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Friday, April 5, 2013
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Is Obamacare already descending into chaos?
"A devastating new jobs report says that if the same number of Americans were looking for work right now as in 2009 the unemployment rate would be about 11%. After trillions of taxpayer dollars have been poured into the private marketplace by the Obama administration, job growth remains awful. The main culprit could be Obamacare, which became law in 2010. The problem is that someone has to pay for it and business is the primary target. In my case, my corporate health insurance premiums have tripled since Obamacare was passed, so millions of small business owners like me are not hiring as many people. Hiring is stunted because of federal health care mandates. The Factor has learned that the Department of Health and Human Services may order the states to hire hundreds of thousands of Obamacare 'navigators' who would advise other Americans about how to deal with the outrageously complicated Obamacare law. But nobody will actually know what the navigators do because there's no objective way to measure advice. This has the potential to be an enormous ruse, another colossal waste of taxpayer money. To say that Obamacare is off to a bad start is the understatement of the century."

The Factor welcomed David Callahan of the left-leaning Demos think tank, who defended health care reform. "There's no evidence that this is holding back job growth," he stated. "The number one reason business owners give for not hiring is that there aren't enough customers. It's not Obamacare, it's not regulation, it's not taxes, it's that consumers are tapped out because the majority of income gains during the recovery have gone to the top 1%." Callahan also endorsed the plan for Obamacare "navigators." "This is a complex new system and somebody needs to help people figure it out. The navigators are very similar to people who help seniors figure out Medicare." The Factor maintained that Obamacare is chaotic and costing jobs: "77% of small business owners in America say the health care law will make coverage for their employees more expensive. I have not been an Obamacare hater and I'd like every American to have health insurance, but I don't want to wreck the country in the process."
Where should you invest your money?
With banks paying almost no interest on deposits, what should folks do with their nest eggs? The Factor posed that question to economist Ben Stein and financial advisor Stacy Francis. "Just buy the market itself," Stein advised, "and don't try to pick individual stocks. You can buy an index fund with almost no commission that buys stocks in the 500 largest publicly owned companies. I would also say you should keep a good 30% of your money in cash or short-tem bonds." Francis recommended a more conservative investment approach. "Right now we're investing 47% in bonds and only 25% in U.S. stocks, and we're making sure there are some high-yielding bonds and emerging market bonds. We think gold is at nosebleed levels and now is not the time to buy gold."
Growing tensions between North Korea and the USA
North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un has been threatening to attack the USA and our South Korean allies. Fox News analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters predicted that North Korean aggression would be a suicide mission. "If the North Koreans were foolish enough to attack the South," he said, "it wouldn't all be about the North's numerical advantage in troops. It would be about the preparedness and the quality of the weapons of South Korea and the U.S. If the North Koreans were crazy enough to come across that border, President Obama can't do his Hamlet act, he would have to step up immediately. After an initial bloody phase, the North Koreans would lose the war and it would be the end of the North Korean regime."
Shock Video: New Orleans prisoners gone wild
A newly released video shows New Orleans inmates smoking weed, shooting heroin, drinking beer, and even brandishing handguns. Geraldo Rivera entered the No Spin Zone with his reaction. "People think of New Orleans as 'the big easy,'" he began, "but it has a murder rate 14 times greater than New York City and on par with Detroit. You have this violent culture, you have gun violence everywhere, and you have a dysfunctional government. Why is it that not a single sheriff's deputy has been disciplined for what we see in this shocking video?" The Factor concluded, "New Orleans is a corrupt city and always has been, it's a disgrace."
President Obama giving up some of his salary
Guys Friday Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk focused on President Obama and his decision to take a 5% pay cut. "This is like the drunk stock broker who throws five bucks at a homeless guy as he's walking into the Four Seasons restaurant," Gutfeld quipped. "This is all symbolic to impress people, but ultimately it means nothing. In his mind symbolism always beats substance." McGuirk described the move as shallow and calculated. "It couldn't have been more insulting if the White House released a photo of Obama in a tool belt vacuuming the Oval Office. Just stop spending money on everything from the studies of duck genitalia to fat lesbians! But this puts the notorious skinflint Joe Biden on the spot. I'm sure he took time out from watching the Cartoon Network to talk with Jill about what they should do."
Pinheads of the Week!
McGuirk and Gutfeld ended Friday's show with the week's most pinheaded people. Gutfeld nominated Columbia University Associate Dean Marianne Yoshioka, who hired former Weather Underground terrorist and convicted murderer Kathy Boudin to teach at the school. "Kathy Boudin shouldn't be at Columbia," Gutfeld declared, "she should be in a cemetery. She was involved in making bombs that were meant to kill our troops at a dance." McGuirk went with Robert Redford, whose new movie celebrates the Weather Underground bombers. "Redford is a rich, spoiled, self-hating, ingrate and punk. These same people who sympathize with the Weather Underground are the people who spit on returning servicemen from Vietnam." The Factor singled out Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank: "The guy is incapable of telling the truth. This week he wrote, 'Bill O'Reilly criticized opponents of same-sex marriage as Bible-thumpers.' No I didn't, I didn't do anything close to that. What I said was that you don't thump the Bible in debating the issue, I didn't criticize critics of gay marriage. This guy is just a liar, yet he gets paid by the Washington Post to do this all the time."
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Robert Jeffress, Dallas, TX: "Bill, as someone who 'thumps the Bible' every Sunday to thousands of people, I understand your point and am not offended. We have to use secular arguments to persuade secular people."

Peggy Boose, Boonville, NC: "None of us are going to abandon the Bible regardless of any policy. Get it?"
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