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Thursday, March 28, 2013
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A shocking column suggests the U.S. end military funeral honors
Guests: Bill McClellan and Bob Maginnis

"On the New York Times web page, veteran political Tom Edsall argues that the Republican Party can afford to marginalize Christian right leaders because evangelical social conservatives are not going to vote Democratic. Thus, as he puts it, Republicans can 'concede defeat in the culture war' in the hope of picking up some more socially liberal voters. Edsall might want to check with Governor Mike Huckabee, who suggested that evangelicals will 'take a walk' from the GOP if the party ends up supporting gay marriage. In both 2008 and 2012 the GOP did nominate presidential candidates who were not really popular with social conservatives, and those candidates fared poorly. But of course the question of what sort of culture our children are going to inherit is a lot more important than the results of any one election. Social issues aren't a political football to be used by grasping politicians seeking to win power; they really do establish the framework for many aspects of American life. These are very serious matters that should be taken seriously. So instead of worrying so much about political tactics, Republicans might want to focus on what they truly believe in and what type of country they want to have."
Time magazine: Gay marriage already won
Guests: Sandy Rios and Cathy Areu

According to the editors of Time, the battle is over and same-sex marriage has emerged victorious. Laura debated that proposition with Washington Post editor Cathy Areu and FNC contributor Sandy Rios. "Time Magazine is right," Areu pronounced. "Gay marriage has won in so many ways, it's an organic movement. This is something that even gay activists did not think was possible twenty years ago. Young Americans are for gay marriage by a ratio of four-to-one." But Rios contended that the ascendency of same-sex marriage may be short-lived. "I'm old enough to remember when abortion was really popular and the media said it was inevitable. But pro-life people stayed with it and the truth about abortion came out. The majority of Americans don't like abortion and the same thing will happen with same-sex marriage." Laura advised Areu that same-sex marriage is still against the law in most of America, saying, "There are 41 states that have either banned same-sex marriage or provide for domestic partnerships."
Boston College students in trouble for handing out condoms on campus
Guests: Cristina Page

In another example of anti-religious fervor in academia, some students at Jesuit-run Boston College are handing out condoms on campus. Laura welcomed pro-choice activist Cristina Page, who endorsed the condom giveaway. "It doesn't seem to me," Page said, "that the students are violating the code of ethics at Boston College. A very small percentage of Catholics oppose contraception and 98% of Catholics, in violation of church teaching, practice family planning. So we see this as a faction of the church that is way out of step with the way Catholic Americans live their lives." But Laura insisted that BC officials are perfectly within their rights: "This is a private institution and it can make whatever rules and regulations it wishes to. No one is forcing these kids to go to Boston College."
Actress Darryl Hannah enters the No Spin Zone
Guests: Darryl Hannah

Laura introduced Bill's recent interview with Daryl Hannah, a vociferous opponent of the fossil fuel industry. The actress advised how regular folks can wean themselves from oil and gas. "Many states are participating in a leasing program," she began, "so you can lease solar panels and you'll get charged less than your electric bill. In some places wind energy is better and there are alcohol burners that can heat homes. There are a multitude of possibilities." As for personal transportation, Hannah urged folks to look into alcohol-based fuel. "Find the most efficient car you're comfortable with, a fuel-injected car, and again you can use alcohol fuel. You can have your own filling station at home." Bill pledged to at least investigate alternative energy, saying, "I'm going to take another look at solar panels, but the last time I did the cost was prohibitive."
Should the government get out of the marriage business altogether?
Guests: Keith Ablow, M.D.

Psychiatrist Keith Ablow thinks the government should stop regulating marriage altAmid the kerfuffle over same-sex marriage, Laura was joined by FNC contributor Dr. Keith Ablow, who urged the government to simply stop defining marriage. "I don't think the states or the federal government should be involved in marriage at all," he declared. "The government shouldn't be expressing a preference for whether two people of any gender get together and call themselves married. The government should never have been involved in these personal matters and it's highly prejudicial that a state or the federal government can say two men can marry, but not two women and a man. Three people can be in love!" Laura reminded Ablow, "Societies have determined over millennia that the marital compact is good, that a man and a woman raising children is a good thing."
Is Nike's new Tiger Woods ad morally offensive?
Guests: Michelle Fields and Laura Ries

A new Nike commercial features Tiger Woods and this tagline: "Winning Takes Care of Everything." Laura analyzed the spot with Michelle Fields, a correspondent for Next Generation TV. "I absolutely think this is taking things too far," Fields opined. "By saying 'winning takes care of everything,' they're saying winning takes care of the fact that he cheated on his wife with multiple women and that his children are now living with divorced parents. That's sending an awful message to young men - you can disrespect a woman and cheat on her, but all you have to do is win and that takes care of everything." But marketing expert Laura Ries applauded Nike's advertising savvy. "Winning does change everything for Tiger Woods, it has changed his whole world. Everyone said he was a has-been, but winning has brought him back. Nike didn't say he's husband of the year, they're celebrating the fact that he has dedicated himself to working harder than ever and they're saying he is a winner on the golf course."
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