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Monday, March 25, 2013
Political corruption on college campuses
Guests: Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams

"One of the reasons America is moving to the left and becoming a more secular society is that colleges are overwhelming teaching liberal tenets. A study shows that 51% of professors are Democrats, 35% Independent, and just 14% Republican, and some of the top donors to President Obama last year were colleges. So students are caught in a liberal environment, whether they like it or not. Enter Ryan Rotela, a student at Florida Atlantic University and a Mormon enrolled in a class taught by Deandre Poole, a Democratic activist. As part of his class, Poole told his students to write 'Jesus' on a piece of paper, put it on the floor, and stomp on it. After Rotela made his displeasure known, he was removed from the class and faces disciplinary action. Talking Points is not going to try the case on television, but there is no question that many college campuses are becoming radicalized. Many Americans were stunned that President Obama won the election despite all the economic chaos, but when you understand the liberal indoctrination on college campuses, you can see how that is contributing to the move left."

The Factor asked Fox News analysts Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams to opine on the predominantly left-wing college environment. "I don't think you're right, Bill," Williams declared. "I think back to the 60's when college campuses were afire with liberal madness and Richard Nixon won the White House. In the 80's college campuses were again very liberal but Ronald Reagan won two terms. Right now I don't see any crazy liberal campuses on fire." But Ham interjected that former terrorist Bill Ayers was recently named "visiting scholar" at Minnesota State University. "The analogue to that is that an unrepentant abortion clinic bomber was teaching a humanities course. Would we not think that was insane? It would never happen!" The Factor concluded, "The very people who were protesting the Vietnam War are running college campuses and many have not moderated their radical left-wing views."
Is Senator Rand Paul the future of the GOP?
Guests: Karl Rove

Rand Paul, a rising star in the Republican Party, espouses the libertarian side of many issues. The Factor was joined by Karl Rove, who assessed Senator Paul's place in the GOP. "He could be part of our future," Rove began, "and there is a lot of libertarianism in the Republican Party. Libertarians and economic conservatives are in favor of reforming Social Security and Medicare and balancing the budget. But he is also co-sponsor of a bill to decriminalize the possession of drugs and last year he led an effort to stop a ban on synthetic drugs. Senator Paul also believes we should not have struck Anwar al-Awalki, a U.S. citizen who joined the Al Qaeda network. He said al-Awalki should have been brought back and tried in a U.S. court. So there are some things where he is not in synch with the Republican Party."
Can anyone stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the next president of the United States?
Guests: Brit Hume

Hillary Clinton has declared her support for same-sex marriage, perhaps an indication that she is gearing up for a presidential run in '16. The Factor asked Brit Hume whether Mrs. Clinton is the inevitable Democratic nominee. "Five years ago nobody thought she could be stopped," Hume pointed out, "but a freshman Senator came out of nowhere and beat her. Now, as his former Secretary of State, she has the outcome of his foreign policy around her neck. All kinds of things can happen and it's way to early to declare her a sure thing." Nevertheless, The Factor argued that Mrs. Clinton is the heavy favorite to be the Democratic standard bearer: "Two-thirds of Americans have a favorable view of her, which includes some Republicans. So if I had to bet, I'd put heavy money that she'll be the Democratic nominee."
Did HBO glorify convicted murderer Phil Spector?
Guests: Alan Jackson

A new HBO movie focuses on legendary music producer Phil Spector, who is now in prison for murdering an actress in his Hollywood home. The Factor welcomed Alan Jackson, who was the lead prosecutor in the Spector murder case. "I can name a half-dozen things that the movie completely ignored or got completely wrong," Jackson complained. "The writer David Mamet was not as interested in the truth as he was interested in Phil Spector. Nobody knows this case better than I do, and when I saw the movie I just about dropped my teeth. If you're going to produce what is sold as a 'biopic,' you owe a responsibility to the viewing public to at least try and get it right. It was horribly irresponsible for the producers of the movie, who perpetrated a fraud on the viewing public."
Why is the media hammering Jay Leno and Matt Lauer?
Guests: Bernie Goldberg

In an effort to woo younger viewers, NBC will reportedly replace late-night ratings leader Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon. Meanwhile, NBC's morning anchor Matt Lauer is under fire because of the Today Show's tumbling ratings. Bernie Goldberg weighed in on NBC's dual dilemmas. "There are a lot of people who like gossip," he began, "and people wonder whether Matt Lauer was the reason Ann Curry got pushed out. It would have been interesting to read a few more stories about whether Ann Curry was any good at what she did. And one of the reasons the media is not enamored with Jay Leno is that a lot of his audience is in middle America. Elites, whether they're in the media or not, look down their long elitist noses at middle America. The bigger point is that there are more and more 'journalists' who like to bring down people in the media who have achieved success and make money."
Provocative new ad touts food services for welfare mothers
Guests: Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla entered the No Spin Zone to grouse about a new TV ad in which a store encourages welfare moms to come in and spend their food stamp vouchers. "My beef is the free beef she's getting that I'm paying for," Carolla began, "and there's the fact that she doesn't even have to shop herself and they'll bring it out to the car for her. We give you the food, we get you the food, and then we bring it out to the family truck for you? How about you get off your ass, get a job, earn some money, and buy your own food! It's not that certain people don't need help from us and the government, it's that when you give too many people help they start to atrophy. My mom waited for her food stamps to come twice a month instead of going out and looking for a job. I understand what it's like to be on the dole and it doesn't make these people any stronger, it hobbles them."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Dave Church, Ruidoso, NM: "O'Reilly, loved the segment with the progressive financial analyst. He could not defend the 49% income tax proposal and had to jump back to twenty years ago."

Pam Harrison, Memphis, TN: "Do progressives not understand that wealthy Americans are paying far more in taxes than everybody else?"

Todd Feiertag, Pomona, NY: "Lou Dobbs did not mention that gas prices have more than doubled since President Obama took office."
What a croc!
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