. "This study tells me that the sun rises in the east," Dr. K quipped. "Everybody knows that MSNBC is all opinion, even their slogan 'lean forward' is just a way of saying 'lean left.' They are basically an ideological entity while Fox and CNN are roughly half news and half opinion." Krauthammer also opined on the survey's finding that local TV news is filled with trivial stories. "Local news always seemed to be 80% crime and the rest trivia, I don't remember it being something that moved national opinion. Local TV has lost influence and the networks have lost because of the growth of cable." The Factor lamented the disintegration of local news, saying, "Folks depend on it to define their local politicians, but now just 3% of local news is politics!"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Vince O'Driscoll, Plattsburgh, NY: "Sarah Palin at CPAC reminded me of my drunk Aunt Karen at a family reunion."

Mick Harrison, Belle Fourche, SD: "Sarah Palin is right! Karl Rove needs to retire to Texas. It's time for the young guns to run the GOP."

D. Tucker, Memphis, TN: "Mr. O, the segment with Adam Carolla brought to mind Peter Brimelow's definition of racist: 'anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal.'"

Kaye Johnson, Gavette, AR: "Brit Hume looked hot last night in his sweater."
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